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  1. Hi everyone, I wish to have a watermark module supporting .webp. The current version of the modul (actually migrated from Prestashop) supports only .jpg. The .webp format is getting like a standard and is being supported by almost all web browsers. Google loves it givving web shops with .webp (much) higher ranking. On the other hand, I am in a creative industry, organisations are spending a lot of attention to copyright. Especially in Germany it could be very easier to get a nice email from a lower. So to have a watermark is a must for me. Is it possible to extend the module to support .webp?
  2. Now it is working even with .webp 🙂 Thanks a lot!
  3. Thanks for your replay. I found the following. Can it somehow help? I am on a shared server, it seems to have ngx_http_rewrite_module installed, i can define Rewrite Rules. Is it you are taking about? Thanks!
  4. Dear all, after moving to a new hosting product images are not shown any more. I have tried 1. to re-generate thumbnails 2. to re-generate .htaccess. But without any success. Some additional and maybe helpful details. To keep product urls the same as for Prestashop I have product url rewrite as following: {category:/}{id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13}.html. I have activated webp. TB 1.1 & Panda 1.5.3 Server information: Linux #1 SMP Thu Jun 11 14:07:11 MSK 2020 x86_64 Server software version: nginx/1.19.6 PHP version: 7.2.14
  5. Dear all, recently I activated paypal plus (in ordert to enable my customers to pay with credit cards). While testing it I was able to choose the different payment methods and was forwarded to paypal, so it seemed to be fine. Since the activation I noticed a lot of abandond cards, what makes me worried. I recieved some orders payed with paypal (so it seems to work in such caseses), but looking at invoices I noticed that each of them have comment "Warning: the secure key is empty, check your payment account before validation". It was generated by TS, not by paypal, since I was able to find such string in translation, section errors. What does it mean? What caused it and how can I fixed it? Could it potentially lead to cases where my customers facing technical problems and cannnot pay? TB 1.1.0, PP module 5.4.5 Regards, Sergey
  6. Is there a possibility how to regenerate product images only for a specific image type like home_dafault? This is the only type I changed. I would not like to re-generate all images, I am afraid I will lost my google images ranking, what is, after several years, very good. In standard this is not possible, is there some kind of a workaround just temporally changing some .php code? like adding something like image_type = home_dafault?
  7. In the meantime I have blocked some IPs via putting them in .htaccess. Now new IPs are used, it seems to be some kind of bots network. So I need a more universal solution. I am using Panda Theme, @Jonny maybe you hove some ideas? I am using Newsletter popup v1.4.3 - von SUNNYTOO.COM. Is it possible to integrate some kind of reCAPTCHA? Thanks!
  8. I have also thought about it, but yes, this option is not supported by the module. Ideas?
  9. The issue is pretty simple, some bots are triggering newsletter registration entering email addresses in the newsletter registration form and initiating registration process. How to get rid of it? I found out those IPs, but my host provider does not support simple way to block them (shared host with simple Plesk). Is there any another way to do it? Thanks! Sergey
  10. It was indeed set to 1, just changed it back to zero. I will check it helps. Thanks!
  11. Dear all, I am currently suffering under a heavy spam attack. The standard contact form is used filled with target email address and target message. After submitting it, a confirmation email is automatically sent out from the e-shop server to the target email address compromising my email address, domain and server IP. As a workaround I renamed contact form URL, this helps for a while. But as the contact form is a public URL it can be used again any time. I am using google re-captcha v2. This does not help, they somehow overcome it. Re-captcha V3, which seems to be more advanced, does not work. Any ideas???
  12. After a customer placed an order and immediately paid it with the native Paypal module (5.4.2), the corresponding shopping card is not converted into an order in BO. It simple remains an shopping card, no order is generated. It happens like one - two times a day, the remaining orders are working well. I check server php stats - no issues. Paypal rest API is used, PS 1.0.8. Currently I am comparing my paypal account with orders in BO and processing cards to orders manually. For me as an merchant this is a critical topic. Please advise.
  13. Using bleeding edge... what kind of quality management process is used? Can anybody ensure all the fixes are compatible with each over and everything works? And not will be broken with the next update? I personally like version model - you tested it, you know how does it work. Am I wrong? By the way, I fixed the issue by putting ccs into TB native custom code tab.
  14. Yes, this seems to be the case. Yesterday I manually applied the following fix https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/bdb04ce186c13bc60b3f2fbd6805d88cf349a738?diff=unified#diff-d373723286a172a4ca3d76c4858f565b I just manually changed 4 files mention in the fix, replaceing the old code with a new one described in a bug fix. Now I rolled back - it works. But how to fix the ccs saving issues?
  15. It was sufficient in case of TB 1.0.7 & PHP5. I just update my TB yesterday and changed PHP to 7.1. Additionally this is a shared server. Any ideas?
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