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  1. Should this post not be moved or updated to the new system? https://forum.thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/
  2. Yes I know, love it..... Did they contact you, i advised them to get in touch with your company.
  3. Well now all parts that need to be filled in by the customer are closed. For me as customer I like it when I can see in one click what they expect from me to fill out.
  4. We definitely would also need sku number and stock maybe yes maybe not.... Not sure. Also the product name and product image should be clickable so you can check it out once more before finalizing the order. Not sure if I asked before but can you alls unfold all items until filled by the customer?
  5. Did you make any progress on this?
  6. I am wondering as merchant where to start with a Vue.JS implementation? This to achieve a very nice PWA app. Should this be part of the theme (Panda)? Or should this be part of Thirty bees, and could we try to fund it with other merchants? Or is this a implementation installation independent and we should do on our own?
  7. Yes I did but same error..... I found the error was in the PS version of the wishlist. Replaced it with the TB version solved the issue! Thanks for the feedback, it got me thinking....
  8. I try to update our site to 1.1.0 but get some common error but cant find how to solve it. I get a 500 message with the following error log: Does some have an idea how to get this solved?
  9. So will do it in the CSS of the module? Than all good :)
  10. Great work, the only thing I am missing is an option to change some things like (font) color and size. My target group is mostly 30+ years ans likes black on white for readability.
  11. Seeing another customer name is something else than being logged in.... But it appears both apparently 😮
  12. Not sure what is happening, its too complicated for me to solve.... Today one customer managed to order on someone else name (is was logged in under that name) place an order but with its own address.... Ik keep you updated..
  13. Is there any way to test this as customers often have the issue and I myself not.... In the other hand we need a form of cache....? What would be the way to go after disabling the cache?
  14. We have some issue with caching or cookies.... We expect at least that is is cookie or cache based. I am not sure where to look and don't get it fixed. What happens? Users do see names from other users. We got this report from multiple different users. But I can not replicate it here.... I have attached the pictures of current settings. We use the login module User block info mod from the panda theme. We use this modele as it is a bit more flexible for locations. Can someone point me to the direction we could investigate?
  15. I have fixed it by setting free shipping to no in the shipping configurations screen. Then on the list where you can see all shippers i have ticked free shipping. This seems to overrule without disabling the zones and now it works.
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