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Any compatible module for 3D Product View, or an alternative way to implement it?


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  • 2 months later...

I used the Sirv web site for showing 360 degree photos. It has instructions for posting an iframe version of 3D images such as this

https://veganline.sirv.com/Spins/slipper-Comfylux-rugby - 50mb/spin24/spin24.spin

...in your product description. It can turn a collection of photos from different angles into that spin image automatically for free.
There is a limit to free use and you have to put "powered by Sirv" next to the spin photo. If the limits run-out, there are probably some other 360 degree image hosting platforms that work in the same way.

There is risk of an error message something like "The description field (English (English)) is invalid." appearing on your product editing page instead of "successful update" " update successful"; it won't save. Somewhere in the code is a check that everything in this field is pure html. This can be worked-around without changing the code (I think).


  • backoffice > preferences > general > Allow iframes on HTML fields > yes
  • On the Tiny MCE editor that lets you put code into the desription field, choose the source code button. There is also an option to "embed video". I am not entirely sure which is best or how to solve any problems that come-up, but I am sure there are solutions.
  • When I first wrote this post, the instructions worked but now I come back to it, they don't! I can take text field code that works on one product, paste it into a duplicate product, and something deletes it on saving. Will investigate

I used to use a Prestalogik module alonside, no longer sold, that is a bit jerkey on my shared hosting and there was a need to put photos in order on some kind of set-up screen that took time. So I turned it off.

I got as far as installing a Magictoolbox module and using it a little, and forget why I didn't use it much. Maybe it asked too much of cheap shared hosting.

--------------------edit 10.4.24
This year there are some services that use AI. I don't know much about them.
About 2020 and then 2022 I made some notes-to-self on a google doc. They may not make sense to anyone else and frankly I don't quite understand them now either!

---------------------notes about 2022

https://fixthephoto.com/360-product-photography-guide.html is someone’s re-write of the Orangemonkie and Spinzam instructions. Orange Monkey is a photo booth and matching turntable that can stop and trigger a smartphone at intervals. It has a light at the back to reduce shadows

Spinzam is free, hosted, and gives you the IFRAME code for you to add the spin to your product description. Shows on mobile. It wants small square pictures. Even if I can get the control underneath to work, it tends to leave the edges of a rectangle. The first product, Sliders, doesn’t fit. The site says there’s more software coming soon for the upload page.

There is a primitive tool for removing the background which assumes that it’s almost done already, so you have to buy the light tent. http://web.archive.org/web/20210305104519/https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8817477 (now £6) shows something to use as a lamp shade to diffuse the light a bit.

Serv is free for branded photos up to 500mb altogether and something I didn’t understand about secure servers. There’s a prestashop addon. I have a shop account unused. Putting photos in a “spin” folder automatically makes a spin, which is good. Can it cope with 800 x 533 photos? First month us unbranded.

After the first month, can I use their javascript for showing other photos without the branding?

I’m not sure how to get obvious spin photos onto every page: how is the button hidden on smartphone pages?.

360 modules

Prestalogik has a button for a rather jerky spin on 12 pictures. <- I got this one, no longer sold
On dozens it requires several uploads in turn or a change to whatever the error messages says should be changed.
You need to sort them manually in order, even if they’re called 1,2,3,4…
You need to remove a paragraph of template file to retrieve your ordinary product thumbnails displayed as before.


Prestashop 360 photo viewer

Both work alongside the native fancybox with forward and backward arrows, using differently uploaded images.


…looks good for a pack of existing products, which Thirtbees can do, or maybe some kind of configuration which it can do in a way or with an extra module. They mention free and open source but that’s Magento.

https://bashooka.com/coding/360-degree-image-video-javascript-plugins/ lists free 360 viewers, jumbling outside-in and inside-out views

https://www.360-javascriptviewer.com/examples is £15 or a logo but looks rickety on the trainer example

jQuery360 - doesn’t work

Ajax Zoom. Expensive - 500 images £129 with a Prestashop plugin
3dEye - abandoned. Was good at uploading pics it says. Free but no working demo
http://polarnotion.github.io/turntable/#install a free simple one from the same site but you have to understand it and (I think) put your picture links in an html unordered list.

Dopeless Rotate €14.95 magnification and 1 row rotation. Neat control.
360 Degree Image Slide was a demo in .net magazine and Github. Last update early 20-teens. Free if non-commercial.
jQuery Threesixty Slider is the last one, written as a Drupal plugin, no longer updated.


https://www.jqueryscript.net/other/360-degree-product-image-viewer.html from a list of other free ones



Old list along the same lines from 2020

360 spin

500 images, branded, or pay €200. There is a prestashop module or use an iframe.

https://cappasity.com/pricing/ has their own software and hosts free for up to 2K views with their logo.
They have some youtube videos. Recommended gear @ $4,000
[I got Orangemonkey which is cheaper]
The free Prestashop module is on


Magic360 £99 per site or branded - can do more than one row.
I’m not sure why it was wonky - maybe the caching of javascript and moving it to the end of the page was what made it sometimes work and sometimes not.  This shoe - https://www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/ - spins on one axis and then another without jumping, but I forget if Magic360 can do that for you. If it does, it would need multiple rows of 360 degree pictures from different angles and I don't know how to photograph that. Multi-access 360 spins are the speciality of a studio Spain, usually, rather than a DIY thing.

https://sirv.com/pricing/ - 500MB with their logo for free. Same people as iPhone Cupchair.
There is a Prestashop module or a way of adding some javascript instead of an iframe to make it full size on any web site. £15 a month without the logo. Hosted. Very proud of their image serving. They can turn a series of photos into a revolvable image as soon as you upload them.

https://www.yofla.com/3d-rotate/support/plugins/prestashop-module/ for their ? desktop version.
€9 a month hosted.

Free with a logo
There’s a desktop program that produces the animation. You can add your iframe in the product description if the plugin doesn’t work, perhaps, on programs like this.

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Sirv makes spins out of photo collections for free automatically
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