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    https://veganline.com - I sell shoes among other odd jobs. My short term memory and concentration get better over time, but I do tend to revise posts or spend ages getting to know a bit of software without getting it running on my own site. Hope this is harmless!
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  1. I suppose any of us could help by posting code for bo>preferences>custom code to https://forum.thirtybees.com/forum/23-tips-and-tricks/ Easier than no help at all, if not easy. [PS I don't know why I wrote this as a reply to the button / font color idea rather than any other]
  2. In case not tried already... Seobility.net keeps me occupied, used about once a week as the free scans can run-out. Also Gtmetrix.com. The Seobilty dashboard page has tabs for onpage, backlinks, and rankings. Suggestions for ranked pages are hard to find at the bottom right of that page, but worth a look if some of your pages already rank on page two. Backlinks aren't much listed on the free account, but if you use the site without an account from another browser the listing is better and you can check your own site and similar ones to see who links. Onpage tests never quite come-right for me but get gradually better. I often score badly for duplicate content but the similar test site ahrefs says I am OK so this isn't a precise measure. The ebbs and flows of popularity are as rapid as tides and should not cause panic.
  3. Feature request: speed - anything that follows from GTmetrix tests like https://gtmetrix.com/reports/front.thirtybees.com/T2A4gZmo/ I suggest: fewer photos on the demonstration version - maybe no slider by default loading of fonts from the server if they're unlikely to be in a browser cache, and... maybe someone else knows more. Probably Softaculous and Fantastico have demonstration sites for similar software where speeds can be compared. I mentioned image formats in another post. ------------------------edit 15.1.21 so unrelated to comments and reactions underneath I don't know if the google web font link ... https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway:400,500,600,700 ... loads Cyrillic and Vietnamese on sites that don't need them. If so, that might be as much of a problem as which server the font is loaded from
  4. Textures: ability to size the icons and use them for product photos instead. This is possible already with DIY styling, but help on the backoffice control panel would be good. It could help merchants combine more products into one. @DKO I hope that integration with stock control programs could reduce requests for support and code maintenance; they'd go to the people who maintain the stock control software. -------------16.01.2021 on the same topic from 2+ years ago. Maybe this module already exists. If not, I'd be happy to pay €100 towards it. I have odds and ends of sized goods like a slipper in some sizes and a different colour or style in another size. I want a to present them as a neat full-price product. I can call the differences attributes with a big texture icon, but I have not made it neat and intuitive. The customer has to guess that they need to click on the size and then the available icon, otherwise there's no "buy" button.
  5. Theme: a monospaced font for attributes, so I can write "39.3____6____" as a shoe size and have the one below in a neat column. I already do this but it took time to learn. Nanum Gothic Coding allows thirds and two-thirds signs as a single-spaced character, so it would be a good choice. Stock Sync: online markets There's a module to start integrating with ebay for €200 and amazon for another €200 again. That's if I do the work of trying to map my own data to something that suits ebay or amazon; the module just does the software link. It would be good to have a free module that does most of the work for lots of platforms like the ones on great.gov.uk/selling-online-overseas rather than charge for each one. (same point in another post). Stock Sync: wholesalers I don't know much about this but a way to have some stock back-order-able from a wholesaler, and update this every day or two with a scrape of the wholesalers' web site would be good if they have no better system. I expect that some or all of this would be a paid module, but worth writing-down here anyway. Stock Sync: advanced stock management and multistore This is a bit over-my-head as a small retailer, but I would like to have - a wholesale price and stock list for some items, and maybe - a different domain name and site for just my own brand. I turned-on multistore but found that Categories immediately dissapeared from my front page, so I need instructions to use the software that exists already. I'd also like easy integration with other software that's good at doing stock control; I don't need everything to be built-in to Thirtybees. Odoo and ERPnext are names that have cropped-up but I don't really know what I'm talking about.😀
  6. Image Regeneration to incease speed. On cheap shared servers it conks-out, but there are modules that can do it somehow on the same server. I guess there are modules that can reduce all images to some pre-set size before processing too. So regenerate images - the same way that the best modules do, that works on a shared server, possibly... - Webp included and any other new image formats perhaps - including a stage to reduce all images to a sensible size (40kb by default perhaps) - and save that as a master copy on the server for each new regeneration This is a speed-of-loading issue, and a workflow issue as well. I reduce the size of images before upload, but it would be quicker if I didn't have to. Once they're on the server, they're in nested directories which are awkward to batch-process if I dowload the pictures again. And if I keep regenerating on the server, some of pictures get fuzzy over time. One solution would be a piece of software that I could download, just to prepare thirtybees photos with imagemagik, but a solution on the server would be simplest for me. Customer accounts - turn them off easily to reduce customer distractions and clicks-to-buy - without having to hack the code as now - with subtleties, perhaps, for shopkeepers who want to allow accounts, but well-hidden for the odd regular customer, or the odd customer that has an account already or gets one by mistake PS like this suggestion further down the thread
  7. Siteground and A2 hosting seem to fund CE Phoenix which is a fork of OS Commerce I saw
  8. Apart from what Musicmaster said, he wrote the mainly-free Prestools program. A built-in-by-default module to install Prestools would make this software easier to learn, I think, for new shopkeepers. Most of us find it in the end but it would be easier to have it there at the start.
  9. I posted a bad idea and deleted next morning
  10. Thanks to Emmanual for free moderation all this time Does anyone know some online deliberation software that helps two people with similar needs to agree priorities before sharing payment? Like: A invests $200 for 200 votes, B invests $100 for 100 votes, but the main thing is that A&B agree a brief for a developer with orders of priority, otherwise B walks away, so there is a lot of "this is important to me" "this might depend on that" "that's difficult" "that's too general / specific" "that's easy". If a decision-aid exists like that, it might help get a module funded, for example to integrate with some stock control systems for big merchants or online markets for all of us. I am sure that I saw something like this years ago on a site now defunct... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- added after several posts, reaction and a reply below 2021.01.02 11.48 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.negotiationtool.com/ is the thing I'd seen. It doesn't seem worth a new post until I understand what it is. Sister site Votefair.org has its code and developers' name on Github; the Fullranking domain is abandoned and Negotiationtool looks like a hobby-commercial kind of thing. linked to a book on Solutionscreative.com
  11. I want to use Block Category Products aka ProductsCategory as intended, to show other products from the same category in the footer of a product page. I also want to have all products in a single category called "home" as well, so the module shows up to 100 products from all categories in the footer and sells less. productscategory.php looks like the file that selects products. The action seems to start about line 109 Does anyone know how to tweak it so that it only shoes categories higher than a certain number? Background info veganline.com is the web site Category ID. 2 "Home" includes all my products. Most are also in Category ID. 8 "Search by Size". These are the two lowest category IDs. My other categories are all more narrow and descriptive, like "belts" and "sandals", and more useful to show in the footer. I don't show prices in the footer; just thumbnails. The reason for "Home" is just to reduce the middle breadcrumb layers that show. I use breadcrumbs in large type instead of headers. There might be other ways of doing this, but I also have a "Search by Size" page in the categories,
  12. I've tried taking-out as much as I can, including logo and the header section. Maybe the "Quick View" text isn't necessary if you have a magnifying glass symbol.
  13. veganline

