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  1. is this due to the "disable non-Thirty Bees modules" flag?
  2. I did some experiments on your site and placed a test order. I saw quite a lot of warnings. On the first page I got the notice: Undefined offset: 2 in classes/tax/TaxCalculator.php at line 155 On later pages I got many times two notices from php-debug.js at line 53, 38 and 57: Notice: Trying to get property 'value' of non-object in themes/panda/./header.tpl Notice: Undefined index: sttheme in themes/panda/./header.tpl Another error that I got was this: When after the order I clicked on the logo to go to the homepage I only got the logo and for the rest a white page. This page has the familiar php-debug.js notice duo many times repeated. So I tried some other things. First I went into my user account. That worked. Then I tried a random "page": just the url followed by some random characters. That triggered an error page that allowed me to search on the site. So I searched for "caja". Now I got a real debug mode error page: I am not sure what this all means. Maybe Datakick recognizes what happens here.
  3. The type of attribute is not a property of the product but a property of the attribute.
  4. Is this discussion also relevant for Thirty Bees? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1045112-is-prestashop-able-to-cope-with-new-european-tax-laws/ Implementation would mean that you can set the price incl VAT while the price for each EU would be different depending on its VAT rate.
  5. One other wish concerns the payment modules. I noticed that neither with Paypal not Stripe payments I there is any information on which order the payment was for.
  6. I looked in my archive and I found some links. No idea whether they still are available and cost the same. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/2942-multi-dimensional-products.html 299 euro http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/5628-product-properties-extension-sell-by-weight-lengthetc.html 199 euro http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/18794-linear-meter-sell.html 129,99 http://psandmore.com/ 199 euro PS&More extension for PrestaShop https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/93968-change-order-quantity-to-a-decimal-value/page-3 A do-it-yourself method explained on the forum.
  7. There are several modules for this. However, this is tricky functionality. I remember seeing how it was implemented in one of those modules. It added a new entry to the database (if I remember well a product) for every visitor - even if he didn't buy the product but just visited the page. After some time this resulted in a very bloated database. Of course a more mature implementation would work a bit like Attribute Wizard Pro: each order would have its own entry in the ps_product_attribute table, those entries would have the right price and the only attribute they would refer to was an empty string. If you added the product to the cart the length or weight would be stored in some extra field in the ps_cart_product table. When the order was completed the length/weight would be part of the product name so that the ps_order_detail wouldn't have to be changed.
  8. My wishes: - An option to start an attribute combination with “select a” instead of a default value. I know this is a template job... - Option to automatically hide categories without products or subcategories with products. You have now modules that do such a thing. But the problem is that while they disable you have to re-enable yourself. - Option to disable combinations. - Auto-save for customizations - Option to include attachments in messages to customers - And finally the big fish: a solution for the combination problems. There are several situations where the Prestashop combination structure gives problems: - with too many combinations everything becomes slow - some attributes don't influence stock - some attributes have their own stock The solution that seems the most feasible to me at the moment is the following: - you need an additional table. Let's call it product-addons. - a product-addon can be either a product or an attribute. If you need stock keeping you use a product. A product can be set to be used in this function only. - the attribute table is expanded with a weight and a price field - an addon product can have attribute combinations. If there is more than one attribute the combinations will be merged into a single select menu ("carpet size:large; color:red"). If an addon product has product-addons itself they will be ignored. - addon products without combinations and single value attribute groups will be displayed as checkboxes. - I hope there is some possibility to insert those extra fields with hooks in templates that don't support them. - the category_product table will need an extra field for the product-addons. In the order_detail table the information can be part of the name field.
  9. Thanks. I see that you allow settings per feature and you have also added a flag for custom values. Nice to see extra options compared to Prestashop. But I am I am not yet sure how easy it will be to implement for me.
  10. Is there some flag in the database that indicates that multifeature? I would like to support it in Prestools like I do it for PS 1.7.3+. I assume other people building for Thirty Bees will face the same question.
  11. I had a look at it. I created an account; logged out and tried to login again. I couldn't login again but I always got the same error - no matter whether the password was right or not. My gut feeling is that it could have something to do with groups.
  12. musicmaster


    What kind of errors do you have? Many errors are related to errors in the database when due to timeout there are some inconsistencies. They can easily be solved.
  13. musicmaster


    I tested Prestools in an upgraded TB 1.2 shop but I didn't see any error messages. I just uploaded a new version of Prestools. But I doubt that it will solve your problems as I don't understand them very well. Both line numbers that you mention are VAT related. My guess would be that there is something wrong with one of the tax tables. But it is hard to find out what without more information. If you want you can pm me.
  14. It is in the paid functions of Prestools.
  15. Did you: - empty the cache - regenerate .htaccess ???
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