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  1. Na this is hard to tell for me. I can only say, that you probably use multiple modules, that are not super clean in their js handling. Probably also the cookie module you use...
  2. If you deactivate the smart cache, it's simpler, to debug from where the issue comes...
  3. Yeah you have multiple console errors (right click in chrome and use inspectation). I would try to deactivate external modules and check again... Dont forget, to delete cache always after changes...
  4. I believe, it doesn't matter at all. I guess, he will fix the core, so that lower/uppercase won't matter anymore. Next time when you update the module, the override will probably be replaced, but I am not 100% sure about it.
  5. I cant watch the video, since I am too lazy to download flash player again. But I believe I understand the issue. Have you checked the browser console?
  6. That was actually my point from above 😉 Good, we could finally make this work 🙂
  7. Oh I was just trying to solve it too ^^ Thanks for the solution! I can confirm, that it works again!
  8. Wtf. I was sure it its working in my store. Just tested too and the captcha is not needed 😂
  9. Yeah exactly... When we get orders from supplier, we want to scan them and update everything automatically. We want to use chaotic storage as well... But ok this is not part of this topic. Well you can just download this: https://github.com/thirtybees/addressliststates/releases/download/1.0.0/addressliststates-v1.0.0.zip and install it.
  10. Probably search for: \override\controllers\front\ContactController.php
  11. Well I don't know exactly. Maybe you are right. But it just makes things more complex 🙂 In general I try to setup things so easy, that I can rule out "stupid" errors. In this case I can't rule out, that the issue comes from the domain set up. In addition I can't use an online redirection tool. But ok since you are in touch with lesley: he knows more about such server stuff 🙂
  12. Yeah this site "works" for me too. But yeah I really don't if tb can work "without a domain". I mean you could try the same with ps.
  13. It's true that some modules are very bad written. But you know, that this module is from tb itself, right? I can just explain my point: There are issues, where we don't find an easy solution. But there are issues, which can be solved easily or are already solved. I spend my free time here, to help people. Every second time I "deliver" a solution, it is refused. People without any coding language seem to know better, how to solve problems theoretically, but practically they fail at the simplest tasks. In my own store I have to find solutions for problems like "using a handscanner in tb asm". Which is really complex and no easy solutions are available. It just hurts me, to see, how you waste your time instead of moving your store foward. And in fact I waste my time myself in such cases. Same is true for people, who send me pn and hope for free support, but are not even willing to share their ftp access... Such expierence just lead to my absent here (I already did the last month). Or does anyone has a reason, why I should stay/help here instead of solving just my own coding problems?
  14. Ah I did only susenso.nl. Now I have the issue too. But I really don't have the knowledge to say, if it's because your actuall domain is still pointing to the other domain or if it is another reason. Have you updated htacces file?
  15. Hm probably I have not enough knowledge for this. When I added it to hosts file in windows nothing changes. When opening the direct IP, I see a complete different website (xel.nl). Probably that's your hoster. I personally would test this another domain. But maybe you have not a second one!? 😞
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