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paypal plus: the secure key is empty, check your payment account before validation



Dear all,

recently I activated paypal plus (in ordert to enable my customers to pay with credit cards). While testing it I was able to choose the different payment methods and was forwarded to paypal, so it seemed to be fine. Since the activation I noticed a lot of abandond cards, what makes me worried. I recieved some orders payed with paypal (so it seems to work in such caseses), but looking at invoices I noticed that each of them have comment "Warning: the secure key is empty, check your payment account before validation". It was generated by TS, not by paypal, since I was able to find such string in translation, section errors. What does it mean? What caused it and how can I fixed it? Could it potentially lead to cases where my customers facing technical problems and cannnot pay?

TB 1.1.0, PP module 5.4.5



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