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  1. Ich glaube, es wΓ€re ein bisschen riskant, das alles in einer Schleife ablaufen zu lassen. Das Feature ist neu...
  2. Just to make sure: have you heard from "revws" module? It's developped from an active member here and it's much better than the default review module. There is a free and a paid version: https://store.getdatakick.com/en/revws-free
  3. Diese Funktion wurde nicht von Markus implementiert. Die Funktion wurde - soviel ich weiss - mit Absicht nicht eingebaut...
  4. Why can't you just import your database backup into the new database? But TBH, if you have no expierence at all with such actions, I would hire somebody.
  5. I agree with @toplakd Invoices are attached correctly in our case too.
  6. Thx a lot @toplakd and @datakick! I hope once this corona thing is a bit less severe, I can contribute again some stuff on github myself. So I really appreciate everyone, who drives this project forward πŸ€—
  7. Ah I finally understand how you handle it. Yeah this makes actually sense. 😊 Bad that it's not working as expected πŸ˜… In my use case the problemlays a bit deeper, as my orders often aren't paid when the order gets placed... And you can not add an order with payment amount=0
  8. The payment value won't be updated in this case, does it?
  9. And what would you do, if you remove some products?
  10. When you change an order, you will probably also have this red warning like: The amount of payment doesn't fit the order amount.
  11. Hard to say. I can't remember any such issue. Have you tried to delete all cookies?
  12. I don't think this fix will change anything on payment amount...
  13. IMO you need to integreate APIs/Hooks for payment modules. If you edit an order, you can not just assume, that the paid value has changed. In practice there are multiple cases. Sometimes there happens a refund, sometimes the order hasn't been paid at all at this point.
  14. I am quite sure that, it is not a bug, but bad design. The ps was designed, that every order is paid during checkout. As well they are kind of expecting, that an order doesn't get changed. I know, that my answer isn't really helpful. I am voting for years, for a better way of handling this. But it's very hard to achieve. The concequences are hard to forseen. For the payment case, I believe that a payment module should call a hook, so the amount get's corrected...
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