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Show header outside of actual page


I’m working on a custom theme based on the niara theme. I’d like to show the category header (category-info section) above the center-, right- and left-columns. The complete category header (banner image + h1) shall span over the complete page, not only within the center-column. How to achieve that?

I have two possible approaches in mind, but not sure how to accomplish:

  1. Creating a new block module which contains the header (basically the complete category-info section of category.tpl).
  2. Move the hooks for left and right columns into the category.tpl.

Here the current layout (with a border around the center column):

Current layout

And here the desired layout (again, with the center column highlighted, but the header (banner pic + title) are outside of the center column, above):

Desired layout

Any ideas?

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