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  1. wakabayashi

    Analytics tools

    I agree ofc with your post but I am interested: for which tool did you decide? We are on GA, but right now more for lazyness. I never checked the other tools.
  2. wakabayashi

    Homepage slider

    Well I guess what you actually want is the slider to have over the whole width or not? This would be a size of 1170px in your case. You could save this in the configuration on the module. If you do so, I would recommend you, to upload your images in this format.
  3. wakabayashi

    Factor's Corner

    Nice to have you on board!
  4. wakabayashi

    Product list BO with manufacturers and suppliers columns

    Yeah that's the heavy issue how have now. You try to override two times the same function. I believe that's just not possible to handle. At least I can't imagine how this could be handled. Which module is doing the override? In general you should now bring this two function overrides together into one function. Probably you need to go like this: - remove _displaySpecificPriceModificationForm from AdminProductsController.php - install the module (which will probably add this function back into the AdminProductsController.php) - Add the functionality, which you removed in step 1.
  5. wakabayashi

    Product list BO with manufacturers and suppliers columns

    Create override if no other solution is there. Never change core files. -> You got that right. There is no need for a second file. As you can make all changes in this one file. Are you talking about the same function or different function? You can add different function into the override. You can even add function which aren't in the original core file.
  6. wakabayashi

    Product list BO with manufacturers and suppliers columns

    It's really hard to understand your question. Not sure if I got it right. You want to use AdminProductsController.php in the override folder and in a module? I dont know what happens when multiple "places" try to override it. Once I read, that ps was trying to combine this files into one. Not sure if this is still true. Maybe @Traumflug can answer it!? But in general I believe you are using too much overrides. In a module I try to avoid every override. I only use override very few times if I really need to change the core. What are you tryiing to achieve? If you want to change lists from a module, you can use some hooks like hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier.
  7. wakabayashi

    Elastic Search module

    Yeah that would be amazing. You seem to be the guy, who knows this module the best. Of course my view on the situation would be different if michael would still be on the team.
  8. wakabayashi

    Elastic Search module

    @vincentdenkspel Are you talking about "Advanced Search 4"? I am using this one for filtering. In general I get your point. I wonder how many people are using ES now? I believe we would need a lot of investments to make this project really succesfull. Not only the coding part, but also the documentation & support... I just don't see the guy, who will do that. Cause as far as I can see ES is not something any random developer can do. You really need a quality coder for that. And as I stated above, IMO its better, if the best coder focus on topics, which are important for the majority of users. Have you looked at services like doofinder or algolia? For example doofinder offers a free ps module and 30 days of free testing.
  9. wakabayashi

    Elastic Search module

    In my opinion ES was a too big project for this small core team. There is no doubt, ES offers great stuff. But as we can see, the set up is quite difficult. Michael is no more on the team and nobody has the time to look at it. I agree with @datakick that ES is mainly for big merchants. The inbuilt search works for smaller quite ok IMO. We still haven't a clean checkout in the core. Order Editing in the BO is a pain for many merchants. Adding custom content to a page is too hard for most merchants (shortcodes needed) Controll of emails (what is send and how does it look like) is very hard. In my opinion this points are much more important for now. Imagine how much time a coder needs to understand the ES module now. As far as I remember there is no support for facetted navigation at all. Is this correct @dynambee? @vincentdenkspel The function of searching products with feature X, Y, Z - what is the difference to a filter?
  10. wakabayashi


    Well the {literal}{/literal} stuff should actually help. Have you checked what is the output on the browser? Does the html code have your js code? In general I am a bit confused, what this is. Is this a counter how many visits your shop has? IMHO this is very outdated... I used this as a kid in the early 2000 🙂
  11. I am still on 1.0.8. So I can't tell. A possibility to find it out, could also be, to make a second clean installation update it to bleeding edge and check if it's working. In any case such an issue should be solved. Doesn't matter if it's bleeding edge related or something else. In the BO order creating process are some issues. But it's very important to understand, where they are exactly.
  12. wakabayashi

    Add Custom Pages

    @Factor great. Yeah probably you need to save this changes before your update your theme. The changes would probably be lost...
  13. wakabayashi

    Website swap over

    Well when it's a change from zenCart to thirty bees there is no really simple way to make the redirects. I would just make the change and redirect the most important pages manually.
  14. wakabayashi

    Add Custom Pages

    Something like this? https://www.spielezar.ch/marken/ravensburger This is a maunfacturer page. You can achieve it by changing the tpl files to your need.
  15. wakabayashi

    Website swap over

    I dont it understand completly. Will this be the exact same website? Then you just need to redirect from your subdomain to your main domain in htacces...