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  1. What is difficult in reading the prestashop post and apply it in similar manner in thirtybees? First you need a CSS class. In the example its name is graypicture This is responsible for the CSS formatting of images in grayscale. It is not an existing class in TB, so you need to add it to your global.css. Plenty of web pages out there explain how this CSS rule must look like. Then you need to add a condition to the file product-list-item.tpl This code from the prestashop example ... $product.quantity <= 0 ... is the magic part for the if condition. Do some own research and learn with it, piece by piece.
  2. An total of "all modules" of 200 + is normal in prestashop. An "installed modules" list between 30 and 70 is also common in prestashop. Note the difference between "all" and "installed".
  3. The error comes from a non-standard module named footercustom You might want to try to uninstall this module properly.
  4. @Script-Fu: Read what I have written. Don't just ask the same again and again. Everyone note that Script-Fu talks and show screenshots from Prestashop, NOT from Thirtybees. The modules list is a merge from multiple XML files in /config/xml. So deleting folders does nothing at all in relation to the "all modules" list.
  5. I doubt everyone understood the issue from the starting point. The modules list does not only contain installed modules but more and more featured modules. Most of them are not installed. So you cannot strip down the list and assume the list will remain as you stripped it. The modules list gets updated on automated basis. You can strip down the XML files related but the keep geeting updated about every week or so. The result is what I found that just displaying the list of modules takes ages. ../classes/controller/AdminController.php is one place where module list handling is done. But it's not the only place unfortunately.
  6. I also tested Traumflugs changes and I can confirm it works.
  7. The problem as far as prestashop os concerned is the following: From some 20 to 30 modules at the beginning prestashop filled it's module listing with more and more modules. Helpful ones and lots of non-sense-modules as well. The module lists are coming from the /config/xml directory and there from multiple XML files. These XML are updated frequently, so stripping them only helps for a very short time. To get rid of the 290 modules you needed to make changes on multiple files in prestashop core. Search for file_put_contents in the core code.
  8. Scully

    menu under logo

    I'd say your logo file is too big. It's 550px of width.
  9. Datakick, we are at the same page at this time. Nevertheless I changed my installation to get some experience with only one version of page stored independing of device type.
  10. I'll give it a try this way all enabled and only filtering on CSS leve. I'll report back my experience.
  11. Ok, I am not unteachable. I follow a new way. enable all modules by default, change module CSS (for example for blockbanner) to get rid of displaying on mobile devices or change golbal.css to hide left column entirely. Then get rid of isTablet, isMobile for the cache. Only warm the cache for one type of device - which would then be desktop.
  12. TB allows to choose which modules to display on which type of devices. As long as this setting is possible but full page cache doesn't respect it might be a bug. And yes, I am fully aware of the capabilities of CSS. But default TB does not work as the settings would allow. What I faced with TB default installation 1.0.8 was the following behaviour: 1. Categoriy Pages missing left column module output on desktop because the last cached version was from a mobile device. 2. Category Pages show left column moudule output on mobile devices where it is not set to display in the modules settings.
  13. Distinction is blurring indeed. But TB CSS also does not reflect device width as per default. Hence you get desktop modules shown on mobile devices. Having small screens in minde it doesn't look well with too much information. The other way around if you don't store information on the type of device on cached pages you might get a mobile view on desktop as well.
  14. I added a condition when preparing the new URL string, otherwise the question mark appears also with no remaining parameters: ksort($queryStringParams); $newQueryString = http_build_query($queryStringParams); if ($newQueryString == '' ) { $newUrl = $protocol.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$uri; } else { $newUrl = $protocol.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$uri.'?'.$newQueryString; }
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