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Newly added categories not showing up in front office block categories



I am running TB 1.4 which was upgraded from PS 1.6 a few years ago.

I recently decided to add a couple of new categories in the back office but after doing so they are not displayed for customers in the front office using the block categories module.

I have checked that these new categories are set to be displayed and I can go to preview them from the BO they will show up but no new entry is being added to the block categories in front office.

The parent category is set to Home for these new categories the same as the existing categories that do show up.

I have reset the block categories module and reinstalled it again but I still cannot get any new categories to show up in it.

The old categories that were there from the Prestashop configuration all show up just none that I added since moving to TB.

I am not sure what to try next, any advise would be helpful.


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Thanks for the advice, I checked and the permissions were only showing as Default group had access and I had no way of adding the other groups (see attached screenshot)

All the correct groups were showing from Customers > Groups menu, so i just went to edit and checked block categories was enabled which it was, so i disabled and then enabled it and the permissions for the other groups then showed up in the new categories i had created.

They are now shown in front office Block categories module, thanks for the top tip.

Screenshot at 2023-10-18 21-56-54.png

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