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[MODULE] Remove ISO code from default URL language


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This module, which is easy to install and configure, simply removes the ISO language code from URLs, but only for your store's default language.

This module is essential if your store already operates in a single language and you want to expand internationally.

On PrestaShop, when you add one or more languages in addition to your store's default language, URLs are modified to display the language ISO code at the beginning of the URL.

Your store doesn't have this code until a new language is added, which means that your site becomes inaccessible with old URLs that don't contain this ISO code, drastically penalizing your SEO efforts and taking a long time to recover.

This module can be installed following the standard PrestaShop procedure and requires no code intervention to perform a redirect or any other difficult-to-implement technique.

Details: https://www.prestatoolbox.com/international-localization/473-remove-default-language-from-url.html




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