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  1. Those are 2 shops, one is old and super slow and full of bugs, second new 1.1.0 clean with new design. It was presta 1.6 week ago, bought module to transfer data to new TB but wastn working. So when i updated presta to TB atleast its little bit faster, but now Im stuck at migrating data to new shop. When i copy table i got missing root dir. I thought store manager work out, but i just find out he changed categories ID.. When i upload tables its like this : pic1 [ AdminCategories&id_category=1&viewcategory seems like #id1 but thats not root? ] pic2 [ AdminCategories&id_category=2665 in category it shows "root" ] pic3 [ AdminCategories default cat page - 24 cat are forbidden ] // Too many hick ups, problems, decided to upgrade on 1.1.0 and try to resolve slow queries problem, somehow 😄
  2. Hi, I´m trying to export and import products from TB 1.0.8 to 1.1.0 but problem is root category, Im unable to make it work. I tried to export categories via db, then upload it. I can see cat. in backend, but I ´m getting tb_category tb_category_group tb_category_lang tb_category_product tb_category_shop Root category must be an integer valuein file classes/helper/HelperTreeCategories.php at line 350Source file: classes/helper/HelperTreeCategories.php331: if (!isset($this->_node_item_template)) {332: $this->setNodeItemTemplate(static::DEFAULT_NODE_ITEM_TEMPLATE);333: }334:335: return $this->_node_item_template;336: }337:338: /**339: * @param int $value340: *341: * @return $this342: * @throws PrestaShopException343: *344: * @since 1.0.0345: * @version 1.0.0 Initial version346: */347: public function setRootCategory($value)348: {349: if (!Validate::isInt($value)) {350: throw new PrestaShopException('Root category must be an integer value');351: }352:353: $this->_root_category = $value;354:355: return $this;356: }357:358: /**359: * @return mixed360: * Which means root dir is missing. But its not atleast i think Same happens via store manager, or I can leave old root fold, and edit it - still not working. 1st img from 1.0.8 (exporting) and second is importing one. Sure why nopt spend XX hours, then write this, when all i had to do is change parental ID od main categories 😄 // i take that back 😄 its just became subfolder...
  3. "Fixed" by editing classes/module/PaymentModule at 1087 comment out script
  4. Hi , I just found out that when customer make and order, it´s sending confirmation emal, even if i turn it off in backend, or change templete to different one, but then it send 2 emails, one that i changed to different status and again order confirmation. 1.1.0 - did not make any changes.
  5. Hi i would like to ask if it is still compatible with newer verions of TB, // okay 1.0.8 is working just fine 😉
  6. Hi Zen, unfortunately no 😕 see the link https://naradieshop.sk It´s on newer php, I´m w8ing for that one paid guy, who claimed if we are able to upgrade php version he can fix it. And Mr Araz is still unresponsive, well its summer, vacations goin on so we´ll see what happen next 😕
  7. The thing is we were on shared hosting, becaouse of those slow querys in db [ log: http://schiprosk.sk/log.html ] they put us into quarantine, so i bought VPS 4x vCPU 4GB ram and 100GB SSD runnin Centos 7 (it was rly fun learning all those new thing) . I tried to migrate then eshop to VPS, but it was still extremle slow with that screwed DB. So we decided to created new eshop and export categorys/products/customers etc. and import it into clean TB. So I did buy modul to do it, unfotunetly its not working. So here we are 😕 And thank you for that db tuning tut, i´ll try out later.
  8. Well right now it already upgraded from presta to TB 1.0.8 and yeah i had to do it live, because we are in quarantine with slow querys. We paid one guy to solve it, he kind of did but left it unfinished, upgrade to higher php was needed, but presta didnt handle it. So now with upgraded shop from presta to TB and upgraded php too we are w8 for him to reply. And about migration.. we wants to copy data from this one live server (1.0.8) to second VPS (1.1.0), finished it there and then X-change it. And i liked it becasue that free modul did more for Us then paid one, and @Araz is still unresponsive 😕 Oh and yea i like it here at TB's so far a lot of helpful ppl 😉
  9. Well i mean from shop to shop, i woud like to migrate only categorios, products, customers but not modules, theme to another. (or just do it manualy ?) // just found out that im unable to download invoice PDF orders from be4 update to tb // okay fixed - GO Pay module was at fault
  10. Well we are too afraid of upgrading current site to anything else, it s miracle that its still even runnin 😕 So @Araz contacted me back, i let u know // so still no answer, looking at free core updater but when i open module : Notice on row 29 in file /nfsmnt/hosting1_2/c/1/c1e43bbc-bd92-4a04-8a45-ddb64051e783/naradieshop.sk/web/modules/psonesixmigrator/classes/Blowfish.php[8] Constant PS_UNPACK_NATIVE already definedNotice on row 30 in file /nfsmnt/hosting1_2/c/1/c1e43bbc-bd92-4a04-8a45-ddb64051e783/naradieshop.sk/web/modules/psonesixmigrator/classes/Blowfish.php[8] Constant PS_UNPACK_MODIFIED already defined Sooo in the end i was able to upgrade core to TB, it was painless and fast, theme seems to be working, orders too, most of modules too, im impressed. One problem it is still super slow, but after upgrade i was able to upgrade it to php 7.2 and fix it somehow.. Now I have to probably refund module that cost me 70 € and unfortunatly didnt work 😕 One more Q, is there module/tool tb -> tb migration?
  11. Ty, i contacted @Araz, hope w8 wont be long
  12. I did contact them via https://store.thirtybees.com/contact , but I dont know for how long will I have to w8... so I rather start topic here too.
  13. Hello, today i bought prestashop -> tb migration modul, i was able to install modul on target site and migration bridge on source shop, but next step when I´m supposed to link it [in my case] : https://naradieshop.sk/modules/migrationproserver/server.php But here I´m stuck thinking source site/modul is at fault here. Sooo i tried install migration bridge on clean presta and its working and have same output as in main store. I tried turn off SSL but that didnt help.
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