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How to add a feature with markup round it to the product page


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The default theme shows every relevant feature at the base of the product page, in a table.
The backoffice allows you to change the order of features, in <div class = "features> for formatting.
I can't find a way to put meta tags into features (or tags), or round the default feature table, so here is a work-around.
I already had feature 33 set to color and 32 set to google product category.

<div class="features">

{foreach from=$features item=feature name=pr_features}
{if $feature.id_feature == 33 }<p>Colour: <span title="https://schema.org/Product" itemprop="color">{$feature.value}</span></p>{/if} {/foreach}

 {foreach from=$features item=feature name=pr_features} {if $feature.id_feature == 32 }<p><span >Google Product Category</span>: <g:google_product_category>{$feature.value}</g:google_product_category></p>{/if} {/foreach} 


That's it!
I haven't made it neat; I just repeat the tagged features at the bottom of the page, but it works..
(There are other work-arounds for shipping dimensions and weight, or product id .
Another way is to put some code into the long description, if html cleaner is turned-off, or you might have an unused field like UPC or EAN and use it for something else, changing the tags round it).

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