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  1. I uploaded a new Prestools version: 1.24n. It contains a new version of the image plugin too. The new version fixes a few issues with image edit: - you could not add an image to a product that didn't have any images. - when you marked a newly added image as cover it wasn't registered as such. As a consequence the product ended with no cover and you didn't see an image in the backoffice product list. - when you made the image field editable and the cover image was not the first one it displayed on the first position the cover image too. The editing is now more wysiwig as it makes that you to always have an active cover product. If you find any more problems please let me know.
  2. New: the Image Edit plugin. It enables you to add and remove images in the product-edit page. You can also change their order and choose the cover image. It looks like this: The "X" button allows you to delete. Right below is the field for the cover selection. You can add images both by clicking the add button and selecting a file and by drag-and-drop. Changing the order goes by drag-and-drop too. As usual in Prestools all changes are only implemented after you submit. When you add an image it is uploaded to a temp directory below your Prestools directory. When you submit it is moved below your /img directory. Image (re)generation of formats like 123-small_default.jpg does not take place. You will need to that separately in Prestools or the Thirty Bees backoffice. As usual with new modules this one will be free to download for a few days on this location. People who have bought the full Prestools package can just download the latest version. It is included there. Note that this will only work on Prestools 1.24l and newer.
  3. There are only two graphic libraries for PHP: the GD library that comes standard with PHP - and Imagick. Imagick delivers better quality and performance but can be a bit of a crime to install. Prestools doesn't use Michael Dekker's module but talks directly to Imagick.
  4. Did you install all three: the ImageMagick program, the Imagic PHP plugin and the TB module? Most hosting providers have it pre-installed, but when you need to do it yourself it can be a bit complicated. I don't know which TB version you have. This is a rather recent addition.
  5. The only type of image that could cause such an effect would be a very large image. But I believe that software should be capable of handling such cases. If I remember well Prestashop used to downsize images to a certain size during upload. Michael took that out as it had a negative effect on image quality. Maybe there should be some other mechanism to handle this?
  6. So if I understand you well Havouza should just have to run Image regeneration a few times more and all his images will be ready. In that case the page could use some improvement in self documentation.
  7. You can use Prestools to regenerate the images. It allows you to state which images to regenerate - which image numbers and which formats. It amazes me that I cannot find an option in TB to generate only missing images - as Prestashop always had and still has. Am I missing something?
  8. musicmaster

    New Theme

    Buying support for templates is rather common. They are complex beasts so it is quite common to find something in some corner not working ok. In fact Thirty Bees saves you money as it has some more functions so you will have to buy less modules. The more serious problem with the templates is that the average template provider doesn't support Thirty Bees. So in order to receive support you will often need to maintain a parallel copy of Prestashop to certify that the problem you found also happens in Prestashop. Having a list of what to expect would do a lot to convince more template makers to support Thirty Bees.
  9. musicmaster

    New Theme

    I believe that one of the things that is holding people back from migrating from Prestashop to Thirty Bees is that although people often say that it is easy to adapt modules and templates there is never any clear description of what has been done. Saying it is easy is from my point of view not very helpful as not everybody is as competent with software and even very skilled people can overlook things and discover much later that they have a serious problem. That is why I would love to see concrete descriptions. What was really changed? Was it just some cosmetic adjustment that you would have made under Prestashop too? Is Thirty Bees providing different data to the template than Prestashop. Is there something else different in the mechanism? Or does it have some underlying style sheet that is different?
  10. I have a product without an image. In the category view it looks like expected: the drawn camera. However, on the product page I get instead the Dutch flag. Does anyone have an idea where this could come from?
  11. musicmaster

    New Theme

    Can you share what kind of modifications are needed?
  12. Which file produces the error?
  13. Be careful upgrading Panda. Panda versions 14 and 15 are very different. They have different modules and there is even a hook on a different place. Their website says that you must run 15 with TB 1.1 but it is not clear to me why. 14 worked perfectly for me with 1.1 - with only a fix for the “Cannot use object of type carrier as array” problem caused by the Smarty upgrade. Also I didn't like their redesign of the checkout page in version 15. They have changed the page in a way that makes it easier to overlook the login link. And then existing customers try to create a new account. That results in an error message that they don't see as it is above the form outside the visible part of the page. So they conclude that the Save button doesn't work and your webshop is defect.
  14. Did you investigate whether the combination Easy Checkout-Stripe works on Prestashop 1.6?
  15. I use Stripe on the Prestools website, I regularly receive payments through it and I haven't received complaints. So maybe there is some instability in your shop outside TB and Stripe.
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