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  1. We checked again and did some DB clean up. Maybe it works if not please make the donation manual and I will handle the member subscription also manual. https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=SDAYT6DWZRCSS
  2. I checked the module 2 times but did no see it. Now looked again with a fresh look and found it works flawlessly! Tnx.
  3. I will check it ad come back to you, sorry for waiting!
  4. I am wondering if someone managed to get the VAT calculated percental(%) on the products. According to EU rules this is allowed and could be a nice saving in our case as we always calculate high. While sometimes also ship product in the low vat rate. It should work as follows. For example: 10 euro product 9% 10 euro product 20% 5 euro shipping cost incl. vat. : 50% 9% and 50% 20% 0,20 euro vat 9% (2,30) 0.42 euro vat 20% (2,08) Could be a new VAT rate in shipper settings.
  5. Tnx, your input is much appreciated!
  6. Are there people using Litespeed as server and if so what is your experience with thirty bees and Litespeed?
  7. To make your catalogue/products have all data, you could use the lists module or one of the modules you name to find all products without wholesale price? Solves it a bit. I am wondering if i/we like to have an overview of all products showing there margin and option to increase price of those products in one overview. So for example find all products with margin lower than 10%. See a list see wholesale price and sales price and margin and increase it.
  8. @the.rampage.rado I think you summarize it nicely. The supporter and general income is very limited. I think it covers less than 0,5% of the cost we are making. @zen Yes it can be in money and time. I agree ads are a pain in the ass. 😉 Rudely said. I don't think the advertisements in module selection (and in general) are any intrusive and I don't think 15 USD for a installation is a lot of many for the modules you get and the modules that will come in the future. They will increase income and save time operating a store. We like to give but also built a community, and we need some small income to grow TB and maintain it. I take your comments serious as devoted member and will keep them in mind! Overall I think it is a very complete system which still functions very well without any payment. But I am sure any seller will hugely benefit from the modules!
  9. You can use the hour in the same month and 1 one hour we can do small improvements or help with hopefully a big effect. Currently if not used it will be used for general improvements of the project. I love the idea of donating the hours to a project. Will think about it and keep it mind (we would need to built some infrastructure for it)!
  10. Yes will do this in upcoming months is the plan. We also looking for some new post about why you should choose TB. Maybe someone is willing to invest sometime there?
  11. Its a service / rent fee. To our considerations a very good value for the cost. Just one member and whole team can use it. And some as the purchase module can be big time savers. Also the fee makes it possible to update the modules to the requests and needs of users. is there any possibility to try the new modules without susbscription ? No but you can take a subscription for a month or so. Is it possible to deactivate all ads for premium modules on the listing module page ? Yes become a silver member or higher.
  12. You can see what products use the Attributes / Features list. Can be handy to merge, clean up, ect. What was your suggestion with price?
  13. We use is but will soon move back and rely fully on ThirtyBees. We use its warehouse part but we have build a new WMS module for Thirtybees. Maybe it is also interesting for you? It was developed on commercial version as Odoo community from itself can not even work with EAN and so on 😅
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