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  1. wakabayashi


    @AndyC I just looked shortly at it. But this is not exactly the same. These are kind of dynamic attributes. In general you could set up the pizza example without the module, you "just" have to generate hundreds of combinations. Or am I wrong?
  2. I am no expert on this. But https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_audio.asp shows a very simple way to add audio files as html code. You could try to add such a code on product description and see if it works out of the box. Otherwise a clean module with upload function in the BO and display option in the FO wouldn't be very complicated 🙂
  3. wakabayashi


    From a coding perspective attributes make things more complex 🙂 That's the cheap answer. In general I also don't like it. Not because of virtual products (we don't really use this), but in case of product packs. I seriously ended up to save all my packs as normal products and handle the stock by an own module. But that is something I would like to be changed in the core. It should be possible to use attributes on virtual products and packs. But as you notice, I use a lot of "would like" and "should". If there is not a owner of tb or a new fork, it will never come...
  4. @funnycamel congrats, that's great! Hopefully we can generate a lot more succes stories as yours 🙂
  5. Surely true. Maybe it's still worth to open a github issue with it. On the other hand I wonder, why would someone want to upload a file there and not at the product page?
  6. wakabayashi

    Remove reviews

    If you won't/can't sell this product in future I would deactivate this product and make a correct redirect.
  7. Maybe your payment module does send this email!?
  8. Actually by some chance I had to fix own PR today: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1026 If this get accepted, my newest version of genzo_category module will again be working 😎
  9. Oh don't blame me for my old comments ^^ In general ASM has it's potential, but quite a lot would have to be fixed or redesigned. But I am still using it on our store... The problem is that, most merchants don't know, how it should be working and then they are not been able (or too lazy) report bugs... That's why this asm project never gets really forward in the core.
  10. Yeah I will fix this sooner or later anyway... But right now I have just so many other things to do...
  11. No idea, which version you are using. This module is broken since a long time as I wanted to make it super clean, but the core ObjectModel doesn't allow it. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1026
  12. wakabayashi

    Supply orders

    It works for me without an issue. Are your products set in asm mode? You have set the suppliers too, right?
  13. wakabayashi

    Supply orders

    What does the browser console say?
  14. I believe, thats actually what he was asking for. I don't think he has multiple installation...
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