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I think I know what you mean but have lost the way I did it! So here is a simple answer and an unfinished part of the complicated answer.

Use backoffice > preferences > CMS to write a page about whatever you want that has no shopping cart form included. By default the url will be example.com>info>newpage but this can be changed. There is a basic html editor built-in, which you can upgrade, or if you have a desktop html editor you can experiment.

Use backoffice> catalog for anything that needs an online shopping cart and maybe some kind of inventory system

[second part deleted]

Hope this helps more than hinders

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Changing product template files

A more direct answer to your question. 

The nearest I can think of is to do it for certain products, by using an edited prduct template.
Product templates look like this:

If you can get to the file on your server (example.com/themes/niara/templates/product.tpl if your theme is Niara)...
You can copy and then edit the template. What I did was to delete equivalent lines to 435 to 463 on the githb link. The loop of code that begins "<div class="box-cart-bottom">". If your server has built-in editing software it might compact the loop of code into one line before you delete it, so you can be sure of getting the right end point, which is difficult otherwise.

Your new product template will no longer show a shopping cart and can be enabled from any product page in the back office. If your product is "fresh bread",
Backoffice > Catalog > Products > Fresh Bread > Template Manager > choose your new template from the drop-down menu

(There is probably a way of editing a product template to ignore "catalog mode", which you can turn on or off from
Backoffice > Preferences > General > Catalog Mode | Off
The edited template would ignore the switch, but all the products using the standard template could have their shopping carts switched on or off in one go. I haven't tried it though - you'd have to experiment).

(I don't know a way of doing for a category)

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