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Bad viewing experience for mobile users when using Menu+ button, users have to scroll way down to see selection made.



Hello folks, I am on Thirtybees Bleeding Edge 1.5 under PHP8.1 using a 3-column type setup for my Theme Niara (Cloned).

When viewing my shop on a smart phone, the 'Block Top Menu" is replaced with a "Menu +" button. If you click on it, you get the category under it and you can click on your product category you want to see. The problem is that the Products under that category are listed way at the bottom of the screen below all modules that show on the Left Column Hook (CMS Categories, New Products Block and Blog Popular Posts...) of the theme and just above whatever modules are set on the Right Column Hook.
This also happens if you select a link from the CMS Category, it will show up at the bottom and not the first thing on top.
This is not to user-friendly for mobile users as they have to scroll way down to see their selection.

How can I fix this, so that when you make your selection on the "Menu +" button or a link to a CMS page, it is the first thing you see on the top of the page?

Note that this has only been effected in mobile mode.

I tried playing with Hook Positions but this is not fixing the problem.

I know I could disable some of the affected modules to not show by selecting "Disable on Mobiles," but is there a way around this?

Can anyone replicate this on a 3-column type theme?

Any advice to fix this would be appreciated.

Attached is a screenshot of my theme advanced settings.



Mobile viewing problems.png

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