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  1. Great guys, I will see the update in a next version thanks!
  2. I see indeed that it is only the case for bankwire. Not sure how to add a payment and not sure we like to do that manual 😉 When status changes to payment accepted you would expect it to change automatically.
  3. Well seems a bug or the same misconfiguration? 🤔
  4. Apparently I changed something a year ago in statuses and because of that the total amount of €.... sentence is not calculating right. Also the value at the end of a finished order is not showing the order value. It seems the only thing making a difference here is the "Consider the associated order as validated" I removed it form payment accepted as we like to check the order and make change before it goes to processing. Order processing does have "Consider the associated order as validated" thicked thoug, as do all the following order stages.... What is happening here?
  5. I did remove all shops(Multistore) from one currency pounds. But then the whole currency did disappear. I then tried to add it but got the error: This currency already exists. Fixing it would be easy by adding it again to the table ps_currency_shop Can this be fixed like this? Or should I do more?
  6. The error was something in the .htacces
  7. As soon as I enable Emit SEO fields I get a 404 on FO and BO. Debugging on does not show anything. Its a installation in a subdirectory of the true store. We run 1.0.8 multistore. Does someone knows how to change this setting to of using the DB?
  8. I think most people move to a WMS nowadays, I have used ASM in the past but it did not bring what I was hoping for. I agree an new design would be the best.
  9. I finally found the time to test it. Love it but something I really miss is the option to go back to a product by clicking the title. See attached. It would be great if it is an option to make this possible. Also it would be great if you can choose the order of the fields (shipping address ect.). We use shipping which predicts the time of delivery by exact address. Showing a iframe with dates, pickup locations and more. This is not show now... (myparcel-netherlands).
  10. That's an elaborate answer. Dutch and flemish seems the same indeed. Dutch is 2 times in the table. Normally the url should be indeed nl-NL and nl-BE. But TB uses the 2 letter codes in the url, while as you acknowledge it would be better to make it nl-nl. I think I can decide we leave flemisch for now. And better focus on improving other languages. We should use dutch also for flemisch.
  11. Well is it not a design flaw that only one iso can be used? As explained in the first topic: Well some agency here added it for me. I think in the DB we changed it. And seems to work kind of but not really. Making the conclusion that iso can be used multiple times. Can you tell me how to add flemisch as a language? I mean iths both nl, but really different words... Alos different websites with hreflang.... Attached some DB pictures. Not sure how to proceed.
  12. So here are the test results: Hreflang and multistore: Not working, only those can be found while we have also a nl-BE version running. <link rel="alternate" href="https://website.nl/PvChi2/" hreflang="nl-NL"> <link rel="alternate" href="https://website.nl/PvChi2/" hreflang="x-default"> Use iso codes multiple times: Still not possible in 1.1.0, see attached screenshots. Prevent store to not us a language that is not available for it. Still the store is presenting nl-NL language although it should present nl-BE language. See attached. I can give access to this test environment if needed to investigate. Or send a video....
  13. Thanks, this is a perfect solution! Just made a small fix: {if ($page_name == 'search' || $page_name == 'order-opc')} <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow" /> {else} <meta name="robots" content="{if isset($nobots)}no{/if}index,{if isset($nofollow) && $nofollow}no{/if}follow" /> {/if}
  14. Just a small issue did arise... I got now double robots tags... Is there a way to solve this also in TB? Or do i have to exclude this one then on certain pages? Or are we missing some setting somewhere? This is generating the top line. {/if} <meta name="robots" content="{if isset($nobots)}no{/if}index,{if isset($nofollow) && $nofollow}no{/if}follow" />
  15. In the end did you found a way to integrate it?
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