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About this blog

In this blog I will give tips, which I use on my on live store. 

Entries in this blog

Optimize length of your meta tags

The key to good search engine results is content. When we have content, we should also optimize meta title and meta description (meta keywords arent important anymore). It can be quite confusing what is a good length for meta title and meta description. Here is a very useful tool that may help you: https://app.sistrix.com/en/serp-snippet-generator  



Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

I am not at all an expert on page load time. But nowdays modern browser show quite nicely, where the time is "spent" on. Often a website is slow, because of many requests. Every image (non cached) means a reqeuest to your server. This can have serious negative effects on your page load time. To deal with it, you can use "Lazy Loading" Plugins. Another way - which I like more - is to defer images. Yesterday I found the following article: https://varvy.com/pagespeed/defer-images.html IMO t



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