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  1. Duh! It's because I made them "Virtual Products" which turns off the shipping tab. Problem solved.
  2. I have a number of shops running TB 1.2 and one of them is not displaying "Shipping" on the left menu when a product in the catalog is opened. Other shops display the Shipping tab between Associations and Combinations. When I use the Chrome inspect option the tab is there but has the style="display: none"; so something must be disabling it. The html displayed in Chrome is pasted below. I'm sure there must be a setting somewhere that I clicked to disable this, but can't find it. Does anyone have an idea how to reenable Shipping on the product tab in the BO? <a class="list-group-item " id="link-Shipping" href="index.php?controller=AdminProducts&token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&id_product=1&action=Shipping&updateproduct" style="display: none;">Shipping</a>
  3. @lesley - a very good post on potential architecture update. I've been using WordPress extensively too and offer another suggestion. WordPress has tables that may be used to store extra fields. As an example for users (e.g. customers) there is a table wp_usermeta structured with the fields user_id, meta_key - varchar (255), and meta_value - longtext. When adding custom user fields, the data is stored in this table along with many core defined user fields. When adding custom user fields there is no need to add columns to a table. WordPress has built in functions to retrieve and store data so it is properly escaped and safe . There are similar tables for posts & pages (analogous to products). An approach like this might have less impact on the existing core. Functions could be added to extend the existing architecture.
  4. Understood. Most of the refunds we process are for a single item, not the entire order. The ability to refund a single line item (or adjust the quantity for multiple of a single item) is what needs to be restored to as was previously available. An alternate method might be to have a field to list amount of partial refund with a text field to describe the purpose of the refund. Coupling a refund to the products and quantities is preferred.
  5. +1 on the ability to provide a PayPal refund directly from the shop. This was a feature previously possible in Prestashop 1.5.6 that was lost moving forward.
  6. A follow up on this original post. My WordPress multisite installations were performing really slow at times. I logged in to cPanel and saw CPU usage hovering at 99%. It turns out there were targeted login attempts at the WordPress login wp-login.php with random user names and passwords. Banning an IP worked for a little while, then the attacks started again from a different IP. I ended up installing the All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin. This plugin provides various options to customize the .htaccess file, including the 6G firewall rules mentioned in the original post. Since it was installed, all has worked fine and I can see in logs where the plugin shut down the persistent login attempts. It is setup so that after a set number of failed attempts, the request is redirected to to take the load off the site. This got me wondering - Is there are similar set of rules that might be applied to the Thirty Bees shop login? I don't know if the shop install I have running on the same domain as the WordPress multisite install has been subject to the same type of attacks, but would feel better if I knew this protection existed.
  7. From the other post I referenced regarding the number of options that generates combinations: Product has 7 options the customer must choose The first 6 options have a unique attribute that are assigned the attribute type "dropdown list", Each dropdown list is assigned with 4 options to choose. The first option (default) "Select a Class" has a stock level of 0 making it unavailable to add to cart unless an option is selected The last dropdown forces the customer to acknowledge a liability waiver with the default "Please acknowledge" having a stock level of 0 making it unavailable to add to cart until "I agree" is selected
  8. Improve responsiveness when a product with multiple combinations is created. A full explanation is provided on this post. Performance is impacted two ways: Back Office: Loading a product with many combinations will time out and requires a 3rd party module to configure the combinations / price & stock Front Office: Page load time for a product with many combinations is way too long. This may require a change on how combinations and prices are generated. Perhaps offer an option to configure a combinations and the associated price to be calculated so those options that impact price are stored, while those that only change the product with no price impact only need to be saved with the order. The current method that generates and saves all possible combinations in the tables is not efficient. I know this isn't so simple because of the impact on stock management. There has to be a better way than how it is currently done. The error displayed: (timeout)A server error occurred while loading the tabs: some tabs could not be loaded.Please try again by refreshing the page.If you are still encountering this problem, please check your server logs or contact your hosting provider for assistance.
  9. Problem solved! It is something with the PHP mailer. I have changed outgoing mail to use SMTP and the problem is solved. I can't explain why test messages were sent ok using the PHP mailer but actual shop messages are not. I have been using the PHP mailer successfully up until now. ps - a big thank you and Happy New Year to all who provided troubleshooting suggestions.
  10. Further troubleshooting I just had a customer report they can't reset their password because when they click the retrieve password button the following error is displayed: There is 1 error An error occurred while sending the email. It looks like I need to find out what is happening with all outgoing emails. The test messages using PHP mailer works fine.
  11. Verified they are in the directories: modules/mailalerts/mails/en themes/mytheme/modules/mailalerts/mails/en yes - confirmed that new order is checked Thanks for this tip. I will try this and report back later.
  12. I am using the Thirty Bees PayPal 5.4.3 module. I assume it does since it works on the other shop that shows the same hook.
  13. @yaniv14 - It is the only module with the actionValidateOrder hook. I also checked the other shop that is working with only the same single hook.
  14. I also tried going back to the community theme default rather than my modded community theme default to place an order - still no emails.
  15. Confirmed it is hooked. Disabled all overrides, cleared cache, deleted class_index.php and made a test order with no success. 😟
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