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  1. I assume you mean a PNG file not PDF...? I would guess, as I dont recall, that this module would have an img folder in it that would need to have the correct write permissions...? Otherwise, have you done a reset on the module? or de-activate, uninstall, delete, re-install?
  2. i just tested it, and it seems to work for me. Between BO>Catalog>Attachments, and the attachments tab in BO>Catalog>Products, (the product itself) you should be able to do what you want.
  3. I assume if you have overrides that this must be some sort of upgrade from ps to tb? At any rate I would look in the /override folder and see whats in there that may be interfering. Maybe you have a module that didnt work, that you uninstalled, but forgot to get rid of the override?
  4. You need to change the css in your theme, probably a padding issue or something. Turn off smart cache for css in the admin performance so you can see which file the css is in. then inspect the place where you what to change, play with the css settings for that element.
  5. So is the module showing up in modules or not, in your post you said one time it was showing up, and other time you said it wasnt. Looks to be problems with your LiveChatPro module? Unless it uses an override, you can probably just delete it from your module folder, and call it even. If you really wanted to delete db stuff, then look for anything livechatpro and delete it, backing up your db first of course, incase something goes wrong.
  6. Modify your themes maintenance.tpl file. Beyond that I'm sure there must be modules out there that would do it.
  7. have you tried it with webp images disabled?
  8. Not sure what to tell ya, hopefully someone else that uses the Niara theme as well as you can help. IMHO I dont think Niara is quite ready for prime time, and still needs some fixing before becoming viable as a theme.
  9. try updating to 1.1.x bleeding edge, via the Core Updater, see if that helps...
  10. well....if you are talking about files in your /cache folder... then i would completely delete the /cache folder, and reupload the one out of the 1.1.0 archive.
  11. in setting.inc.php, did you change any of the keys when you switched domains?
  12. guess I was wrong..... 😉
  13. If I recall, it's based on
  14. have you tried using Preferences>Custom Code ?
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