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Custom CSS per product based on manufacturer


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Hi, mby someone find this usefull:

Open theme folder and find header.tpl, inside HEAD tag insert: 

{if ($page_name == 'product' or $page_name == 'manufacturer'  )}  <link href="{$css_dir}manufacturer/{$product_manufacturer->name|replace:' ':''|lower}.css" rel="stylesheet"> {/if}

Now our link css will show only on product and manufacturer page.  

Next create folder inside theme/css/ and name it manufacturer (name depends on you - but dont forget to edit link)

Last, just upload your css and name it after manufacturer (without spaces, and and lower case because {$product_manufacturer->name|replace:' ':''|lower} )  - so for Bee Hive u need to create beehive.css

Thats it 😉


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