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  1. @nickz if you dont have anything useful to add to my problem, or the solution for it, please go away......
  2. i have tried to uninstall, delete, and reinstall the dashboard, no luck. I keep on the current software Thats crazy talk. If that were the case I'd still be on 1.0.8.... So, folks, its a new year, same issue. Anyone have any ideas why my traffic stay at 0?
  3. 1.5.1. Had data at one time before. The only thing that has changed is the version of TB, it was working a couple versions ago.
  4. So when I look on my dashboard, the Traffic report is blank, any ideas why this is? also, above on the dashboard i have this, again any clues why this is happening?...
  5. I find if you set the quantity you want, then simply click on the page, like to the right of the quantity block, it will bring up a pop-up saying it saved.
  6. ok, thanks for the heads up, i'll look into upgrading it today.... ;)
  7. I get the following when checking my database with the core updater. I've even tried adding the column manually in phpmyadmin, and it wont let me added it there either. I'm confused, any help would be appreciated.
  8. This has been resolved, my host sent me the following...
  9. I'd be happy to give someone access to my site or host or whatever to fix this........
  10. ok, it took a few back and forths, but i got the error still....
  11. ok so i figured out how to get a let's encyrpt ssl on the clean.bayouwitchincense.com subdomain, seems to be working so far, ill get back to ya
  12. ive installed on a domain without ssl, it should work without it, it does not. i use plesk, im trying to figure out what you said in those terms....
  13. so I guess I'm looking for a new host, if anyone has any suggestions send em my way please. If you dont feel it's right to advertise them here on the forum, pm me... thanks also, on every site ive installed 1.4.0 on, or upgraded to bleeding edge, paid hosting, or free hosting, the site is doing the same thing. Are you sure there is not an issue going from product to product editing them? As I posted before, the error usually doesnt happen on the first product i edit, it happens when i jump back, then edit another, then jump back, and edit another, in a very short time, not actually doing any edits, just jumping to a new product.
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