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Newsletter update July 2021!

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Hi All!

It has been a while since you received a newsletter form thirty bees! Well it was certainly time to send one out. I love looking forward to the future of TB but just a few words about the struggles we have encounter. Taking over TB is not an easy as expected task but all is on track to move forward as expected. Beside that I have to run my own stable ecommerce company which can be challenging with covid changes all things we took a year ago a granted. As a merchant I decided that for me it was worth taking over TB as I love the system and wanted to hire a full time programmer anyway. So we can extend the system for all of us and keep it cutting edge. This does cost a lot of money and at this moment is losing money. For all the people buying support and who back us this is great and keeps the system open, thank you 😊! Not a backer yet? Consider it, it would be great to get you on board so that we can work on more community requests. You can do this easily by going to the forum and choose support thirty bees!

We recently launched the latest version 1.2.0. which has a lot of bug fixes and core improvements. Nothing fancy in the frontend or Backoffice though 😉 We like to keep it the most stable shop system out there and release stable regular updates. We will release more updates soon but expect after the catch up other updates can take a few months. We do expect version 1.3.0. very soon. It has quite some nice enhancements and improvements, like an new modern way of customer password recovery.

  •          scheduled tasks - sort of like build-in cron job
  •          work queue - mechanism to execute work jobs asynchronously in order to speed up request processing
  •          theme extensions - ability to extend themes, which allows us to introduce new front office features like new password reset
  •          work on php8 compatibility
  •          module installation overhall (1.6 still supported)
  •          product page tabs permissions

What will the future bring? It expect TB to be a system that can work on a small scale but also on a bigger scale. For example with a advanced warehouse system which integrates smoothly but works as a separate system. Same for a product information system, and the fields needed for TB and all the different marketplaces. Also the frontend needs some updates as well as elastic search.

We are also willing to discuss any enhancements big or small and if it is a good fit add it to the core or module. This can sometimes be free of cost or for a very affordable rate. Reach out to us and we can set up a meeting.

Don’t forget to join as a backer!

Stay tuned happy selling, all the best!

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That would be great, can you can tell me how we can guarantee that to you? What would you need?

It feels a bit like you are asking I hire an employee and ask he to be sure he will stay with us for minimum of 3 years with you 😉. Or maybe like a agency that you hire and you ask them will you be there over 10 years? The owner will die and the agency is gone. But we are not a government which can ask for eurobonds or like wise. 

We have a big intention to go for the long term as shown in the past half year. And it is open source so you can support it always in case something goes wrong with the company.

You can send me a message and we can discuss further 😀

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Thank you very much for all this work.

I am part of an NGO, the Gisti, which has been happily using TB for the past 3 years, instead of PS1.6, for the sale of its books (paper and PDF ebooks), goodies, registration to study days, and to allow our supporters to make donations. We would now like to allow subscriptions to our publications.

This little email is to tell those who are hesitating that if the TB organisation has gone through some turbulence in the last year, on our scale, this software has always proved to be much more efficient than PS1.6 (and even PS1.7, whose multitude of malfunctions pushed us to change cremerie for TB), so we have decided to support the momentum given by the new team by starting today our support to the project, 100$ per month. Long term support.

Have a nice day


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