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    https://veganline.com - I sell shoes among other odd jobs. My short term memory and concentration get better over time, but I do tend to revise posts or spend ages getting to know a bit of software without getting it running on my own site. Hope this is harmless!
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  1. Same question for Niara theme - does anyone know if I should adapt the instructions above? I am on TB version 1.1#905 - does anyone know if this is fixed in later versions?
  2. bo>preferences>custom code |css> #product-features{display:none;} ...then check it works on your theme (I just right-clicked and looked for the css; I didn't check) ...and on a mobile version is a lazy start, but it doesn't allow some features to show on the front and others not. Editing the template is neater and allows different templates on different products, but it's still a way to show all features or none.
  3. If anyone can link to reviews or share thoughts on the default thirtybees newsletter, that would be great. (I have Mailchimp but have hardly used it except to collect the odd email address so I can still use if free)
  4. Thanks! My over-editing effected the number of times your post shows - sorry.
  5. This looks promising. First, ignore the word "title" near the top of the breadcrumb template; that's a decoy and means the layer above. Then at about line 34-38 in themes/niara/breadcrumb.tpl , replace the line <a href="#" title="{$breadcrumb.title}" itemprop="item"> {else} <a href="#" title="{$product->description}" itemprop="item"> <span itemprop="name">{$breadcrumb.title}</span> </a> {/if} {$product->meta_title} works too. Any comments and suggestions welcome - I've only just discovered this and it might break something else. And is there a way of searching for category descriptions as well as product descriptions?
  6. I struck gold with some code to show descriptions on mousover of the manufacturer logo - the post is here - but I had no idea what I was doing, and how to show descriptions on mousover of breadcrumb links. I know that in html, a link with TITLE="bla" shows "bla" on mousover of the link; it shows in a little yellow box. I know that thirtybees breadcrumb links just say nothing on mousover, or blurt-out what you have just read already if they are the last link. On the demo site, mousover "Coffee and Tea" to see "Coffee and Tea" in a yellow box. Does anyone know how to change this so that the description for the coffee and tea category shows on mousover? Or where to look and learn how to do it?
  7. Haggling: Seller: I want 10 x income and a farm! Buyer: I'll give you 10 x income and a potato. Seller: [something bullish] Buyer: Talk next month then; see if you can find a better offfer
  8. I've just found more links on the waterfall-thing. One is called "View all images", at the bottom of the "Waterfall View" section, just above "Connection View". The odd thing is this: https://canelis.de/themes/theme1454/img/ajax-loader-page.gif This is what I see for a second or two at each page change, viewing from the UK. and it is listed as "ajax loader". I'm not sure what bit of code is called at each page load, but someone somewhere knows how to work it out.
  9. I run a low budget site using Cloudflare, just for the free shared secure server certificate. (If I ever got a rush of visitors from headline infamy, or a mention on TV, or PR and advertising, that would be another reason but not yet 🌝) https://www.webpagetest.org/result/200716_VE_ea4468fd31104cc89bc4d78c0e1de17e/1/details/ ..shows a shelf on the waterfall which is something to do with the secure server. The Canalis one is done in a different way to mine, via Lets Encrypt, but the delay is the same. I don't know if there is any free and easy solution. The image slider module looks good. I don't think I have seen a site before where I want to see another image slide onto the top of the home page, but if it's pictures of cats, it looks OK to me. It may delay interest on a slow server. Foto02.jpg was the one I downloaded, opened in paint.net, and tried to save at different sizes while looking at the ginger cat's eyes and whiskers. Below 100KB there is a rapid reduction in detail, but above 100KB there is not much gain, and 100KB is about 13% of the 1.1MB image that my laptop got. When I first open the site I see a kind of dotted spiral for a second or so. I suppose this is a sign of it being slow to load from the UK, but it's unusual; I have not seen it before. I see the same on each page change. Ordering, I saw a default 5-page checkout. Someone here has reduced it to three pages with exactly the same functions, which might be quicker for your customers on the bus. There's also the Chex module, which looks smart and neat and uses only one page so it might pay for itself https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/chex-one-page-checkout There is something in the tips and tricks section about doing a one page checkout for free, but it blocks-out the account functions of Thirtybees (forgetting to do it on emails) so it might not suit cat customers who want an account for quicker ordering next time. My test order was too small for the minimum €15 order, which is a lot of cat food. If German post is like most post, there is a cheap option for anything under 2kg with primitive tracking or none. Maybe this would be a good default option, for people who do not want to order enough cat food to justify a courier. There are niche-market cat foods with seaweed extracts that provide the nutrition a cat needs while containing no meat. A niche market product could be good for attracting interest. I don't know where to get the stuff though. Good luck with the site John ---------------------17/07/20 If it's on Netcup hosting at €1.94 x 12 a year including 16% VAT, (http://archive.is/9mLYV ) that's quite a discovery! A quick google of cheap servers like Hostinger shows prices more than double, but on the other hand such a cheap server is going to need huge attention to image download size and more. For the speed, maybe the free Heliohost would be just as good and charge nothing at all.
  10. If you can spot the booby-trap, their free Prestashop 1.6 subscriptions module is here: https://module-presta.com/subscriptions.html Their 360 spin module for PS1.6 broke my test site, though, and their other free modules much the same . Errors build-up over a few days until they break the site. I had forgotten to keep backups. No wonder they making a living fixing faults in their own modules for $40 a time. Apart from the booby-traps (unintentional I hope) the modules look neatly-coded and worth fixing. I mentioned another PS1.6 module further up the thread as well.
  11. SOLVED prestashop.com/forums/profile/1523298-jbw/ is working on a module to do this it says here prestashop.com/forums/topic/623011-17-save-customization-when-add-to-cart/?tab=comments#comment-3236236- ready for both Prestashops and Thirtybees. He sells finished modules for about €50 or $50 on https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=1035467 He might quote a price for a pre-release version, if there is nothing finished for sale yet or nothing on other download sites.
  12. veganline

    Shop Now Link

    back office > modules and services > modules and services > image slider module > configure It's a good module for making people think "wow" when first looking at a web template, but I guess that most merchants turn it off or delete it on their own sites after looking at it for a while. I don't have a copy installed to see how it works but the instructions should point an image to a category, such as "tea" ------edit If you can set-up a demo shop easily, one way of getting to know it is to try to disable everything, then re-enable things to find out whether you want them. The minimum default is just a single horizonal line above the footer section; everything else can be disabled. On the other hand, the categories module takes a bit of googling and thought to enable on the front page while the layered navigation module doesn't suit the front page and probably can't go there at all.
  13. maybe "installed modules translations" localisation > translations > installed modules translations | Niara | language > expand all fieldsets > control+F .... to find the phrase . I could be wrong though.

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