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Sorry, but im a newie, its my first day on TB.

I have a simple question, is there a similiar system like OCMOD on opencart to modify the shop without compromise the original files ?

I think in part , its one of the best systems to make simple modifications. But im searching information and i can see anything about it.

Thanks .

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Hi @Juan !

I am a newbie too (in TB world) but I have some experience with OpenCart and Prestashop. So, I'll try to help you, as TB is similar to PS for that matter.

OCMOD (and previously vQmod) used in OpenCart is basically a text editor system executed on the fly at page load, to modify the code at execution time, without modifying the core files. The system is extremely simple, but can lead to a lot of problems as soon as 2 OpenCart extensions modify the same PHP file.

PS and TB use a completely different system (2 different systems to be exact) : Hooks and Overrides. PS and TB rely heavily on possibilities offered by object oriented programming to offer more robust systems, less prone to problems, even if 2 modules modify the behaviour of the same page. Compared to OCMOD / vQmod, the approach is completely different. A complete explanation is clearly beyond the scope of this post, but you can find information on the PS 1.6 doc site http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Fundamentals+of+PrestaShop+Development and search for additional information online.

Hope this helps...

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