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  1. https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/price-by-surface-volume-length-perimeter-weight is on Thirtybees market I haven't used any price / size module and don't know the differences between them. but the FMG Modules developer in Turkey gets decent reviews. As the post above said, it's worth being the first to test a PS1.6.1 module on Thirtybees if it's closer to what you want.
  2. Stripe.com/docs/refunds ...says I can refund the full amount but no more, which is what I want to do because I want to refund someone's return postage. What do other merchants do?
  3. Doesn't decrypt in my copy of TB (unless I am doing something wrong); I get no report after pressing "decrypt"
  4. Dunnit. bo > shipping > carriers > add a new carrier For the logo I used a post office volume diagram showing width height & depth. I have not worked-out how to copy an existing courier for all the zones. I had to start from scratch and type "test" as a name and "test" as a delivery time before being allowed to pages two and three to set ranges of volumes, weights and zones. Half way down each of these pages is "out of range behaviour" > disable I used weight but it could be done with volume as well if needed. This is my summery. CARRIER NAME LETTER POST FOR INSOLES IN THE UK This carrier is not free and the delivery announced is: within a week. The shipping cost is calculated according to the weight and the tax rule No tax will be applied. This carrier can deliver orders from 0.00 Kg to 0.10 Kg. If the order is out of range, the behavior is to Disable carrier. This carrier will be proposed for those delivery zones UK
  5. ST Themes are the people to ask, a China-based theme & module business with good reviews for the themes and modules. They are a bit picky about which of their themes they will support for Thirtybees but thirtybees.sunnytoo.com shows their Panda theme for Prestashop 1.6 sold actively for Thirtybees. If you are tight for time, and better at getting products and sales and happy customers than theme-tweaking, maybe a change of theme is worth paying for, for very slight changes in default settings and ease of editing. Someone called Jollyfrog on this forum began writing a whole new free one from scratch a few weeks ago but I don't know of progress.
  6. I dont know but https://prestacraft.com/search-by-category-in-prestashop/ has instructions for people who like dabbling with code. I haven't tried to follow the instructions. The same site recommends thirtybees on https://prestacraft.com/10-great-prestashop-tools-you-might-not-hear-about/ The layered navigation module can't search a category for text, but it can search a category for an attribute like size if you are looking in that category already. It's a module that comes as a standard part of thirtybees.
  7. Merchants Edition has a different backoffice theme and its own updater that helped me. There's probably a demo version somewhere. Slightly duskier and more subdued with a few extranious details removed. Any improvements in that fork are copywrite and can't be cloned straight back by thirtybees developer(s) though, if any; they have to be altered slightly to get around the copywrite, which seems a waste of scarce developer hours. I expect a merchant can use the theme just as it is.
  8. Features: meta data space for Schema.org and Google Product Categories. Foolproof. Shown by default to search engines. In a bit more detail... Non-theme. Features The software has Feature fields called "Title" and "URL", which accept data in a fresh install but not for me in practice; I read that they're sensitive to over-rides. (added: I think they're for a new page that lists all products with that feature, but have not got the hang) I'd like to use them for Schema.org and Google Merchant Center meta data. There's a Wakabayashi post on May 1st which has more ideas for features. Product Fields Most could be default features. So if you use UPC barcodes but not EAN barcodes, you don't have unused code on product.tpl for the EAN field; it's just a default feature that you delete. If you use ISBN for books, just name a feature and add the metadata. (You'd have to think how to show that feature near the top of a product page without overloading a cheap shared server; maybe a template file that shows the first three default features without any {for each} loops if they're slower to render on a cheap server) As it is, my Niara theme shows some product fields by default with Schema.org tags, which is great if they happen to be the ones that are important to my human customers and the robot spiders. I think the spiders' priorities change quicker and they are more brand-concious than humans. Shipping cost on the front page Some estimate available to theme writers, so they can put it on the product page, would be good. Weight Width Depth Height are available for a guest customers before ordering. If there was a variable for a table of all shipping prices, or some of them, that would be good. I don't know if it's a theme problem or a TB problem, but it has been an unanswered thread on Prestashop since 29th of May 2015 ; it's "solved" for PS1.5 but not for PS1.6 or PS1.7, six years ago as I write... prestashop.com/forums/topic/424375-solved-shipping-price-on-product-page/ Theme. My Niara theme lists features near the bottom of the page, without meta data. Merchants.google.com's spider ignores them even if I type google merchant center tags as features. Some time I will work-out how to take a specific feature, show it nearer the top of the page, and type my own meta data into the template file, but it's a slow process to learn all this. Size. A way of putting meta-data like "schema.org/size" round a size attribute would be good. I might done it already on the product template. Maybe there are better ways already. shipping_weight width height and depth on the product page by default would be good. I've learned to do it, more or less well. Maybe a module could do it better and the free Advanced EU Compliance module does add weight to the front page. shipping price on the product page by default (Other ways-around: product feed modules I've paid for a couple of modules to upload data straight to Google, Ebay, and Amazon, but haven't yet learned to use them and not everyone buys the modules. As someone said further back in the thread "Online markets - there's a reason there are paid modules. Markets integration rules and methods change and improve constantly, and require support. Support = money." So if there is a search spider that might find some of this information in between going to fashion shows and changing its search habits, all the better.)
  9. Is there a guide to finding a variable and making it available to a template like product.tpl? I know there's not enough money in open source software for anyone to make a living and write instruction books at the same time, so maybe someone random knows! The variable I need is anything to do with delivery rates; whatever can be found before a customer orders or registers. Something like that was discovered for Prestashop 1.5 here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/424375-solved-shipping-price-on-product-page/ but I need to learn a bit more before I can apply it to Prestashop 1.6.1 / Thirtybees. (There are work-arounds. It's possible to have a different template for different products so I can just write my own information freehand into the template and have another template for each unusual weight or size. That gets harder for exports - weight & dimensions effect most products rather than a few.) (I read that writing {debug} at the top of a template on a copied site shows me what I can call-up and that I can write code to declare weight width depth and height if set for the shopping cart already. If I understood how the shopping cart calculates postage, maybe I could repeat that work on the product.tpl page.)
  10. PART-ANSWERED ON Does anyone know how to make a shipping price variable available to the product template ? It could be for the whole table of shipping weights and zones, or for each zone at a certain weight, or... ..anything to get started. https://docs.thirtybees.com/native-modules/advanced-eu-compliance/ which comes which comes free and bundled has this: {if $delivery_price} <div class = "estimated_delivery_price"> {l s='Initial delivery costs estimate :'}{convertPrice price=$delivery_price} </div> {/if} ... as though $delivery_price could somehow be found but it doesn't say how. There's a thread for Prestashop 1.5 that says add something to the product controller, but I it needs translating for Prestashop 1.6 and is one of those threads that the firm never answered: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/424375-solved-shipping-price-on-product-page/
  11. I only know what's on the forum but there's a statement on themes here - - in a thread where someone offered to write a new one. I don't know of any way to help with the new one or whether it's still being worked-on.
  12. It worked! I took it slowly, on backup copies, and the new version still doesn't connect to a PHP 7.3 database, but the main thing is that it works. I tried a vanilla update module as well (thirtybees not merchants edition) and it didn't work. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for patience! The module does not update though; the next button stays grey and the usual red error about "see javascript console" appears. I had a thought: my PHP 7.2 doesn't have libcurl; it has curl. Could that be the hitch? For some reason my site fails if I just change PHP from 7.2 to 7.3
  14. Solved. I ticked the APC box on my server's PHP settings to match my choice of APC cache. I used a lot of caching including one page cache on module files themselves which looked a bad ida.
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