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Product Comments module error against popular prestashop theme



The module works with the stock TB theme, but when applying the warehouse theme from envato (one of the most popular) the theme's product ratings module can't connect correctly and throws this error.


Class 'ProductComment' not found at line 26 in file modules/ratingsproductlist/ratingsproductlist.php

  1. includeonce (PSMODULEDIR_ . 'productcomments/ProductComment.php');
  2. if (!isset($product)) {
  3. return;
  4. }
  5. $grade = ProductComment::getAverageGrade($product);
  6. $this -> context -> smarty -> assign(array('empty_grade' => 1));
  7. if (isset($grade['grade']))
  8. $this -> context -> smarty -> assign(array('empty_grade' => 0));
  9. $this -> context -> smarty -> assign(array(
  10. 'average_total' => round($grade['grade']),
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