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Bing Clarity = images dissapear from front page


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Problem just fixed; no need to reply: images dissapear from front page after adding Bing Clarity code
Problem worth mentioning in case it effects other people.
I got some javascript from Bing called "clarity" to add to my page headers. In fact I'd had it for a while but Bing gave me a new bit of code, so I put it in 
bo > preferences > custom code > Add extra Javascript to your pages Then...

Images on the front page of my site turned into white boxes with some kind of .png dot that showed as a white blank.

Images on product pages were fine except that the view of five or six thumbnails under the large first images turned into a view of every single thumbnail, which I prefer, but I don't like the lack of images on the front page. A 360 view plugin stopped working too; it was meant to show one or two dozen images in a javascript rotating thing.

After a litte experimenting I was lucky to remember this recent change and try un-doing it as an experiment. My pictures of images came back.
The reason for posting is so that anyone who's front page pictures go blank can check whether it is Microsoft Clarity or Bing Clarity that clashes as it did for me.

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