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Categories separated with commas create groups of categories



I uploaded some products with multiple categories separated by commas.

Instead of the products being associated with the correct categories, a new category was created by stringing them together.

Is this a bug? I originally didn't use spaces but was told to use spaces in between the category and comma for multiple categories.

The example is a dog dress that should be in the dog clothes main category and the dog dresses subcategory.

0_1500942206303_Categories separated with commas create groups of categories.png

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Thanks @spidawebs I need to check this with @mdekker to see if it's the same problem. We discussed this in another forum that we're trying to make sure everyone can use the same separators and also now, we can use any spreadsheet format, which is great to know! Here:


@mdekker said "I also did some tests BTW and noticed that importing xls, xlsx, whatever, works pretty fine. You just have to demand that the multiple value columns are in the right format. (Separated by a comma, values that can contain a comma are quoted ")."

I think the Category column is a multiple value column if you're trying to use more than one category. Same for tags.

I don't want to make changes until it's confirmed because several updates were made to thirty bees.

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