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  1. TB v1.2.0, TB Paypal v5.4.5.....working fine here.....
  2. As TB v1.2 is 99.9% the same thing as TB v1.1.x, then most any module that works on 1.1 'should' work with 1.2. If the author is not going to update anymore, that's a different issue.
  3. is there an echo in here.....?
  4. Can you inspect the blank page with the blue circle, and see if its showing errors or anything. Or is there anything in your error logs, either tb or your hosts? Other than that I'm clueless why it's not working. I can however recommend just going with @datakick 's paid version of his revws module. Its a MUCH better reviews module than stock, AND with the paid version it can do review requests. It's actually what I use.....
  5. It should come up with a blank white screen when you cut and paste the crons url, and run it in a new window. Then when you come back to the module, on the bottom it should show the amount of emails sent and the date it was done, and should show 0 emails to send. If this still is not happening, I recommend that you uninstall, and re-install the module. If it STILL does not work......do you have any email or GDPR modules installed? Maybe they are causing some sort of conflict.
  6. Show me a pic of how you have the module configured. I guess you could give me BO access, and I could check it out myself, up to you....
  7. and looking in the same place, other emails have been successfully sent? what version php are you using, what version tb are you using?
  8. could just be a coincidence, if you have a large user base. try checking BO > Advanced Parameters > E-Mail, and look to see if emails were sent out.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean here, are you using one of the two default themes that come with thirtybees, or are you using the default Prestashop theme? how? By deleting them via ftp or something? Or did you go into the product, and delete the images from there?
  10. What recaptcha module are you using? Might try another, as they are not all created equal...
  11. they all seem to be under Bleeding Edge > main....only like one is on 1.2.x
  12. SLiCK_303

    missing link

    Dont know if I would really call it a bug, but its a small issue..... On the bottom of the BO, there is a Bug Tracker link, it doesn't go to the correct place anymore. The missing link is also in the Contact page on thirtybees.com The link in question is https://forum.thirtybees.com/category/10/bug-reports, which I guess doesnt exist anymore.
  13. It's a server issue not a Thirty bees issue. What version php are you running, what hosting are you using?
  14. If ALL you did was update to 1.2.0 and THEN it stopped working....If thats all that you did, and it worked before... I would have simply restored my files via the core updaters backup files. If you look in your admin folder there are backups from when you used the updater, like CoreUpdaterBackup-(date). I would have just copied those files over your present setup. As you have used the core updater since the update to 1.2.0, it makes it a little more complicated probably. Have you tried to delete cache files, both theme and system, manually?
  15. so whats the difference between 'main' and 1.2.x'?
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