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Paypal Module 500 error


I'm getting a 500 error on return from Paypal, both using the Sandbox or Live. The payment and order seems to go through. 

From the look of it, the return is being directed to the wrong page - the return URL I've set, as per documentation, is:


It's then redirecting to, for example:


However, looking at the file structure via FTP, the module seems to be in /modules, not /module. Is something out of date maybe? 

Screenshot from 2020-11-07 17-10-23.png

Screenshot from 2020-11-07 17-13-27.png

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Okay, problem solved - I had debugging on but PHP error reporting was off. Turned it on and found this was a low memory error, the return from Paypal was just scraping over the limit of 32M. Increased the limit and it works fine.

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