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  1. veganline


    Hunch Pizza shops could turn off >preferences>products>enable stock management They could do stock control in other ways and get stock in emergencies: make it up as they go along. Their different products could have different prices. Maybe few enough combinations that it's OK to have them all spelt-out on the product page and only shown by the browser when relevant. But there was a Pizza person called kakkupaperi on a long Prestashop thread about this so facts vary. Belt shops need stock managment for buckles but not for straps. They can use a hacked work-around to make customizations work from one button, and to add a select menu to a product template where it usually has a customization text area. I'd donate £30 towards a module because it's a bit risky to rely on a hacked work-around. Engravers need stock management for silver cups, but not for engraving letters; each letter has a font's worth of options and after two or three letters it is too many to count. Engravers want different prices for different adaptations - one line, two lines, etc. So that's a whole different thing. I don't know if T shirt screen printers are the same WildToddMan is on the forum at the moment and might now. Anyway these are the people who need to sponsor a module but I'll add £30
  2. veganline


    Why? I have an answer but it might be completely wrong for your needs and I don't want to stop other answers! If you want to count inventory for some goods, maybe physical goods, and not for others, maybe virtual goods, then it's possible to make a customization look like an attribute. You make it work with one button, and you alter the template code to allow a select menu in place of a text field. Search "customization with one button" to find it on the forum. I hope I have not stopped better answers, just because I guessed what you wanted. John
  3. @toplakd is it possible to add plenty of specific css labels, so they're easy to modify from >preferences>custom code>add css? I tried an existing hack on your one page checkout and it worked quite well with some additions: #opc_account_form > div:nth-child(24) > label {display: none;} /*phone number label*/ #opc_account_form > div.required.form-group.gender-line {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div.required.password.is_customer_param.form-group.form-ok {display: none;} #opc_account_form > div.select.form-group.date-select {display: none;} You can see that the top line is unstable; one typo, or any change to to the form could make {display:none;} apply to something else. I don't think there is anything more specific in the css code to refer to; it probably has to have the nth child thing that I found from right-clicking and saving the selector link. I havent worked through your mobile one page checkout; I still have a password box on my version but I will find a way to remove. Thanks for the code, and thanks for doing a mobile version.
  4. I was on another thread just now that links to this. My version has the bits of code layed-out in a list because I don't know how it should work and have to read closely. I also changed the Alt and Title links to show the Meta_description, so that it shows on mousover. I didn't work out how to show the logo on the same line as the manufacturer name, but it works well enough to use. {if $product->id_manufacturer > 0} <p itemprop="brand" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Brand"> <b>{l s='Manufacturer:'}</b> <a itemprop="url" href="{$link->getManufacturerLink($product->id_manufacturer)}" title="{$product_manufacturer->meta_description}"> <span itemprop="name">{$product->manufacturer_name}</span> <img width="40" height="30" {*or it could be set from css for this class*} src="{$img_manu_dir}{$product_manufacturer->id}.jpg" class="logo_manufacturer img-responsive" title="{$product_manufacturer->meta_description}" alt="{$product_manufacturer->meta_description}" /> </a> </p> {/if}
  5. I was wrong: Manufacturer logos don't show on default templates, so you have to change a template file anyway. Still useful if you have several logos, rather then the one suggested. I found instructions over here. forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3411-manufacturer-logo-on-product-page/ I'll put my version at the end of that thread.
  6. backoffice>preferences>customers set "newsletter registration", "opt in (to special offers)" and "phone number is mandatory" to "no" (unless maybe you need a phone number for a courier) backoffice>preferences>custom code>add css adds css to each page of your site, and your css stays in place if a file is updated. The link above shows a hack for removing date of birth; I got rid of account creation as well, but the technique is probably similar if you keep it. Three days is quick to get to know a shopping cart. I worked through several a few years back, and found them all infuriating. When I look at what my rival shopkeepers have done, they have usually given-up and paid so-much-a-month for a hosted locked-down service paid someone to set-up a shopping cart Either way, there's not much control over the detail, or not if it's cheap. A problem with the free shopping carts is that nobody makes money selling them! There's sometimes pressure to buy add-on modules for essentials, or unfinished code and un-fixed bugs, and the forum posts are answered by other merchants or maybe coders who sell the odd bit of paid help as well. Ubercart and Jigoshop closed their forums down completely. Maybe that's why merchants go for the safe expensive options at first. Good luck John
  7. I used catalog>manufactureres>new manufacturer and made my manufacturers "UK", "France", etc, as I have products from more than one country This manufacturer page has space for "logo" or flag and allows customers to find all stock from that manufacturer. There's room for some text. I have Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch link for each country link to Democracy Index on Wikipidia with mention of their score, like "hybrid regime" or "flawed democracy", or "democracy" I hope to find somewhere to link for social security / national insurance / whatever you call it in each country as well. I think US Federal government has an online list but am not sure. I haven't done any layout or graphics, but that could be good too. Translating "Manufacturer" to " " allows me to write "Made in UK", "Made in France" etc as a single phrase, which I hope makes more sense.
  8. veganline

    Facebook Shop

    And then you can pass the affiliate link on to me
  9. Just noticed a thread about in on Thirtybees forums. The author is called Musicmaster and answers questions https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/925-prestools-the-free-mass-edit-toolset
  10. prestools.com/Prestools-Suite-for-Prestashop-manual.pdf is worth installing. 13 - Images - needs the €42.35 Prestools Images Plugin if I remember right, but has helped me regenerate images that would otherwise timeout. I forget exactly how it can do more than the built-in thirtybees software; I just remember that it worked.
  11. Just a cross-reference to here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2455-free-theme-niara-thirty-bees-theme/?do=findComment&comment=32114 It would be a pity if people couldn't find this post; I guess a lot search here under tips and tricks
  12. Someone mentioned this thread about a DIY hack headed "Veganline created a topic in Tips and Tricks" It is free but price & delivery stay the same you probably want to re-arrange where things show on the product template file for this product, which is worth learning to do anyway. you have to replace three other files with ones you can download from the thread. You can pay someone to do it but... you have to do it again if you update thirtybees and one is over-written. There's a thread about modules that charge for customization. Andy C on the forum chose one for his Pewterworld site. The thread is
  13. veganline


    I got burned by registering my domain with a host, who tried to prevent exit and raise the price. Penguin-uk.com are great for domain registration. They helped extract my domain and they're cheap. Hosting.co.uk were recommended somewhere and have been fine for low traffic on their cheapest shared host deal. That deal provides space for some test sites as well. It's a bottom-end price that doesn't increase after the first year (I hope). Cloudflare do my free secure server, but were fiddly to set-up. Careful scouring of the fastest sites on Webperf.org didn't help me find a good host. I just googled recommendations from site-writing companies this time around.
  14. I don't use recurring payments but hope this helps someone. https://gocardless.com/ have a Prestashop 1.6 module and pages for developers or "partners". They use direct debits rather than card payments, and I don't know what countries they're good for, but they have a page and contact for international payments. They mainly do recurring payments and the direct debit system is cheap here in the UK.
  15. veganline

    PCI Compliance

    Elavon had or has a system like Security Metrics. I had to keep trying answers until they passed the test, then work out how to do what I had said in the answers, mainly about storing of card numbers in case I needed to give a refund. Putting old phone notebooks full of card details in the paper recycling bin outside where I live was the wrong answer. Nowadays I don't bother with Elavon but am still careful about card numbers. Taking the odd payment over the phone and typing it into Stripe via https://dashboard.stripe.com/payments | NEW has not got me arrested and Stripe don't require a PCI test. Online-only payments via Paypal have never led me to need a PCI test.
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