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  1. While I was trying to set it up (BO->Module settings) I got an error "key type not valid". I tried with google recaptcha version 2 (you can choose it while setting it up in google), it is just working perfectly.
  2. vsn

    WebP image format

    I see. Is there any implementation timeline? This feature seems to be very usefully and very trandy. PS 1.7 is going to include it in some future release, by the way...
  3. vsn

    WebP image format

    Does TB support generation of images in the webp format? If yes, how to activate and configer it and what are server requirements, for example php version or extensions? Sergey
  4. Is the current version 1.3.0 of ImageMagick compatible with the watermark module meaning I can user both? I remember in the past it was not a case. Thanks! Sergey
  5. vsn

    Best encrypting method

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will just leave it with PHP Encryption library 🙂
  6. vsn

    Best encrypting method

    What is the best encrypting method in terms of speed and security? Is this 1) Use the PHP Encryption library with the openssl extension (highest security) or 2) Use Rijndael with the openssl extension.
  7. Thanks! Works perfectly without any performance regressions!
  8. Ok, understood. How can I deactivate smarty cache for this module? Is it sufficient to add $smarty->caching = false to the respective template file? Or is there another place to control cache per module (I just want to deactivate cache for only this one module). Thanks!
  9. Hi there, by analyzing space problems on my SSD hosting I found out that smary cache for two modules take almost 0,5 GB (...cache/smarty/cache). They are crosselling and productcategory. The folders are full with single directories and files. Why they are so huge? Any possibility to turn off smarty cache for this particular ones? Thanks! Sergey
  10. @rubben1985 I do actually the same, but I would like to have a sync feature. Now I manually unsubscribe in back office the customers, who performed un-subscription via Mailchipm. Are you using the same approach?
  11. Thanks for the hint! I implemented it via override :)
  12. By default it is max. 30, what is too big making the product page slow. I would rather limit it to 18, but how?
  13. even with activated "Opted-In Only" in the module Export Settings not-confirmed subscribers are export as subscribed, what is apparently wrong. Could somebody confirm / check?
  14. I have activated opt-in option in the newsletter module. Once a visitor does a newsletter subscription (without creating any user-account, just newsletter subscription) his email is stored in the newsletter table with active = 0. After he confirmed the subscription via email (opt-in), the value is changed to active = 1. Analyzing subscribers which were transmitted from Thirtybees to MailChimp platform via the native module, I found out, that subscribers with active = 0 are also marked as subscribed. MailChimp v1.5.0, TB 1.0.7