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Solved: Shipping not showing in Product in BO


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I have a number of shops running TB 1.2 and one of them is not displaying "Shipping" on the left menu when a product in the catalog is opened.  Other shops display the Shipping tab between Associations and Combinations. When I use the Chrome inspect option the tab is there but has the style="display: none"; so something must be disabling it.  The html displayed in Chrome is pasted below.

I'm sure there must be a setting somewhere that I clicked to disable this, but can't find it.  Does anyone have an idea how to reenable Shipping on the product tab in the BO?


<a class="list-group-item " id="link-Shipping" href="index.php?controller=AdminProducts&token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&id_product=1&action=Shipping&updateproduct" style="display: none;">Shipping</a>


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