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  1. I'm finding it isn't working reliably!
  2. I figured it out. The cache needed to be built using the phone, not desktop. I cycled through all the products on the phone and then it all works fine.
  3. đŸ„ŽI would love to do that but because I have two products with 7 dropdown selections (6 with 4 options, 1 with 2 options) that take forever to load unless I use full page cache. If there were a way around that I would. Here is the example product link. Ok - only product is set to cache so now fixed 😀
  4. @toplakd - I am having an issue that I believe is cache driven. The search on mobile doesn't always display the block category. It seems to work when logged in, but only displays the categories on the sliding window when not logged in if I open a product. Do you have suggestions on how I might troubleshoot this further? I am using full page cache with APCu cache.
  5. This is perfect! Thanks very much.
  6. @toplakd - I have a request for the home button on the mobile menu. The sites I run have a main site using WordPress that appear at the site root and the shop in its own directory that appears as https://root.com/shop Would it be possible to make the mobile menu home icon slide open a window similar to the other icons that allow the user to select Site Home or Shop Home? Below is some code that is close to what I want, but I'm not well versed in javascript code used in the header-mobile-menu.tpl template file. <li> <a href="{$link->getPageLink('index', true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" title="{l s='Shop Home'}" rel="nofollow"> {l s='Shop Home'} </a> </li> <li> <a {if $smarty.server.HTTPS eq 'on'}href="https://{else}href="http://{/if}{$smarty.server.HTTP_HOST}" title="{l s='Site Home'}" rel="nofollow"> {l s='Site Home'} </a> </li>
  7. Ok - I get it now. I compared with product.tpl and it is a replacement for that file with tabs, No longer confused 🙃
  8. I'm confused. Does this provide a different style for product.tpl?
  9. @toplakd - this is awesome! In addition to some mods unique to my shop, I'll provide another update others may want. This formats customized products displayed in the checkout, pdf and history with each customization on a single line prefixed with a hyphen (-) to make it easier to read. The annotated desktop display screen shot below shows this, along with other mods I've done including the "hide quantity" mod that prevents changing the quantity for products such as members registration. Files modified in the template directory to format customizations on seperate lines are: order-detail.tpl, shopping-cart-product-line.tpl, and /pdf/invoice.product-tab.tpl with changes described below. order-detail.tpl - about line 277 search for: {else} {$product.product_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'} {/if} and replace with {else} {$product.product_name|replace:' - ':':<br> - '|replace:', ':'<br> - '} {/if} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- shopping-cart-product-line.tpl - about line 40 search for: {if isset($product.attributes) && $product.attributes} <small><a href="{$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category, null, null, $product.id_shop, $product.id_product_attribute, false, false, true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">{$product.attributes|@replace: $smarty.capture.sep:$smarty.capture.default|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</a></small>{/if} </div> and replace with: {if isset($product.attributes) && $product.attributes} <small><a href="{$link->getProductLink($product.id_product, $product.link_rewrite, $product.category, null, null, $product.id_shop, $product.id_product_attribute, false, false, true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"> - {$product.attributes|@replace: $smarty.capture.sep:$smarty.capture.default|replace:' - ':':<br> - '|replace:', ':'<br> - '|replace:'<br> - or am':' or am'}</a></small>{/if} </div> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /pdf/invoice.product-tab.tpl - about line 68 search for: {else} {$order_detail.product_name} {/if} and replace with: {else} {$order_detail.product_name|replace:' - ':':<br> - '|replace:', ':'<br> - '} {/if}
  10. FYI the override that Nemo developed for Prestashop in my post above has worked very well to stop spam messages on the contact form and is running on 3 shops with 1.1.x bleeding edge. It stopped the qq dot com spam and others I was getting such as talkwithlead dot com. I filter all .ru and .cn emails since on my shops there is no chance for legitimate traffic. It also allows capturing key words to filter and kill such as the current list I occasionally edit in the override: $banned_in_email = ['.ru', 'qq.com', '.vn', 'talkwithlead.com', 'talkwithwebvisitor.com', '.club', '.cn', 'arteseo.co']; $banned_content = ['email marketing', 'quotation', 'SEO', 'advertising', 'Clicks', 'Guaranteed', 'diet', 'sex', 'prices', 'unlimited', 'medical'];
  11. Thanks - cool method to find changes! For those interested, the attached text file shows the result listing the changed files toplakd modded. Modded-files.txt
  12. @toplakd - Thanks for this! I downloaded and on the next rainy day will start testing on one of my shops. Would it be possible to list the 1.1.0 theme files you changed? That will make it easier to integrate with the mods I have already done.
  13. What theme are you using? I had a similar problem with a modified community default theme and found the solution in this post.
  14. Sorry for the delayed reply - I didn't get an automatic notification. Thanks for the tip. I found the problem was an older order-carrier.tpl in my customized theme. This file is not changed in my customized theme. Using the file from 1.1.0 fixed it.
  15. I get the following error displayed for the cart using Bleeding Edge 1.1.x for a shop that works fine with 1.1.0 Stable. The product selection cannot be delivered by the available carrier(s): it is too heavy. Please amend your cart to lower its weight. I'm using a the Community Theme Default that I've modified and have some overrides. This error is displayed with the overrides turned off and the cache cleared. If developers would like me to investigate, please post what you would like to see and I can run tests and posts results. It isn't a problem for me because the shop works fine with the 1.1.0 stable release. I was just trying the bleeding edge release.
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