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  1. I am now running the 3.3.1 version of Mollie with Thirty Bees 1.4.0 (compiled for PHP 7.4) and PHP 8.1. It works but I am stuck. Upgrading Thirty Bees will crash my Mollie module. And newer versions of the module don't make a difference. Are there any plans for an upgrade?
  2. You can use my free tool for that https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/445453-copy-shopdata-script-for-upgrading-and-fixing-buggy-shops-by-copying-business-data-and-images/
  3. If you find the Prestools mass edit functions time-consuming then you will need to build your own tools. But it is not even clear to me whether you are using mass edit.
  4. Yes, I am using the native Paypal module. But two things puzzle me: - I have disabled the guest checkout. Yet this cart has no registered customer - the cart and the mail have the same time (2:27am). One would expect someone to expect at least five minutes before sending a mail that you didn't receive an order confirmation. Those things make me wonder: is something going wrong in the shop or is someone trying to get products for free?
  5. This morning I received a mail from a customer that he had placed an order and paid but that he hadn't received confirmation. There was no order in the orders list and I couldn't find his name in the customers list either. Finally, when I looked at the carts I found something relevant: a recent cart with the product he had mentioned. But it was also puzzling. The cart contains the label "Non ordered" and has no customer name. Also puzzling is that the cart has exactly the same date/time as the mail that he sent me. What is going on here?
  6. I am busy making my webshop fit for PHP 8.1 and Thirty Bees 1.5.1. Now when I run the shop in this new constellation I get an error 'Class "Mobile_Detect" not found' for my Whatsappchat module. The offending line is "$mobile = new Mobile_Detect();" It looks like this is a Thirty Bees problem. In the TB 1.4 version I see in /classes/Context.php "new Mobile_Detect();". In 1.5.1 this is "new MobileDetect();". So something was changed. However, making a similar change in my Whatsappchat module doesn't solve my problem. I still get a class not found error. Does anyone know the solution?
  7. I did some investigations on this phenomena. I have a customer who made two orders. He provided his VAT number so his intra-EU tariff is zero. In his first order everything looks correct. However, for his second order the ps_order_detail table looks correct but the ps_order_detail_tax looks strange. The id_tax and unit_amount fields look as if tax must be paid. However, the total_amount field is zero.
  8. It appears there is an update of GMnumeric that solves the problem.
  9. Solved. It was the GMnumeric module. That is a module that takes care that the reference number is the same as the order number. The problem was in the function validateOrder() in /classes/module/PaymentModule.php. The following code had become an eternal loop: do { $reference = Order::generateReference(); } while (Order::getByReference($reference)->count()); GMnumeric overrides generateReference(). Now it always returned the number of the last order. I don't know why this happened on one server but not on the other.
  10. I have another - much smaller - shop running on the same account and it doesn't give problems. Most of the account is fast but some other pages are slow too. I booked some improvement in speed by truncating the ps_log table. But the total block in the validateOrder() function puzzles me.
  11. DMarc is for mass mailing. Not relevant here.
  12. I have changed nothing in the browser settings. I am amazed to see that https://privacyscanner.aesirx.io/ tells me that I am placing Google Analytics cookies without asking.
  13. The above was in Chrome. In Firefox there is a timeout too, but this time I get a message that the secure connection failed.
  14. I have a problem receiving orders. I made a test order with payment by bankwire. When I click to confirm my order the page keeps hanging (you keep seeing the busy pointer) and finally times out. When I open my browser console I see many times "Third party cookie will be blocked. Learn more in the issues tab.". Unfortunately the issues tab isn't very informative (see below). I am running a version of TB 1.4. Customers complain that they place an order and get a confirmation of the payment but not of the order itself. Strangely enough they mention the id_cart number as order number. This started happening after the move to another server (both PHP 8.1). Most orders do not become visible in the orders list in the back office. What is happening here? I would be happy to disable third party cookies, but I don't know which modules place them.
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