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Create a voucher for your customer



Following problem: A customer sends back the complete order or parts of it. What to do now?

If you decide to refund a complete order or do a partial refund with a voucher that the customer may use with his next order, then you only need to choose voucher when asked how to refund.

1. step:

Refund or partially refund the order by clicking either the button Return products (complete order) or Partial refund (part of the order incl./excl. shpping costs)-


2. step

Choose Voucher as refund method. Your customer will receive automatically an email with the voucher code.


If you want your customer to receive a voucher for other reasons, then do this:

Go to Price Rules --> Cart Rules


  • Click Add a new Cart Rule

Open Tab Information

  • Enter a Name for this rule
  • Generate a voucher code
  • Enabling Highlight will remind your customer during checkout of the voucher code
  • Enabling Partial use will allow your customer to split his voucher, if the value is greater than the next order's amount
  • Leave other entries standard 


Open Tab Conditions

  • Fill in name of your customer
  • Fill in validity dates for this voucher
  • Fill in any minimum amount for an order where this voucher may be applied
  • Leave entry 1 for total available and total available for each user


Open Tab Action

  • Choose Amount as discount type
  • Enter the voucher amount (tax incl./excl. by choice)


Save this rule. Done!

3. step

Send a mail to your customer with the voucher code and tell him, that he may apply this code during checkout in the first step Order detail.




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