    UK sellers to EU

    Thanks! Do you have any links for sources of information? My scale of business suits walking to the post office and trading under VAT thresholds, so I am not really linked in.
  14. veganline

    UK sellers to EU

    What kind of parcels will you send? Gov.uk/prepare-to-export-from-great-britain-from-january-2021 doesn't say what happens if a retailer sends to a consumer in the EU. If a parcel arrives rather late, with an EU VAT bill attached, I think my customers would refuse it or send it back. Maybe we will see on the TV news what happens to the first few thousand before I get an order from the EU. I am not registered for VAT so I hope I can continue to send small parcels un-taxed. I'll need EORI Electronic Operator number needed for electronic customs declarations if the system is ever set-up, but I got the number very quickly CN22 paper customs declaration. Like https://www.pdffiller.com/jsfiller-desk18/ or https://www.royalmail.com/sites/royalmail.com/files/2020-03/customs-declaration-cn22-march-2020.pdf https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff For the customs sticker, country of origen or maybe the trading block, Harm code like 640419 for most nonleather shoes Paid price including delivery and some breakdown including weight This page offers to tell me about VAT but doesn't (?) For efficiency it would be good to have this information on whatever paper I print, maybe even formatted to look like the standard CN22 form. Maybe large-scale traders need this quickly. I hoped to see some kind of government grant for software updates but don't see one. Gov.uk/government/publications/hmrc-brexit-transition-communications-resources has some pdf-formatted documents saying "get ready" but they do not say what to do until we get a sober prime minister - they suggest checking with specialists, but if I look on web sites like RoyalMail or Parcel2go , the experts do not have any information pages either.
  15. I expect to go with the successor, whether or not it's called Thirtybees. Is that "Modified shop?" I've learned obscure tricks on TB and added modules like Prestools. Just tried a softaculous setup of WP+Woocommerce + a free importer plugin I haven't seen anything to tempt me away yet. Shipping zones were one of the draws to Prestashop and Thirtybees when I signed-up. I can set post office shopping zones (UK, Europe, World, Oceana) to match Thirtybees zones (Europe, Africa, etc) and type-in prices for a 2kg parcel. It takes an hour or two, but it's free. Woocommerce might have countries zoned somewhere but I didn't spot it. Thirtybees installs all-in-one-go from Softaculous. It's not obvious how to find the shop page for Woo on Wordpress, so I haven't done a speed test yet I vaguely think Thirtybees is fast-loading compared to a lot of the others, but could be wrong. Canonicalized.com/prestashop-vs-woocommerce says that there aren't many clicks to checkout on Woocommerce which is good, although I've solved that problem on TB. Magento Gross; slow. It's for people who don't pay for their own server. Shopify / Hosted closed-source Doesn't feel nice after having the freedom of an open source shop with loads of extras and tweaks possible. I doubt I could do the search engine optimisation or the tweaks like belts cut to length that I do on Thirtybees Opencart It's on Softaculous so I'd give it a look. Someone on this forum said it's fast. There is a Phoenix forked version on Softaculous as well. Chandra Enev on this forum said it's more basic than Thirtybees in the default version; you have to pimp it up with modules. Anything else on Softaculous I'd look at Cubecart because it's made in the country where I live, but there are too many to test; all the more reason to stay with Thirtybees. Cost: Afterthought 15.27 30.12.20 €3 or $3 buys monthly shared TB hosting, with Softaculous installation on Hosting.co.uk. Hostinger throws-in a free SSL certificate too, which saves trying to use Cloudflare. €30 or $30 buys Shopify or Bigcommerce Magento needs a more expensive server too
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