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"start the discussion" / comment on blog entries - log in problem


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@administrators @Global-Moderators I want to comment on the below topics but when I try to log in with thirtybees, it brings me back to the home page: https://thirtybees.com/

When I refresh, I have to log in again. And again. and Haven't been able to make comments.

thirty bees 1.0.2-beta.1 https://thirtybees.com/new-releases/thirty-bees-1-0-2-beta-1/

Developer Blog: https://thirtybees.com/developer-blog/announcing-our-developer-blog/

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How to allow Disqus in Ghostery:

Search for "ghostery" or go here: https://www.ghostery.com/ and install the plug-in / add-on for the browser you're using.

Go to your list of plug-ins and "enable" ghostery.

Go to the link where you want to make a comment, like this one:


Click on the ghost icon on your browser's page - for Chrome it's in the top right - and allow the site.

I logged into my Disqus account - @mdekker - how is it different to use ghostery than to log right into the Disqus account?

0_1499702616876_enabled ghostery plug in for chrome to make Disqus a trusted site.png

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Yeah, I have the same problem both with the blog and in the "new feature request" area. I actually commented about it in one of the feature request threads, here.

In the end I created a "dynambee" Disqus account as I gave up trying to log in with my 30bz account. I tried Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and/or Safari across multiple platforms but was unable to log in with my 30bz username/password. No error is given, it just doesn't work.

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