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Bees Blog v1.6.1 - by thirty bees, bug when used with multiple languages site when creating a post in one language only.



Hello people, I found a bug with the Bees Blog v1.6.1 - by thirty bees under Thirtybees 1.5 Bleeding Edge (Latest).

My website is in English and French and If I create a Blog Post in English only and select (tick) English for the selection for "Available for these languages", the Blog Title and Link Rewrite fields will automatically be created for the French language using the data that is used for the English Post. (English is the default language for my site)

If I try to manually deleted the contents in those fields for the French language and click the Save or Save and Stay button, those fields will again be automatically filled with what is used for the English Post.


This is bad, because the sitemap will generate links for those Blog posts that don't exist for the French language.

Can anybody replicate this behavior and confirm that this is a bug for this module?







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