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  1. Did change it and DKIM is nicely working... But the name of the sender is now "info" Not very informative.... How could I change that? Before it was the name of the shop domain.
  2. Recently a lot of our automatic send email using the PHP function ends up in the spam box of customers. We use the PHP function. Using the PHP function we get the spf=pass. But no DKIM is added. Would using the SMTP option be a better solution so DKIM is added possibly preventing the email to end up in spamboxes?
  3. Smile

    Cant get pack product on stock....

    That was the case thanks!
  4. Smile

    Employees' permissions

    This is not there.... In PS there is a topic about this how to do it... with a few hours coding... But I can not find it now... It would be great if you can give employees access to certain tabs of the product page and not all like price and supplier...
  5. That's great we will test it and implement it! Works well!
  6. Yes, see attached. We used it daily so it's a bit of an issue...
  7. After the move to TB the button sold products in any BO product page is missing. This is super handy to find customers who bought the product or see sales of a certain product... I think it has to do with a module... Someone has an idea?
  8. Smile

    Language added every night.....

    I think it happened due to the update.... For now now languages were added over night....
  9. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Can someone explain to me where to add the third change in a installation?
  10. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Go to lightspeed 😉 I would say. Running your own instal is always a technical challenge. No matter the system TB, PS, Wordpress, Drupal, you name it.
  11. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Truly I think making it advanced is an option but as there is so much to do in TB that this is the best option for now. I have a whole module to manage the hreflangs, to implement this would be great but not so easy. Also it would make things not more easy for starting merchants. But who said that running an online shop is easy? And what user base has TB in focus? Mini shops or serious users who know their SEO....
  12. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    The current implementation is not advanced enough for multistore with multiple languages switched on and off depending on the stores. Very useful. One of you knows the location of configuration.xml ?
  13. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Paypal, and they have no invoices! Anyhow I now doubled my patreon 😉 I can not find the file configuration.xml in the current installation. I think it is only used with new installations...? I added the changes to the first to files.... [ThirtyBeesException] Call to undefined method Configuration::getWithDefault() at line 133 in file controllers/admin/AdminMetaController.php 128. 'title' => $this->l('Emit SEO fields') , 129. 'hint' => $this->l('Enable this option to include metadata for canonical url, hreflang, and next/prev page'), 130. 'validation' => 'isBool', 131. 'cast' => 'intval', 132. 'type' => 'bool', 133. 'value' => Tools::isSubmit('TB_EMIT_SEO_FIELDS') ? (int)Tools::getValue('TB_EMIT_SEO_FIELDS') : Configuration::getWithDefault('TB_EMIT_SEO_FIELDS', true), 134. 'auto_value' => false, 135. ] 136. ]; 137. 138. $urlDescription = ''; AdminMetaControllerCore->__construct - [line 125 - classes/controller/Controller.php] - [2 Arguments] ControllerCore::getController - [line 829 - classes/Dispatcher.php] - [1 Arguments] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 63 - admin/index.php]
  14. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Found it thanks so much!
  15. Smile

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    But did you make the switch as well in the FrontController.php? If so where is it located in BO? I updated the file already...