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  1. @AndyC i did try to install it on clean 1.1 and it works, no errors, fully customable setting for what to cache and etc. BUT that doesnt mean it rly works - just looks like it. Im currently unable to check and test those 😕
  2. Hi ! As i was browsing internet today - i did stamble on this somehow: https://module-presta.com/modules/prestashop-1-6-compatible.html A LOT OF very nice modules and even templates for free 😉 I´m currently unable to test them, will try at home. Just wanted to share this one for others 🙂 Ohh..and well dont forget covid-19 as it brought us free stuff so i guess thank you too? enjoy!
  3. i'm glad i could be of help 😉 anyway wish u best of luck with TB and welcome
  4. Here is one free https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/219050-free-module-validate-customer/ (didnt use, cant verife it works) or just https://www.google.com/search?q=prestashop+customer+verification+by+admin&oq=prestashop+customer++verification+by+admin&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.12311j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  5. MichaelEZ


    TB needs some "mastermind", that we all agree on. Here is my useless, but thankfull rant and sorry for my eng - > I know about this project for about a year now.. It literally saved our eshop when it was broken ( backend was loading in ages, and frontend just a little bit faster) - as I ´m just self taught it wasnt in my power to fix it 😕, so we had to pay some freelancer - which took money and didnt solve anything at all. As I googled around and find out about this awesome project - went for it and I end up totally amazed! When we did migrate, backend somehow end up even faster then it was before page broke.. same with frontend (after some changes in theme etc.). Support seems, atleast to me - goldike - in forum, through PMS, and even way beyond via Skype - every time in need - I did receive help. Thats why I ´m supporter , and least one can do is put logo in to footer (we do have pretty good traffic - and sells, thanks to TB). And I woud like to say one big thanks, to you all who are working on this project - and your devotion. Especially to datakick - i wish you all good things. One more thing - when we did transfer from PS to TB it does not count our website as TB - it is still recognize as PS so those numbers might not be so accurate at all (builtwidth.com).
  6. MichaelEZ

    Checkout Test

    disable overrides and not native modules and check, if u suspect Nochex just turn it of and chceck, so we are sure
  7. well try to look for prestashop 1.6 module, i do not know Moneris..
  8. or u can edit index.tpl file located in your theme folder
  9. Find meta tags in header.tpl and add : {if ($page_name == 'search')} <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”/> {/if} {if ($page_name == 'order-opc')} <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,follow”/> {/if}
  10. As I am 😉 well u can go to your theme folder, find header.tpl and past code right there in meta tags, but on which pages do u want have that meta tag turned on?
  11. well i use something like on index {if $page_name == 'index'} {/if} or for categories {if $page_name == 'category'} {if $smarty.get.id_category==1} {elseif $smarty.get.id_category==2} {elseif $smarty.get.id_category==3} {else} {/if} {/if} or for product via manufacturer {if ($page_name == 'product')} {if $product_manufacturer->id==1 } {elseif $product_manufacturer->id==2 } {elseif $product_manufacturer->id==3 } {else} {/if} {/if} and so on
  12. Once again i cant thank you enough! 😉
  13. well it displays only 28 (as 28 is set as product per page), and i woud love to have all manufacturers on one page. Right now it looks like this : and what i want to achiev is this (display all manufacturers automatically) :
  14. Hi, im looking for a way to display all manufacurers on one page, well i tried edit (default) ManufacturerController.php but got only error, or blank page, or nothing changed.
  15. Well, our shop is one big mess, it s an update from 1.5 to 1.6, then copied from one hosting to another with wrong settings, then about 3 diff pple worked on it till i came and then we went for TB for many reasons. Oh and about trilion modules went by ofc (so problem can really be anywhere seems 😕 ) . I cleaned it as i coud, and ofc as i received help from community many times. Yet here we are, with few annoying bugs and pretty slow site.. I was wondering about using prestools to make clean install and import data into it, not sure if i want to go into that
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