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  1. SLiCK_303

    Discount voucher not visible in Front Office

    np, glade you got it workin....
  2. SLiCK_303

    Discount voucher not visible in Front Office

    You have Highlight and Status both set to yes? Your Valid dates are correct? You put in a Code or generated one? These are a few of the things that could cause that....
  3. SLiCK_303

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    I have noticed this as well...... That the Order Details are no longer showing up in Paypal, which for me sucks.... ;(
  4. I haven't had any issues with Paypal v5.4.2, and running PHP 7.1.x....
  5. SLiCK_303

    autoupdate module

    Before modifying your database please do a backup of it first. Look at your database (phpMyAdmin). Look at ps_modules (or whatever your prefix is) and order by 'name', look for autoupgrade in the 'name'. Note the 'id_module' field, then delete that entry if you find it. Next, assuming you found the autoupgrade module in the previous step, look at ps_module_access, order by 'id_module', delete all three entries that correspond to the autoupgrade modules 'id_module'. Next...look at ps_module_group, and sort by 'id_module' you should find 4 entries with the same id as the module, delete them.
  6. SLiCK_303

    Dashboard statistic stops registering sales

    what version of tb are you using? Is this site a migrated one?
  7. SLiCK_303

    autoupdate module

    You cant find it in bo->Modules & services? Did you do a migration from Prestashop to tb? Sounds like a left-over from a prestashop setup. Assuming you have a ftp backup of your files, delete the folder /modules/autoupgrade.
  8. SLiCK_303

    Cannot delete products from compare list

    This seems to only happen to me in Firefox. When I do the same thing in Chrome it works fine....
  9. I too am getting Russian emails, with nocaptcha/recaptcha insalled and running. You are not alone.....
  10. SLiCK_303

    paypal modul problem ?

    I've noticed that you cant have two sites with the same Paypal info in it, it screws with things. So you if you more that one site that your testing paypal with, and they are using the same credentials, that's the problem.
  11. A deletion ability for the files would be nice. Seems like most all of the files I see that are obsolete, are of the .md extention.
  12. I'm using MySQL version 5.5.60-MariaDB
  13. Just tried an update from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8, using thirty bees Updater v1.4.0, I got an error when it tried to do the DB update.... ![0_1545083699462_Capture.PNG](/assets/uploads/files/323/1545083708000capture.png)
  14. SLiCK_303

    Cannot delete products from compare list

    I put in a GitHub issue for this.... https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/791
  15. SLiCK_303

    Cannot delete products from compare list

    Yeah, I have verified this problem on my 1.0.7 test site as well, so you're not alone.... ;) It will take greater minds than mine to resolve this one however....