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  1. I dont know about BO. I always edit the emails in the theme folder with a code editor. I guess you are looking for the order_return_state email template.
  2. As far as I understand. He doesn't like that an email address without a "." is accepted.
  3. Yes thats my fault. I will look at it and improve it for 2.0 version.
  4. It's the same with bundles... That forced me to develop an own erp module, so we can handle stocks. In our case we sell the bundles now as normal products. But thats no option for you ofc. And anyway it should just be possible. This feature request is really on my top 3.
  5. You can find all alias in hook_alias table. I tend, to use the hook name that is also executed in the php classes.
  6. @vincentdenkspel ah sure, there it makes sense. 🙂 But I won't add an affiliate system for now. It's kind of similair to referral and the referral already takes (too) much time to implement.
  7. Looking again at the posts here and thinking conccrete about it, I think this doesn't fit in the module. All loyalty poitns are turned into vouchers our expiring. Do you really want to make a bank transfer and give them money back?
  8. It is the date_add. But products are a bit messy IMO. I believe you neee to change it in product_shop table too.
  9. @Occam I can only find tests/golden_files/db_schema.sql. Is this the file you meant? This file looks correct to me. But obviously there shouldn't be an id_lang and an name column in @lixotuka table. No idea how it got there :S
  10. I dont use any of this modules, so I can't say anything. I hope, that somebody else is using this and can say something.
  11. Have you checked your browser console?
  12. @30knees you are welcome. Btw this is not a tb issue. The module would also not work on prestashop (at least not 1.6). The fact, that nobody reports, shows, that it isn't used a lot from ps merchants. As far as I can see they don't even have a topic there in the forum...
  13. Ok I played a bit around. I am still on 3.1.0. So I tried to update (on testshop ofc). It failed. Not sure where exactly as the error message from tb was somehow missleading. I also tried to uninstall the module and then reinstall complete. Of course it says it's sucessful. But actually as I expected there is no mol_countries table. In Short: This module is broken in both ways - update and clean install! If you have a working version stick on it.
  14. I believe the quality of this module went down, since it's no more maintained by Martijn and Michael: https://github.com/mollie/PrestaShop/commit/fb5bd9f287bae5d393a934c21e9244d9d30daa70#diff-a50a9e2177492d1e4d64e6d84a7f8ceb Here is the update, where it should happen. There arise multiple questions to me: Why is the prefix mol and not mollie (as mollie_payments table)? Why is the mol_countries not in the installer sql? Why was the table still not added, since you both upgraded? Well since I anway want to leave from mollie, I won't fix any of this ofc.
  15. Is the module just broken? What table should mol_country be? I have never heard of that... I also can't see it in the sql installer of mollie: https://github.com/mollie/PrestaShop/blob/master/sql/install.php
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