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  1. musicmaster

    [solved] A very slow site

    This installation was copied from a local computer to the server. But the file was to big so only half the tables were filled. So I made a new sql file for the second half of the tables. That worked ok. But I had forgotten that the indexes are always at the bottom of a sql file. So those for the first half had never been executed. The only way to check whether a table is indexed is to have a look in phpmyadmin. When your main tables such as ps_product are ok it is unlikely there is a problem. If you find something missing you can copy the settings from a fresh install of the same TB version.
  2. musicmaster

    [solved] A very slow site

    Solved. Some indexes were missing.
  3. musicmaster

    [solved] A very slow site

    I am working on a new shop but it is very slow. My homepage takes 32 seconds. When I switch profiling on there is one query that is responsible for 28 of the 32 (see image). Does anyone have an idea what is happening here? This is TB 1.08 on PHP 7.2.
  4. It would help if you could access the error log of your server and see the related error.
  5. You can adapt translations in the backoffice at Localisation->Translations It seems to me that your problem - empty translations - and the problem that I mentioned - that the incomplete sections are closed in the Localisation->Translations pages - are related. The logical explanation is that Crowdin treats missing translations the wrong way. Instead of leaving them out it - as it works in TB and PS - it stores them as empty strings. This also produces a solution for your problem: - Go to the Localisation->Translations page and check "backoffice" and your language. - click the button "Fold everything". It then changes to "expand everything". Click again. - Now click on "save" - The translations will now be stored as they should. That is: all missing translations will be left out. As a consequence you will now see the English original in their place instead of empty space.
  6. musicmaster

    CSS not preserved

    "Active resource loading counts reached a per-frame limit while the tab was in background. Network requests will be delayed until a previous loading finishes, or the tab is brought to the foreground. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5527160148197376 for more details" This is followed by a long list of "resources" that failed to load: jpg's, css's and js's. Always error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED At the end there is one Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetHeight' of undefined in widget.js. Unlike what the first message says nothing is restored when the tab is brought to the foreground. I tend to have lots of tabs open. So maybe it is specific to that... Now I had only localhost open. So that can explain part of the problem (localhost isn't automatically restarted). I will look next time again when I have some internet links open.
  7. That is not a bug. Those are just missing translations. See the attached picture. The only thing I found a bit puzzling is that where in Prestashop the incomplete sections are open at the start in Thirty Bees they are all closed.
  8. musicmaster

    Custom canonical urls

    I am puzzled what you want. What do you mean with "canonical page"?
  9. musicmaster

    Redeploying Prestashop 1.6.0 pdf's

    I found the solution. You need to copy all the pages that are not present in the old setting to the pdf directory. This concerns all the subpages like order-return.product-tab.tpl and the page pagination.tpl. This is likely because those files are assigned to template variables in the php code. The result looks almost the same as in the old PS installation. Only the order lines are too close to each other.
  10. musicmaster

    Nederlandse vertaling Panda theme

    Ik heb nu zelf een vertaling gemaakt en deze geupload in de betreffende thread op het SunnyToo Panda forum
  11. musicmaster

    Redeploying Prestashop 1.6.0 pdf's

    I am transferring a Prestashop 1.6.0 site. I would like to use the same pdf's. However, Thirty Bees uses the PS 1.6.1 system. The most visible difference are the "-tab" files in the newer version. I tried just to copy the files from the old installation to the new but that doesn't work. I get a php error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Smarty in \htdocs\vendor\smarty\smarty\libs\Smarty.class.php on line 1802 Does anyone know whether there is an easy way to make those files suitable for Thirty Bees?
  12. Hi, Is er al iemand die een Nederlandse vertaling van het Panda theme gemaakt heeft? Hoeft niet compleet te zijn...
  13. musicmaster

    Prestools - the mass edit toolset

    I don't see an error on the PS site. But you can also download from the first post of this thread (first paragraph, word "here"). And you can also scroll down on the homepage of Prestools.
  14. musicmaster

    [solved] http instead of https

    Solved. I had forgotten to switch it on in the backoffice.
  15. musicmaster

    Login keeps reloading in Back Office Localhost

    Sounds like the good old "Prestashop admin login loop". Search on that term and you will find many Google entries. Unfortunately there was not a standard solution. Some of the solutions: switch between http and https, clear cache, delete .htaccess, switch "disable Mod Security" in SEO&Urls to yes (a bit tricky), clear browsercache. This is the first time I hear about someone using TB having the problem. A bit puzzing as Michael Dekker blamed it on Mcrypt - what is no longer used. What PHP version are you using?