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  1. Your best bet is probably copy_shopdata - that is free and specific for PS/TB. But you have also Cart2cart and other cart migration software - usually paid.
  2. Can you try importing the example csv file. And then step-by-step changing it to your format.
  3. Lastname is required. So you might make it the same as the email address.
  4. Did you enable debug mode? Did you look in the PHP error log?
  5. When you create a voucher, is it possible to make it so that it applies only to certain products?
  6. Enable debug mode when you have an error. That way you can see an error message and you know what is going wrong.
  7. Disabling is often not enough. Even uninstalling is sometimes not enough. The module should be remove from your modules directory.
  8. Wouldn't it be possible to get a discount by country? Assuming the data from the first post and assuming that 19% is the lowest rate you could set the price without VAT (lowest rate means highest price) at that level. In that case you will need for all customers from Denmark for all products the same discount in percentage. I am a bit too lazy to calculate it now. It would be a bit over 5%.
  9. TB still is up to date. So I am in no hurry jumping ship. However, Lesley's attitude makes me somewhat pessimistic. I didn't like his attitude that he should get every cent he ever invested in TB back with interest - no matter the real value. Never mind that it was his passivity that destroyed a lot of value.
  10. I am a bit puzzled about this. First it worked and then it didn't work? Is $md5hashed still set to false?
  11. The newest version offers multi-language editing. If you have more than one language you will see all other languages than the selected languages on the third row as extra languages that you can select: If you do so all language sensitive fields will appear in versions for all the selected languages. The main language will be have its usual names. For the others names will have a suffix with the isocode of the language:
  12. Thank you for the error report. There was indeed a problem there - only for the prodcombi-edit.php. Combi-edit.php worked ok. I have uploaded below a new version of the combi-proc.php file that repairs the problem. There is also a new version of Prestools. The total is preserved in a separate database field that was not updated. But in the end it is a calculated field that the next time you update in the backoffice or with the attached new version will be corrected. combi-proc.php
  13. While uploading a jpg image in a message on the forum I got this error: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `/tmp/imagick8329w5' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/544 Please contact us for assistance.
  14. Sorry, but how seriously are you and how much work do you invest before you ask a question? Your questions don't show any sign of effort. The first post of this thread contains a description how to install. It has also a link to a manual.
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