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  1. Installing on the free byethost / softulicious installer, the program will not fit onto the server, but Prestashop did last time I tried. Thirtybees gets to 95% before this error message The following errors were found : Could not make the query numbered : 365 MySQL Error No : 1071 MySQL Error : Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes As an enhancement, it would be good if this error message explained more why the program cannot fit on the free server, rather than looking as though there is a mistake in the program. I guess that a lot of people around the world, like students, first see thirtybees in this way, so that's why I think it would be an enhancement to consider the error message. Or allowing the program to install in a way that says "The server is too small".
  2. Cart empty after a valid "add to cart" bo>preferences>general>enable ssl solves it happens when testing and learning on zero-budget sites. Maybe some guide to getting free Cloudflare ssl could be part of the answer, or an explanation of why the cart is empty
  3. backoffice logout on each save happens when running two sites on similar urls like .../test1 & .../test2 bo>administration>preferences>check the cookie's IP address>no solves it Firefox is able to do this before being logged-off; Chrome often can't
  4. Xilo.net do not allow PHP fopen , so I changed servers. That was the silver bullet for me. I found out by asking their helpdesk for comment on bits of this thread, and got the reply.
  5. forced save of customization without a button - post deleted; solution found and linked below. The request was in this thread because there is no thirtybees-tested module for the purpose just now.
  6. Maybe "simple" isn't possible but I got this far... For a customization that can use a select menu - maybe an attribute without stock control if other attributes have it turned-on. I discovered a simple method but it is broken by caching and cloudflares's rocket loader, so customers buy some previous customers' selection instead of their own. In case anyone reads this for ideas, I got a good 2-button system working and have added it below this failed one button system. -------------------------------------------------------------failed solution with inline javascript to save a selected customization------------------------------------------------------------- back > catalog > products > product > customization > textfield to set-up a customization form cloudflare > speed > optimization > rocket loader > off ...if you plan to use inline javascript. if you look at the customer's view of the product and press control+U you will be able to see if your script has been changed. My script was broken by caching anyway. Find <textarea></textarea> buried near the end of the product.tpl template in your theme - something like Niara theme's latest product.tpl on product.tpl or an over-ride (because the file is updated often), change <TEXTAREA.....></TEXTAREA> to <SELECT onselect="javascript:this.form.submit();" ...> <OPTION>choose</OPTION> <OPTION>small</OPTION> <OPTION>medium</OPTION> <OPTION>large</OPTION>/SELECT> Underlining is just because of a link on this page, not for the code. The javascript is new to me. It should do what it says apparently. It's possible to keep <TEXTAREA .... </TEXTAREA> according to a kakkupaperi post on prestashop forums about a site with file uploads for customization. This fails because caching breaks the effect of the inline javascript; customers can buy the selection of the previous customer or the one before, but quite likely not their own. ------------------------------------------------------------- working solution with two buttons and no javascript ------------------------------------------------------------- Requiring selection : customization form change <textarea>...</textrarea> to <select required.... class="... <option value="" disabled selected>choose</option> <option>small</option> <option>medium</option> <option>large</option></select> required is new to me; it prevents HTML5 browsers from saving a blank. They pop-up a message instead. Any blank top line like <option></option> would have the same effect. disabled and value="" are both ways of making this work like a blank line, and "selected" makes sure it's the default option. I expect you knew that, and also know how the theme's built-in error message for required forms works, which I haven't got the hang of yet. Moving the form When the form saves, it reloads the page from the top. That's a reason to move the form near the top and to {*comment-out*} anything-else not needed on the product template, like headings and quantity select. I discovered that code editors are good at spotting the beginnings and ends of loops of code - editors like notepad++ or the one built into server control panels. Styling "textfield0" required an extra tag to say something like textfield0{width:auto;} back>preferences>custom code>add extra css one place to put it. I made another change to the <select... tag, changing class="something" to the class used on attributes, which in my theme is "form-control attribute_select". Requiring selection : add to cart form The "required" tick box in the back office enables an error message on your theme's errors.tpl file for any customer who tries to order without selecting a customization. It can be translated to any message you want on back>localization>translations>error message translations and >theme name. "error message translations" is easy to miss under "front office translations", and it's easy to pick the wrong theme, but one way or another the message can be edited. That's it! --------solution above added 24/11/2019 18.40----------------------- i spent a week trying to combine "order" and "save customization" buttons but can't find a simple guide. .... [detail deleted as the picture says it all]
  7. Custom field in the product order form No effect on stock control I want the customer to add a drop-down field to each order, but I don't need any stock control in the database for this - just an extra number somewhere on the order would be fine, like a customization field, or some characters after the product name. It should be compulsory. I want "When out of stock: Deny orders" for the this product. I can see some old long threads headed things like "move customization" on the product.tpl template, lines 625-715, and then trying to get the two form submit buttons to work together. I hope there's a simpler work-around. But if I just add a <select> field to the product name i trigger the same script as in the post above, whatever it is, and hide the order button. Has anyone found a simple work-around? ----------------------------------------------------------- I moved the customization form, but it still requires a separate button. Product.js looks like the script, but could it be changed to allow extra information, maybe at the end of the product name, without breaking anything else?
