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  1. I have noticed this bug myself long time ago and have always payed to much taxes on shipping to the government. Will try to push this bug to be fixed a.s.a.p.
  2. This seemed to be also an issue that can occur due to the use of a low PHP version. For example update PHP 7.2 to 7.4.
  3. @Mark Thanks for your feedback, there were two choices, make a fork for my own ecommerce company like @wakabayashi or try to do something for the community. I did choose the later and hope we will succeed together.
  4. We need such a thing here as well. It's a bit like kickstarter and comparable tools. I am still searching for such a thing but maybe kickstarter is the best for now. But feels as overkill.
  5. Thanks for all the nice wishes. Thirty bees is a strategic investment for me. We love the system and like to keep it out there. I will manage it beside my ecommerce store. This makes it challenging and exciting time wise. So my main objective is to keep it up to date (PHP versions, security ect.) and add nice features to it on the road. I hope we get more and more people becoming backers so we can hire a extra person to get more money in and run the company budget neutral. That would be a great achievement.
  6. Hi all! I am Chiel and as a ecommerce merchant I love Thirty Bees. First of all, thanks for staying and waiting for a sign of life. As many of you, I moved over from Prestashop to Thirty Bees. When I noticed that Thirty Bees was not moving forward as quickly as expected I felt I had to do something. So I decided to see if I could help. I got in touch with Lesley, the current owner and long discussions followed. Finally, we made an agreement that both of us are happy with. I will take over Thirty Bees and Datakick, an expert Thirty Bees Core developer will join the new company. In the upcoming two months we will take the time to get used to our new roles and will work to get a new version out as soon as possible. In the upcoming year we will still depend heavily on the community, support and money wise. I paid a fair price for Thirty Bees, but to run the company effectively a lot of money is needed and at this point there is almost no income yet. For now, we can only employ Datakick, and he is paid for by my own savings. And as all of you know, a software can be opensource, but the resources and infrastructure required to run it is mostly charged in hard cash. Therefore, I like to ask all of you to join us as a supporter. So we can pay for hosting, and our dedicated programmer Datakick, and improve quality and pay for new features etc. Also, if you can help us in any way, please get in touch, and maybe assist with some SEO, SEA, few hours programming, writing newsletters or whatever you feel you can help with. I believe we can keep Thirty Bees open source. But we need you and the whole community to help us in the upcoming year. Please note that most changes will become noticeable from the end of February onwards. We will also provide more info and road maps etc in the new year. I'd like to thank @lesley for his investments in the past. And a big special thanks to @Theo and @datakick who both have made this new step for Thirty Bees possible! Also, I'd like to thank each of you who have stuck it out with Thirty Bees during the time of uncertainty and the lengthy negotiations. Thank you! Without you Thirty Bees would not be possible. Let's work together to make it great again and move it forward to a bright and successful future! Stay tuned, have a great and safe new year and donโ€™t forget to pledge now!
  7. I use Mollie PS version without any issue or tweak. Works like a charm. And just 3 days waiting ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Well looking at the current field a serious merchant who preferers freedom would probably still choose for PS/TB, magento or Woocommerce. And i think when TB has good support and positive environment we can slow but steady grow. I guess its like a marathon and a new start for TB.
  9. Apparently this tabel was not well copied adding it again solved the issue.
  10. Taking over a business can take some time. Be positive I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also I expect the new team will not start working before the formalities are done. Would you start painting a house before buying it?
  11. Hi, I copied the whole DB to a new server. All seems to go well, except from one thing. The products are not shown in FO and BO. In The bo on the product page I get the message: Bad SQL query Table 'useran_DBName6.ps_image' doesn't exist Does someone has a idea? I have overwritten the DB with the same backup, same issue.
  12. I might have seen it before in PS, but normally I just delete the product and add it again. Then it is mostly sloved.
  13. Its very irritating as when it happens in FO the order comes not through in BO when the customer comes back from payment provider. So the order is not seen in the orderlist and still payed. In cases it is not 0.00.
  14. Smile


    I don't think you have to worry for now. Such things just take time apparently.
  15. I guess they buy it for business continuity and security. Probably no need to worry, we all know how Prestashop is going down now. Only thing is buying companies probalt takes months. So we have to be patient.
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