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  1. Wouldn't it be possible to get a discount by country? Assuming the data from the first post and assuming that 19% is the lowest rate you could set the price without VAT (lowest rate means highest price) at that level. In that case you will need for all customers from Denmark for all products the same discount in percentage. I am a bit too lazy to calculate it now. It would be a bit over 5%.
  2. TB still is up to date. So I am in no hurry jumping ship. However, Lesley's attitude makes me somewhat pessimistic. I didn't like his attitude that he should get every cent he ever invested in TB back with interest - no matter the real value. Never mind that it was his passivity that destroyed a lot of value.
  3. I am a bit puzzled about this. First it worked and then it didn't work? Is $md5hashed still set to false?
  4. The newest version offers multi-language editing. If you have more than one language you will see all other languages than the selected languages on the third row as extra languages that you can select: If you do so all language sensitive fields will appear in versions for all the selected languages. The main language will be have its usual names. For the others names will have a suffix with the isocode of the language:
  5. Thank you for the error report. There was indeed a problem there - only for the prodcombi-edit.php. Combi-edit.php worked ok. I have uploaded below a new version of the combi-proc.php file that repairs the problem. There is also a new version of Prestools. The total is preserved in a separate database field that was not updated. But in the end it is a calculated field that the next time you update in the backoffice or with the attached new version will be corrected. combi-proc.php
  6. While uploading a jpg image in a message on the forum I got this error: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `/tmp/imagick8329w5' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/544 Please contact us for assistance.
  7. Sorry, but how seriously are you and how much work do you invest before you ask a question? Your questions don't show any sign of effort. The first post of this thread contains a description how to install. It has also a link to a manual.
  8. Hello KoIS, As mentioned in the post Prestools is not a module but a script. So do not try to install it as a module but read the installation instructions.
  9. musicmaster


    This works nice when you take an existing system and upgrade the core in the hope of a bit more speed and stability. In that case you know that a problem was caused by this upgrade and you can roll it back. But the Core Updater system is a bit problematic when you are starting a new shop. If you go the TB download page you get version 1.1 from July last year. So you tend to upgrade it with Core Updater to the latest version. But now you have a problem: when you find a bug you don't know whether it is in TB, the template or some module. This could easily be solved by having more official versions that have extensively been tested for stability.
  10. musicmaster


    Having just encountered this thread I want to add my own two cents: - I appreciate all what Datakick has done for TB and hope that a solution can be found that keeps him involved. I wish Lesley a good recovery. - the core problem seems to me leadership. The fact that it is a company makes that only more complicated. It doesn't look like someone wants to buy it from Lesley at the moment. And it is unclear what is Lesley's plan B. - my idea for getting more users would be to get closer to Prestashop. Produce some free "got to have" PS 1.6 module (gdpr would have been an option) for PS 1.6 to build name recognition. There should be a module for migration from PS 1.7 (the database is almost the same as 1.6 so that shouldn't be particularly hard). There should also be modules to migrate back to Prestashop - or at least references to services like Cart2Cart. You cannot tell people that they will be locked in once they migrate to TB. And it shows confidence that they will stay. - the name Thirty Bees is a bit of a handicap. Most other webshops have a word like "shop", "commerce" or "cart" in their name that makes it much easier to recognize what they do. It doesn't help that we don't have a story behind the name that would help to remember it. Changing the name might be hard but one could consider changing the subtext and logo. - some people campaign for PS 1.7 compatibility. I don't see much potential there at the moment. If you look at the database the only real innovation of 1.7 is that you can have more than one value for one feature. For the rest it has a few extra database fields that quite likely are seldom used. There has been quite some discussion about multi-feature on the forum here - the code is there but some people expect problems with existing modules. - some people like the 1.7 development environment and specially the template. I think Prestashop is too much of a moving target at the moment for such an adoption to make sense. By the time the TB code would be ready PS might be at version 1.8/8.0 and have introduced some other major changes. - if you really want to add something distinctive to TB my choice would be headless ecommerce.
  11. I uploaded a new Prestools version: 1.24n. It contains a new version of the image plugin too. The new version fixes a few issues with image edit: - you could not add an image to a product that didn't have any images. - when you marked a newly added image as cover it wasn't registered as such. As a consequence the product ended with no cover and you didn't see an image in the backoffice product list. - when you made the image field editable and the cover image was not the first one it displayed on the first position the cover image too. The editing is now more wysiwig as it makes that you to always have an active cover product. If you find any more problems please let me know.
  12. New: the Image Edit plugin. It enables you to add and remove images in the product-edit page. You can also change their order and choose the cover image. It looks like this: The "X" button allows you to delete. Right below is the field for the cover selection. You can add images both by clicking the add button and selecting a file and by drag-and-drop. Changing the order goes by drag-and-drop too. As usual in Prestools all changes are only implemented after you submit. When you add an image it is uploaded to a temp directory below your Prestools directory. When you submit it is moved below your /img directory. Image (re)generation of formats like 123-small_default.jpg does not take place. You will need to that separately in Prestools or the Thirty Bees backoffice. As usual with new modules this one will be free to download for a few days on this location. People who have bought the full Prestools package can just download the latest version. It is included there. Note that this will only work on Prestools 1.24l and newer.
  13. There are only two graphic libraries for PHP: the GD library that comes standard with PHP - and Imagick. Imagick delivers better quality and performance but can be a bit of a crime to install. Prestools doesn't use Michael Dekker's module but talks directly to Imagick.
  14. Did you install all three: the ImageMagick program, the Imagic PHP plugin and the TB module? Most hosting providers have it pre-installed, but when you need to do it yourself it can be a bit complicated. I don't know which TB version you have. This is a rather recent addition.
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