  8. My guess Please let me know of any typos😀 I added "triggers an existing script" without knowing what script, which leads to my next question
  9. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/839 covers this too and I wrote something there, which agrees by saying that people in the UK do not need counties or states. "might be useful to some people" means private couriers and ecommerce delivery form-writers, I suppose, because the Post Office/ Royal Mail has a fixed price for all of the UK including the parts other beers cannot reach like the highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Private couriers ask for a postcode before quoting, and might be slower or more expensive for postcodes in those areas. Anyone can check for examples on Parcel2go.co.uk that covers most couriers or MyHermes.co.uk or Collectplus.co.uk . If you check those you'll see just about every private courier and none wants to know a county or state. The UK and republic of ireland are unusual in having no fixed address format. The name and first line are important; the last line is important. The middle lines are often verbose and whimsical. Even the UK post office / royal mail has a concept of a "post town" which is often your nearest sorting office in a small town but is the town name in the largest towns. The Republic of Ireland is doubly-unusual in doing without postcodes until a year or two ago. Their postcodes look different to the UK ones, but have the same effect of choosing a part of a postal delivery round - maybe a dozen addresses or one larger postal user - rather than a larger number.
  10. Force a customer to choose an attribute. (used to say Disable default attribute too) Is there a javascript in the theme that hides default attributes if they are out of stock, and some way to over-ride it so they show, while other out of stock products do not? What I want to show is a pretend default attribute called "choose", which is out of stock but still shows. I want to prevent ordering of "choose" and maybe translate the usual pop-up or somehow hide the order button. other size attributes hidden when out of stock or maybe crossed-out & un-order-able This disables ordering of the default attribute and forces the customer to choose an attribute, rather than buying the smallest shoe by mistake and then sending it back. It requires something like BO>Catalogue>Products>Quantities>"When out of stock Deny orders" The setting is possible in Default Boostrap Theme, where a default attribute does not get hidden by the setting. The same thing might be possible in other themes by turning on Advanced Stock Management, turning it off again, and setting my product quantities by hand, but I want a reliable way of keeping "choose" available and out of stock while out of stock sizes cannot be ordered. Any help welcome
  11. Is there somewhere I can teach myself about triggers and whether they include form validation stuff like https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_validation.asp ? I want to remind people not to order a product called "choose", which would be the default size of a range of clothing.
  12. It works! I edited-out my previous result ( http://archive.is/fSqBE last post) which might be cured by updates to a bleeding edge version of the theme or more likely something I'd done wrong, Somehow the site just started working without me doing anything, as does a more edited and played-with test site along the same lines.
  13. Radio buttons not working. Fresh install of tb1.10 and N1.10 from Softulicious with demo products. I changed the first group of demo attributes to a radio button in BO>catalog>attributes>flavors>edit>attribute type It looks fine on the front page but is stuck on the first option on this temporary link. (The only previous change to the site was hacking out some cookies that logged me out of the back office roughly according to these instructions.) I tried changing to Community Theme, where the buttons work but are not so pretty! I tried changing back to Niara, BO>advanced>clear cache, force compilation, turn off cache. The same problem occurs on a more developed test site that I have tried with different browsers over time. Is there something I should check? Thanks for the theme
  14. I don't use this myself so i just grabbed what was to hand for testing, out of curiosity - Prestashop pspagebuilder.zip free module fails- Unzipping the free file, it says at the top...
  15. No. I uploaded to install on TB1.10 and got I don't know what any of this means, but the Prestabrain web site says that they're doing less work on themes so I doubt they'll put any work into this Thanks for the idea though.
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