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Very strange thing about visiting the download page


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Since some time when I try to visit the download page on  https://thirtybees.com/download/  for very odd reasons I cannot achieve to understand I do wait forever and I cannot see the page, while the whole rest of your website and the forum do work just as normally should.

I tried to visit the page using a proxy and it works, using a vpn and it works, I thus suppose that must be something on my PC or the network between me and your server.

But what?

Can maybe be something on your website preventing right my IP to see your donwload page on the website? I do not think so, seems absurd to be blocked only on a specific page

Thus what should I check to discover the reason for which I cannot visit just that page of your website?

Tracert does not allow to check a specific folder as far as I know, which other instrument I could use to check what/where the access to the specific download page is blocked?

Thank you for any help ...



Ok, sorry, I discovered it, was the ad blocker ABP

strange behaviour tough ^^


Edited by Raymond
discovered what caused the issue
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