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  1. I use a modified version of the default community theme, has always worked well for me.
  2. I always use the file that TB makes when you ask it to do a db backup...Or the one i get from phpMyAdmin..
  3. I believe that would be... BO>Modules&Services>Block CMS Info>Configure
  4. This seems to be a bug in TB, not being able to edit the ISO code in BO>Localization>Countries, as I cannot edit them as well on my 1.2.0 test server. I would find it in the DB and edit it manually if it were me. Backing up the db first of course.....
  5. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    I guess the person that fixed/broke it would have to come forward then and explain what happened. Glad that its working now at least...
  6. So at some point you changed the default ISO code for Greece from GR to EL? And now you cant change it back? By default it's at GR..
  7. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    Works just fine, you just need to have the correct url. If you click on yours, then you click on either the front or back demo. As of right now, they are both working fine....
  8. I would at least post to the Supporters forum, leave everyone else in the dark...... 😜
  9. TB v1.2.0, TB Paypal v5.4.5.....working fine here.....
  10. As TB v1.2 is 99.9% the same thing as TB v1.1.x, then most any module that works on 1.1 'should' work with 1.2. If the author is not going to update anymore, that's a different issue.
  11. is there an echo in here.....?
  12. Can you inspect the blank page with the blue circle, and see if its showing errors or anything. Or is there anything in your error logs, either tb or your hosts? Other than that I'm clueless why it's not working. I can however recommend just going with @datakick 's paid version of his revws module. Its a MUCH better reviews module than stock, AND with the paid version it can do review requests. It's actually what I use.....
  13. It should come up with a blank white screen when you cut and paste the crons url, and run it in a new window. Then when you come back to the module, on the bottom it should show the amount of emails sent and the date it was done, and should show 0 emails to send. If this still is not happening, I recommend that you uninstall, and re-install the module. If it STILL does not work......do you have any email or GDPR modules installed? Maybe they are causing some sort of conflict.
  14. Show me a pic of how you have the module configured. I guess you could give me BO access, and I could check it out myself, up to you....
  15. and looking in the same place, other emails have been successfully sent? what version php are you using, what version tb are you using?
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