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  1. If ALL you did was update to 1.2.0 and THEN it stopped working....If thats all that you did, and it worked before... I would have simply restored my files via the core updaters backup files. If you look in your admin folder there are backups from when you used the updater, like CoreUpdaterBackup-(date). I would have just copied those files over your present setup. As you have used the core updater since the update to 1.2.0, it makes it a little more complicated probably. Have you tried to delete cache files, both theme and system, manually?
  2. so whats the difference between 'main' and 1.2.x'?
  3. SLiCK_303


    I use Blackhole for Bad Bots v1.0.2 - by DataKick, it keeps some of the scum out, not all, but some.......
  4. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    I would be, if I can. What all is involved?
  5. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    Someone fixed it....good. First impressions and all.... Plus now my OCD on the subject can cease. :)
  6. Do you recall if there are any overrides associated with the opartdevis module? What about the db structure for the same module? If you know these things you should be able to delete the opartdevis folder, delete any entries it uses in your db, and remove any overrides. Backup both the db and files before doing anytihng..... ;) Might be helpful to know the few lines surrounding line 87 in /modules/opartdevis/opartdevis.php
  7. Thanks @haylau. I've got, and use, those exact modules already though. Just thought they were nice features that should be part of the core thats all.
  8. I'd love to see a couple modules added, or the functions of them built in.. Log in as Customer and Scroll to the Top and Spend x to get free shipping
  9. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    The demo sites front end.... The slider images are not showing correctly.
  10. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    I think there was confusion from some people as to why the demo site wasnt on the latest code, this will resolve that. Nice job! One more thing off the list of s**t to-do...
  11. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    After re-reading that, yeah, I see that now. It really is time for me to get some new glasses...... 😜 Sorry to pester you guys about this topic then...I'm sure you must be hard at work on as we speak/type. Love it....
  12. SLiCK_303

    Demo site

    I'm sure the new crew here has a 10000 things to do, to make the site/forums/info here good for them to move forward. One of the many things would be to put the demo site on v1.2.0, I think this would help alot.... I'm sure you have this on your list already, I would think sooner would be better than later, but just my opinion.
  13. A milestone to be sure, I hope you guys can get this thing rollin again. Thanks for all the hard work guys.....
  14. The changes made to the paypal module today (v5.4.4) has made a 500 error on checkout. I use knowbands supercheckout module. I get the following in my log file... Class 'PayPalModule\PayPalLogos' not found at line 999 in file modules/paypal/paypal.php
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