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  1. Occam

    I have no themes installed now

    I guess your trouble was caused by the same bug which is discussed here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3385-import-theme-results-in-server-500-error/#comment-29862 According to @Traumflug it was meanwhile fixed.
  2. Occam

    Secondary Pages and User Pages Won't Load...

    Cannot confirm this. Works perfect in Chrome, Edge and Opera, no matter if in a Windows or Android environment. Feel free to delete user Tootsie Toot from Georgia. The only bug is that the theme's tables are not responsive, so that you are busy on smartphones with scrolling when trying to read (e.g. in checkout). But this is a problem of thirty bees own themes, no matter if standard or Niara.
  3. Occam

    Price tax exc

    That's not quite true, because even when the VAT label is switched off the bankwire module still displays the label "tax incl." In the checkout when a request for payment is made.
  4. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Yes, and I can confirm this after reinstalling the theme. I remembered that I exported the Transformer theme from 1.0.8 and then imported it to 1.1.0 at first attempt. Here i can reproduce the error. If you use a formerly exported theme for import the image height is afterwards set to 0px. This seems to be a bug in the 1.0.8 AdminThemesController because the height is set to "" in the config.xml of any theme when exported. Sorry, I should have checked it first of all. Theme export and import with the reworked controller of 1.1.0 works perfect.
  5. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Yes, and I meanwhile found the reason why. During the install process the image height is not generated and therefor set to 0px for every image type. After adjusting the height and regenerating the thumbnails everything works fine. This bug was introduced with 1.1.0. This is how it looks after fixing some the missing declarations:
  6. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    That's what I did. It is exactly the same, html and css. And even if I load a modified style in both tb releases, this bug (not the only one) in 1.1.0 persists. Which suggests that there must be something new in 1.1.0 that makes Transfomer perform poorly. And there are quite a lot changes from1.0.8 to 1.1.0, n'est-pas!
  7. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Look, as you may have read in my previous post above, this was tested under Xampp – it's simply not possible to share an Xampp local machine link.
  8. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Tut mir leid, aber wenn ich das wüsste, hätte ich es auch geschrieben. I'm sorry, but if I knew, I'd have written it too or posted a possible solution.
  9. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    That's for sure, but with exactly the same Transformer configuration. So you should always keep in mind that currently TB ought to be compatible with third party themes and not vice versa. Theme developers must also calculate whether the effort of a change is profitable for them. And what applies to Transformer probably also applies to other third party themes: first and foremost, tb must be compatible. Anything else would currently mean suicide for a most ambitious project. I guess this is not what we all want.
  10. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    @Factor If such a statement is enough for you to reassure yourself, then be it. I was assured by the same developer of Transformer that a Prestashop 1.5 with Transformer will not run under PHP 7.0 up to 7.3. And should I tell you something: it's not true. He could be personally convinced of that. Transformer is an outstanding theme, which can be customized perfectly. That's why I don't rely on statements but try out in practice what works and what doesn't.
  11. Da gebe ich dir vollkommen recht. Außerdem ist sie aus rechtlichen Gründen in Deutschland überflüssig. Der Texthinweis reicht aus.
  12. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    if that's not the case right now, then it's gonna happen. Don't get me wrong. You and Markus are doing a great job. Really, but .... Do you know Murphy's law? If something can go wrong, it will. Look, the developers of Prestashop 1.7 currently share the same hubris, and that's why Prestashop 1.7 is going to be a disaster. And Prestashop is much bigger than thirtybees. When the tail wags the dog, that'll end up bad. I wouldn't agree that a small project like thirtybees can afford to dictate the standards to third party developers. You would? Really? I'm afraid it's just the other way round.
  13. Occam

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Then perhaps it is currently suggested not to upgrade to 1.1.0 because of more incompatibility issues. Because I do not think we're just talking about themes, we are talking about modules, too. Maybe due to Smarty, maybe not. Transformer theme with .... Thirtybees 1.0.8: Same page with distorted picture frames in Thirtybees 1.1.0: And btw "the first *big* compatibility issue" you mentioned is already fixed here.
  14. Unfortunately, your fear doesn't seem unfounded. This may also be due to the fact that tb 1.1.0 seems to be moving away from the standards of previous versions in some parts. There are undoubtedly good reasons for this. But I strongly hope that the major revision of e.g. the VAT calculation will not affect the functionality of the payment modules. Because I would like to spare thirtybees a fiasco like PrestaShop currently faces with the payment modules - though for other reasons.
  15. I guess I already suggested what to do to avoid the bug.