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  1. Yeah i know that is all cumulative, at first i wanted to know if there is way for something like if there is product with weight 0.01 in cart then dont add it up or override others weight to 0.01 if one is already in cart, but right now i was ordered to do prices and advertisement, nothing else. ๐Ÿ˜•
  2. well then just download smart blog
  3. We are goin throu inventory checking right now, have zero time to do this at the moment. But when we finish it, im gona try out, also can u link yr module. As well i woud like to ask if i can pm you about one page chceckout (possible in sk/cz, it will be simpler ๐Ÿ˜„ )
  4. Hmmm very good idea, will try out tomorrow, byt the thing is we already have over 16 000 product, it will be time consuming sorry didnt saw picture before, and im still new to thirty/presta.. had to google those expressions, and i have kind of mixed feeling now oh, noooow i got it, silly me. Gona look into that ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. No, sorry seems like today is not my day at all.. ๐Ÿ˜• I want to send it as one free package, that is all . So, if is in shopping cart any item (which doesnt have free shipping) and I add item with free shipping, then whole order shoud be with free shipping.
  6. Okay so lets put it this way: product#1 has set weight to 0,01 that means shipping on it is free product#2 has weight set to 1kg, thats means shipping cost 3,60 โ‚ฌ now if i already have in shopping cart product#1 (shipping is free) and i add product#2, shipping now cost 3,60 โ‚ฌ and we really cant work with all items free shipping, that way we woud lost o lot of money, on many products we have like 2-3 โ‚ฌ...product with weight set to 0,01 can have free shipping because we still earn money on them
  7. Hi, we are using weight system to estimate cost od shipping, as i wrote up, but when customer puts item with free shipping into cart and then some other product wich doesnt have free shipping it cancels that free shipping.
  8. Hello, so Iยดv this problem with shipping, We are using this system : WEIGHT : 0.001 - 0.1 kg = free 0.1kg - 1kg = X โ‚ฌ < 1kg = X โ‚ฌ When someone add "free shipping" item to shopping cart (it works), but when another item without free shipping ( with wegiht set to 1 for example) is added then shipping is no longer free. I woud like to change it to stay free.
  9. depends on categories - fiter for example in chainsaws length of slip in cm from, in grinders rpm and so on // sorry coundt descibe it better, had no time to do that yesterday I need it to many different values which i want to have for example in centimeters from 20cm to 150cm, performance/power in kW, and so on
  10. Hi , i would like to ask, is there way for add option of slider in layered navigation other then weight and price? For custom product attributes?
  11. MichaelEZ


    tried on my demo, working fine on mobile/tablet but redirecting on pc. "working fine" means - redirecting in order confirmation, unable to make order. Also "categories" not working
  12. Well, can u than just run localhost so they can know for sure its not hosting problem? I had same issue, but in my case it was done by external module, where uninstall nor disabling overrides/modules did not help and i had to fix DB manually. My case was migration too. Well and no one is holding you, but GL.
  13. Hi, i would like to remove product name from breadcrumb on product pages.
  14. Gonna do that, hopefully some new clues will appears, one more Q, I dont want to start new topic. Shoud i go for TB build in cache system or is there paid option? Currently im tryin xtreme cache, seems to be working but only sometimes, once it load under 2sec but that again around 5sec.
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