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  1. Thanks for the update @Smile. All the best too all of you here. 😷
  2. This idea comes up a lot. Also when we talk about modules. To be honest: I haven't seen any collaboration coming, out with a serious result, since I am in PS World. While this idea makes sense in theory in pratice it (almost) never works. Btw: I worked like 10 hours at the weekend to push my theme project a bit forward. I am very happy with the progress. 😎 IMO I already found a very stupid behaviour that each theme copies from the other themes (root is probably 1.6 PS theme), but was probably never intended to do so. If you have ever looked into the tpl files, you have maybe noticed that some tags are opened in header.tpl and closed in footer.tpl. Very unnecessary... Just use layout.tpl for it. Such stuff is the reason, why I prefer to do it from an empty folder.
  3. I feel you. In general, the expectation are too big at the community. I had to learn it too. There is just no such community. There are for sure some TB installations around in the web, cause some Dev installed it. But there are only a bunch of people that really chosed TB and fully stick to it. That's why I also don't understand why this compatibility topic is so inviolable. IMO it would make sense, too just collect data, which modules are used by now existing TB User. Then to move forward and give some kind of support for the really used modules right now...
  4. @haylau I am not interested in such a project, as my point is: yes we should finally think about reinventing the wheel. About Elementor or something similar. I believe TB should have a pagebuilder/theme_config module, that each theme can rely on. Obviously this would be a huge work and won't happen any soon.
  5. It's a fair point. I am not a good example for the average merchant. What surprised me was the follwoing: Why would you ever need to change php? I mean it's not the task of a them dev to change functionality, is it? IMO it should be the goal, that a theme DEV doesn't need to change PHP. Of course he should have a very basic knowledge, but not more... JS is clear. I am not a fan of putting too much functionality on JS, but obviously thats part of the theme game. @jollyfrog I am always open for some interesting discussion about ecommerce/tb. But I won't get much involved in any decision and surely not work. As I really plan do to my own thing. I am also not totally sure, what the plan is right now. A new theme the way you plan it, means basically, that you just don't like Niara Design. Is this correct? I just don't understand why do this again. Niara is not even 2 years old. If I do something new, I will try it with new technology. My way is ofc very radical. But it could also be interesting to build a theme with Bootstrap 5 and loading jQuery for compatibility reasons. @datakick would that work, without breaking most modules?
  6. Thats a very good point. The compatibility break of mine has not a lot to do with Tailwind or AlpineJS. It's just that web development changed a lot in the last 5 years. You can ofc sit on Jquery Solutions and so. It works. My shop is using it now heavily too. If Jquery would be the only issue, I could also load it just for compatibility reasons. That wouldn't be a big deal. But I guess, the deeper I will dig into my project, I will find issues, that will break compatibility. The best thing would be if a Theme Designer can use Bootstrap 5, Tailwind or whatever.
  7. Of course you are @datakick right about that point. But to be very honest: I don't care. I only use a handful not "genzo" modules in front end. Cause I have for example my own search, filter & affiliate modules. I think most shop owner just overblown their shop with a lot of module features (that sometimes even break eachother). The only important external modules are IMO shipping and payment modules. But of course selling my theme would only make sense, if I also sell all my modules and offer some custom support. As I indicted above with "private result", it's probably not gonna happen. I for myself just dont wanna sit a few more years on outdated designs. A relevant part of my customer base just expect a flawless shopping expierence (on mobile) and I just can't give it to theme right now. Is it possible with Jquery & Co. No doubt. But it makes just no sense, to rewrite a theme with it @Mark. It has be done like 100 times before. Its what Niara did. I dont think I could deliver a much better result than Niara... So if my project ever gonna finish, it will be more a TB 2.0 or a TB 3.0 Theme. @jollyfrog Yeah I guess the hard work will be writting all the TPL Files, not the design itself. As I dont use multiple stuff from the core. I won't obviously focus on this feature... For example my interest in customization is near to zero right now...
  8. @Mark I don't think there is anything better. I have the same issue as you, beside that I have my own "outdated" theme. It's not only that the Design is outdated. A lot of the technical stuff is no more state of the art. It makes it hard, to maintain or rewrite anything. I for myself have started this weekend to play around with an empty theme. So to start completly from scratch. Technically the idea is to go with Tailwind and AlpineJS. But I think no other dev is really interested in working on it too. That's why my project will probably end either in a "no result" or in a "private result"... 😐
  9. Yeah I would also be interested in any news here. If I understand right, it's not possible to update TB since 1.5 months :S
  10. I just wanted to try this. Is it no more possible to update to bleeding edge? At least I cant get this on my teststore...
  11. I am not totally sure, what you expect. Is it a full backup of DB and Files? Ofc you will then lose all the things you did after that point... In a perfect world a backup is as old as needed but as new as possible 😅 But even then you have some losses...
  12. Have you tried to just regenerate them?
  13. Probably it's in the AdminStores controller. Don't know how the menu is called in english. Probably something like shop addresses. If you change the values there, the old invoices won't be affected... It's called: Preferences > Store Contacts
  14. @movieseals Btw I like your idea of improving error messages. It just came to my mind, that it would probably very helpful for merchants, if the log would show, which module throws such a "fatal" error.
  15. Debug mode is only recommended if you you are not on a live shop. Otherwise your shop could break easily, if one module has a little issue on one place. So the game always works like this: Oh there is a fucking problem. Switch debug on -> does it say something? Fix the bug Switch debug mode to off again. Your issue seems very issue to explain: https://www.php.net/manual/de/function.mysql-error.php. I would bet almost all my money, that you switched to PHP 7.x recently. The function used by this module, is no more available in PHP 7. If you want to fix, you would need to remove this function (ideally replace it with something newer). But even more cleanly would be, to understand, why it actually want to throw an error. Because this shouldn't be happen anyway...
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