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  1. Thanks for the link! Improving stats is for sure nothing bad ☺️ I haven't tested this module. Maybe somebody can tell, if it works with tb as well πŸ€—
  2. Yeah, if you also don't know exactly why this is important for your customers, I would deactivate it. The more features, the more confusion pointes for your customer.
  3. Hello Luke Nice store. I like it! I am a bit surprised that you use two different fonts. You could also consider to hire a designer on Fiverr or so, which can draw category images in the same style. What is the QR-Code Feature about?
  4. Ah I understand now. This is a physical label on the product 😊 Thought of a label in the product data ^^
  5. See: You have a different opinion what FIFO is than me. We need to sort this out, before it makes any sense to dig into coding. I have for example no idea, what you mean with " you can easily view the item label".
  6. This is really not easy to add to the existing behaviour. I don't even know, how FIFO could ever work without multiple locations and generation of picking lists!?
  7. That's the main problem beside of the fact that there are/were serious bugs. In general I can feel you. I had the same issues and questions two years ago. I decided to code my own ERP and changing ASM to our needs. It works great now. But obviously most merchant can't do it and it shouldn't need to do. Actually my main hope to the new owners is, that we get a place to discuss and vote for such bigger projects. No dev can ever build a working ASM without clear requirements. I also had to spend dozens of discussing hours, to understand how things really should work (for us). A dev doesn't automatically consider it a problem, that you can't search fast for the stock quantity as they never did inventory. They may also think, that it's enough to have one location per product. But some merchants (as us) need multiple locations for the same product. The list goes on and on. But only a discussion with a dozen of serious merchant, will show what is important in general and what is more like a specific business usage. Btw such attempts can fail easily as my own example shows: This is true and the main point, why we started to use ASM. But I believe it's not entirely correct. As far as I remember the "usable_quantity" has more an interpretation like: do we have broken items in storage? It's not totally nonsense, but we don't use it too. To exaggerate a bit: ASM was designed as it will become the most powerful erp ever, but was only finished 10%. There are tries to calculate product costs over multiple suppliers, currencies and stuff. πŸ€”
  8. It's now another month. And I am quite lazy of such topics: @lesley @Messenger Bee Did the negotiations fail? @lesley Can you please remove me as a moderator?
  9. I would guess that tb hast updated your theme files. Which theme are you using?
  10. You can try to talk to you server provider. Did they get hacked? My guess would be, that you use other software on this server and the attacker got in there. Or you are using a bad module. I am no expert on hacking issues. I would strongly consider to "hire" somebody who can understand what happened and probably fix it. The obvious choices would be datakick or traumflug from the forum.
  11. I have heard the words "soon" and "next week" too often. TBH I would be very surprised, if we see any relevant announcement next week. I am no more sure, if we see a deal here, before somebody announces a (serious) fork...
  12. You should check your sever logs (cPanel, Plesk or whatever).
  13. The message says it. You server has a file size limit. So you have to contact the server provider and ask them to higher this setting.
  14. @Madbits I am quite sure, it's the right answer. You have to edit the tpl file, that is rendering your pdf file. I was working the last two weeks extensively on our own invoice template and it always worked like that. Mabye I got the downvote wrong, but in my case the answer is now always on the bottom of the thread. That's why it seemed to me, that you didn't answer at all :S
  15. Just downvoting my answer surely doesn't help πŸ˜‚
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