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  1. Smile

    Server Move

    In general I expect that is has to do with htaccess, did you enable debugging using ftp?
  2. We are just working on Odoo nexterp is nicer opensource wise but has not so many functions jet....
  3. Smile


    A smaller group is thinking working and thinking about a plan. Maybe it works maybe not but I expect in a few weeks we will know where we are heading.
  4. Smile


    I love that idea!
  5. Smile


    I don't know a better open source system on the market at the moment. Open source is key of TB/PS. Beside that would you migrate when you site is running the bigger business and all is connected to WMS, PIM, CRM ect. Well then 500,- is not that much anymore I can tell you. As stated above I love the Odoo model where there is also an enterprise model.
  6. Smile


    Please make it a big bigger. To use some flight example: Platinum $500 per month Gold $250 Silver $100 Bronze $50 Generous backers < 50 So we have a more defined view on income.
  7. I am working with a implementing party to get a connector or integration for Odoo that works with Thirty bees. If someone is interested in this as well send me a private message so that we can discuss to join the project.
  8. Smile


    According to the association or something like that I am willing to setup legal part as well as financial part. Considering we run it under a dutch flag.
  9. Smile


    Just a comment on the side. We are a serious business and there are more people like me I guess. For my business I could think about hiring a developer. But we don't have enough work for it or time to work out all projects. But we just need 10-30 bigger sites running TB and tipingin to make a serious association or consortium. 20 x 250 per month = a reasonable salary to start with. And 250 is like not much for the bigger stores in my opinion? I mean I like to keep it mostly open source..... But like how it works with Odoo as an example. There is a community edition and a Enterprise version (Database managed). With functions you would need being a bigger store. For example think about API access, advanced vouchers, hreflangs .... ect. Maybe we should run a online meetup for all interested.... I did not read the full topic and all lesley's ideas about it.
  10. Smile


    I am generally very busy so I can't help to much in time. But my company is running on TB and I have quite some employees running around. I mean like many others it is serious business. We even work on a connector for Odoo and I can tell you this is a huge investment. I would be happy to tip in a monthly fee. @wakabayashi As a user for many years I surely know what is definitely needed and not. What about making a association of it? We also could work with crowdsourcing major improvements. We just need a mastermind what has time and devotion to run it, and a steady financial income.
  11. Great guys, I will see the update in a next version thanks!
  12. I see indeed that it is only the case for bankwire. Not sure how to add a payment and not sure we like to do that manual 😉 When status changes to payment accepted you would expect it to change automatically.
  13. Well seems a bug or the same misconfiguration? 🤔
  14. Apparently I changed something a year ago in statuses and because of that the total amount of €.... sentence is not calculating right. Also the value at the end of a finished order is not showing the order value. It seems the only thing making a difference here is the "Consider the associated order as validated" I removed it form payment accepted as we like to check the order and make change before it goes to processing. Order processing does have "Consider the associated order as validated" thicked thoug, as do all the following order stages.... What is happening here?
  15. I did remove all shops(Multistore) from one currency pounds. But then the whole currency did disappear. I then tried to add it but got the error: This currency already exists. Fixing it would be easy by adding it again to the table ps_currency_shop Can this be fixed like this? Or should I do more?
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