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  1. Well for me it works on those tpl
  2. {if empty($address.phone)} have number {else} dont {/if} into address.tpl in address block or above {if empty($multipleAddresses.phone)} Y {else} N {/if}
  3. hi, is anyone having problem with customer message not bein stored into db?
  4. Well mine works that way, can have anything in cart but still shows only pick at store
  5. problem is our shop - not OPC we have problem with a lot of modules (had to custom them) - that is reason why i did not even contact datakick.. and where am i writing i do not like it? why woud i buy one if i dont 😉 (im trying to figure it out on my own)
  6. well he was asking about OPC so a gave my answer, i bought chex too, and im not using it too (unable to aply changes - and make search not working for us..) 😄
  7. imho https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/chex-one-page-checkout 😉
  8. open product setting - shipping and add only Pick up at store option, thats it
  9. sure, go to module positions page and find hook "displayPayment"
  10. well just look at your access log - and look for spec url of that product - there u can "catch" them all 😄 But if they use VPN/proxy..
  11. Thank you many times 😉 Well gona use that demo for sure now! Welp.. im stupid 😄 we are using DNI field as VAT_NUMBER so thats on me ..
  12. i did not, but someone before me could.. so i just replaced (backup fisrt) Link.php with default one, and it seems to be working - no errors - but group is not assigned .. so gona look for that now
  13. Hi, so today basically - i tried to make auto group assignment through datakicks module "Consequences" - which is awesome. When I go (as a customer), and set up DNI (tax ID numb.) - it shoud automatically change customer group to another one. Unfortunatly here comes error: Fatal error: Call to protected method LinkCore::getBaseLink() from context 'Conseqs\Trigger' in /data/4/1/416845245904f-c044-4719-963b-e3df8996d456cd5/xxxxxxxxx/web/modules/conseqs/classes/trigger.php on line 160 160. $values->addParameter('context.shop.url', $context->link->getBaseLink($context->shop->id)); So i tried to use getBaseURL - same error, also tried getPageBase (not sure if returns are same but just tried) - which seems to worked around but did not assign customer to new group.. Any ideas?
  14. first u need to go to yr iinstall url -> then u go and open console and take install steps (console keep open) - now when some error occure during installation - it shoud be displayed in console.
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