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  1. One thing I have considered - but I believe should be done with direct access to the backoffice - is price calculation. You should enter a cart number or an order number and see a complete explanation of how the pricing is processed and what system settings play a role. The script should both make its own calculations and retrieve the values that the TB functions have calculated. Rounding questions regularly come back on the forums and with such a functionality people could provide a screendump with all the relevant information.
  2. Nice initiative. With the Integrity Checks page in Prestools I provide some consistency checks too. Feel free to copy.
  3. Depends on what you want. You can make multishop as complicated as you want. The same applies to ASM. There is no limit to complexity of the needs of some customers. For some even Magento needs to be heavily customized. My motto would be: pick your fights. Make a deliberate choice what you want to include and what not. And don't include something just because one customer asked for it. If you don't want to support features you can always choose to leave them in the database but to make them inaccessible in the software interface.
  4. For Prestools I reverse engineer things and I found several times that Prestashop had implemented things more simple than I had expected from looking at the database. I can't remember concrete examples but you should expect more of this kind of issues. Note also that the great majority of the shops are not multishop. For them all those extra checks make the code just more complicated and slower.
  5. Quite a good guess. After some search I found that the origin of the first of the two queries was the Order.php override file from Greenmouse's gmnumeric. However, the real cause appeared to be a faulty import. There were orders in the database but the auto-increase index was zero.
  6. About the other error: the order that cannot be submitted. Here is how a timeout looks: I put some code in it to see what queries are processed. The first 152 queries look to be normal processing. But then it gets in an endless loop sending the following two queries again and again: SELECT `AUTO_INCREMENT` FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = 'snoeptb9' AND TABLE_NAME = 'ps_orders' LIMIT 1 SELECT * FROM `ps_orders` a0 WHERE (a0.`reference` = '0')
  7. That is a choice and I can live with that. But I want to share my impression that Prestashop after the transition to 1.5 may have concluded that they had overdone it. That too many things had shop options and that as a consequence the software became too complex and too hard to understand for people who worked with it. And that as a consequence the development of modules might suffer. They couldn't undo the addition of the ps_group_shop table. That might break modules. But I doubt that is a coincidence that my shop always kept working with just one entry in this table.
  8. Yes, I really claim that my ps_group_shop has only one entry at all. And I have kept all the old versions of the database and they all have it so. And it has never given a problem - until recently.
  9. Yes Sure, there was only one shop. But there were already 3 groups in 1.4. And there was only one entry created: for group 1.
  10. Prestashop 1.4 is monoshop. So it doesn't have _shop tables. They are added when you upgrade to 1.5. And that upgrade process created tables with only one entry - connecting shop 1 with group 1.
  11. I explicitly mentioned ps_group_shop. ps_shop_group has nothing to do with groups. It is about bundling shops in multishop for common stock. The one entry I have in ps_group_shop was created by the Prestashop update process. So I wouldn't be surprised when every shop that old had the same.
  12. This shop dates from PS 1.4 and since its transition to 1.5 it has had one entry in the ps_group_shop table. If you have suddenly changed the rules that this becomes a problem than you can expect more people complaining. But thanks for pointing out what is likely the problem.
  13. I am testing the bleeding edge under PHP 7.3. I get some serious issues that happen only under Windows: - I get irregularly the warning Warning on line 66 of /modules/cheque/cheque.php [2] count: Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in many different pages. The module is present but not installed. Line 66 says: if (!count(Currency::checkPaymentCurrencies($this->id))) and I have no idea what could go wrong there. - the second problem is a first class showstopper: I cannot submit an order. I test with bankwire. When I press the final button to confirm the order/payment I get a timeout. The error screen isn't helpful: it only lists the database module.
  14. In the bleeding edge the category form shows only one group. The consequence is that when you save a category it will end up belonging to only one group: 1=default. This applies both to new groups and to groups that used to work but are saved after some change. For registered customers this means that they will see a screen that says that they are not allowed to access this category.
  15. As for php.ini, Prestools has at the bottom of its Server Settings page a line that shows where you can find it in your file tree.
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