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    https://veganline.com - I sell shoes among other odd jobs. My short term memory and concentration get better over time, but I do tend to revise posts or spend ages getting to know a bit of software without getting it running on my own site. Hope this is harmless!
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  1. Before buying, it's worth checking the forum for KB reviews
  2. Solved! I tried reverting to the default themes/niara/order-opc-new-account.tpl and it worked. Now I have to remember why I changed the old one... @datackick thank you! -------------- The old one is the same as https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/blob/master/order-opc-new-account.tpl give or take the text on the "save" button, so I must have messed something else up or maybe some update helped. ----------------- 20.10.2020 The problem went away when I disabled overrides and came back when enabled. On a copy of the site I deleted each one on Cpanel till /override/classes/mail.php turned-out to be the culpret. My copy of Prestools Suite listed the live ones and I think there's a module as well, and a live list made this possible. override/classes/mail.php was a terse, sensible-looking over-ride designed to send copies of all customer emails to the merchant. I forget which module installed it - probably something long deleted that left the code there, or maybe I put it there. Anyway, that's the problem and I think I now get a copy of the customer email as well with default modules.
  3. Stripe module: does anyone have any debugging ideas? Mine does not return customers to a valid confirmation page. It looks for something lyike https://veganline.com/gerbil/module/stripe/validation?type=checkout but the url has no code on it. I copied the shop to this test version, updated to bleeding edge, updated the module, put it in test mode, and learned how to turn on Javascript console. No luck. The only javascript error is about Google Pay and goes away if I turn off Google Pay.
  4. Two points 1. Could you reduce clicks-to-buy somehow? If someone starts on the front page of your shop, they see pictures for categories which are all pretty, but they're not books. Could you compare with other book shops to see if any can somehow reduce the clicks to buy? 2. https://search.google.com/test/rich-results?utm_campaign=sdtt&utm_medium=url&id=9w1J2xlclLGNyrmGbwVCMw](https://search.google.com/test/rich-results?utm_campaign=sdtt&utm_medium=url&id=9w1J2xlclLGNyrmGbwVCMw ...is a starting point for googles' view of schema.org data. You've got the ISBN in the url which is great but their spider is still looking for it in the text, maybe where your theme expects any kind of bar code. The publisher's label could go where your theme expects "brand". I don't know about "review"; whether google expects the condition of the book or standard reviews of the content, but you could look for ideas on other shops. There's loads of publishing industry data that might be squeezed-in somewhere - even the authors' date of birth - as well as sample pages from the book. I'm interested and will follow the thread. My partner has printed some books about music history on the Musonix.co.uk site aka the Musonix.com and Musonix Publishing; I need to do a web shop for him.
  5. I've got a related problem If I enable webp images, only the first three products seem to convert on the bar code diagram under the switch, and images stop working on the front page. My shared server space costs under £3 a month so I guess it's a server limit - but that's a wild guess.
  6. For me "many things" includes Solved Stripe module when working with a free Cloudflare SSL certificate. It half works for me at the moment, and when I am more clear I'll either solve the problem or post on the forum here - https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4554-addresses/?tab=comments#comment-37297 Customers get no re-assuring page after ordering. I get the money but have to dig in "orders" and "customers" to get information and then cut and paste it to one place. Maybe it is just a problem with the way I have installed Cloudflare SSL, or maybe it'Primary Domain (No Valid Certificate) s much broader and effects everyone on Stripe. -----------------update 7.10.20 I find that the "No Valid Certificate" message from Cpanel about cloudflare free SSL is a known Cpanel bug, and not relevant. A default install of TB from Softaculous, updated to bleeding edge with the update module, does work with the Stripe module to confirm orders on a confirmation page. -----------------update 21.10.20 Solved: an override called mail.php clashed; the system works with this over-ride renamed=disabled https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/4504-stripe-module-not-working/?do=findComment&comment=37892 This thread about trying to sell two products that might have different couriers if bought separately, with the "too heavy" error message applying from either courier - it ends on page 2 https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3517-the-product-selection-cannot-be-delivered-by-the-available-carriers-it-is-too-heavy-please-amend-your-cart-to-lower-its-weight/page/2/ Lack of instructions - even a copy of the Prestashop 1.6 ones updated. Not important for most forum users, who are quite tekkie and probably ex-Prestashop 1.6, but important for users who are ex-Shopify or ex-Wordpress. If my problem with Stripe is my fault, maybe some instructions could help. Niara theme. I have only just learned how to edit it, to make radio buttons to work I hope. Other people on the forum say that the latest Niara version is fixed, so maybe this is a problem of how to update themes smoothly from an install done on Softaculous or the other similar one that lists TB. I install, update to the latest theme if I dare, and the back office says something about "issue #905" but I still have to learn DIY solutions to make radio buttons work. Removing everything in Niara to do with radio buttons might be the answer. Niara: suspected problems on narrow smartphone screens, but I am not sure and not sure how important. I just know that some shopkeepers move to a paid-for theme. Customer Account. A concept liked by some shopkeepers, but not others and hard to remove with DIY work as I have done. There is no way to remove this complication with a tick of a box. Notorious PS order form in 3 stages, presented as 5-stage or 1-stage without explanation & no easy editing for those who want to remove fields they don't need. DIY editing is possible but took me a while to learn. ------------------------------------------------------------------- added 7.10.20 Responding to SEO scanners with a running commentary would be good. I don't know how much time it would take or who would pay for the time. You can see the type of thing here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Ffront.thirtybees.com%2F&hl=en_GB Example: my google scan says that Niara type is too small on smartphones, and that the buttons are too close together. True? Important? Fix planned if so? At the moment the system is to wait till someone asks. Example: speed... my google scan counts the extra milliseconds spent downloading Font Awsome and Railway font from the web. Is it quicker to download from my server, or to use more common fonts? Or is there no simple fix? It would be great to use a shopping cart that adapted this stuff so that I don't have to, and grouped any comments and threads together under SEO announcements. To give Thirtybees credit, I'm sure it started this way under current ownership with speed improvements compared to PS.
  7. I don't know. I haven't got the default blog on my site yet. The default theme doesn't have a blog on the front page, as your site does, so maybe copy the site to experiment with anything about moving or editing or even deleting the blog search what the theme vendor says or any kind of help service or forum that they've got.
  8. I am nosey and want to learn as much as I can for free from other peoples' business (and my own in a way). Any links to guides about buying and selling businesses slowly - when there is time to haggle - would be interesting to read.
  9. Could you post a screen shot with a ring round the bit you want to remove or add? I am probably on the wrong track and don't want to stop anyone else answering! Preferences > theme > advanced settings > tick next to "index" ....allows the categories to appear on the front page I think
  10. Same here - any ideas welcome
  11. remove " - shopname" from category titles - has anyone found how? I tried the same idea of removing anything likely from classes/Meta.php without luck
  12. Thanks - that helped me find the long version https://www.onasus.com/how-to-remove-prestashop-shop-name-from-meta-title/
  13. One fall-back option is to install free prestools.com software in your back office directory, so the login is example.com/backofficename/prestoolsuitename/login1.php with default user and pass in one of prestools text files in prestools > images > regenerate ... sometimes works when other methods fail. I don't know why this worked for me, but it did.
  14. veganline


    Has anyone else got suggestions? What works for other people?
  15. veganline

    Belvg Theme

    I exerimented with a free templatemonster theme for PS 1.6 and got the same error message. The theme was also bundled inside a another very large bundle of guff. I solved that problem. The error persisted and there was some hint about using some number from the confirmation email to unlock something. At that point I lost interest! I'd like to know how to do a config.xml file for it though, it it's quick and easy.
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