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  1. There is only one prefix and it is defined in the Settings.inc.php file.
  2. When I check in the browser console I see two commands going to the server. The first - to index.php?controller=authentication?rand=1639850796291 - sends the name and address. It gets a rather basic confirmation back (with error status data and the new customer and address id's). Obviously something is going wrong here. The second - to index.php?controller=order-opc?rand=1639850802642 - sends method="updateAddressesSelected" with the address ids and gets back a lot of data for a variety of hooks.
  3. In the file /controllers/front/AddressController.php in the function processSubmitAddress() I added a check that the customer has added a house number. This is done by adding the following check: if(!preg_match('/[0-9]/', $address->address1) && !preg_match('/[0-9]/', $address->address2)) $this->errors["extra"] = "<b>Address</b> doesn't contain a number!"; This works most of the time. However, when the customer chooses to register as guest this function is not called the first time he enters his address. (when he changes it it is called). I am looking for where the address is handled in that case so that I can have some check there too.
  4. What you saw is most likely a result of the auto-complete function of your browser.
  5. As others have said: this is the customization option in the backoffice. You fill in a number in the Files field. When you save that a field appears where you can enter the field name for the customer.
  6. Sorry for posting the same thing twice. The forum has become a bit strange. Suddenly it sorts the posts by vote. But that means somehow that the latest becomes immediately after the original post. It also means that when you reply and press the "submit reply" button that button after some busy time becomes active again while the text you posted is still in the window. Rather confusing...
  7. Sounds like quite a lot. Could you share some of those solutions so that other people can solve them without having to ask?
  8. Sounds like quite a lot. Could you share some of those solutions so that other people can solve them without having to ask?
  9. Such a big order makes it almost impossible to find a cause. You need an order with one or two products - maybe in high quantities. Only in such a situation makes it sense to do the calculations manually and look where things go wrong. BTW: existing orders will not change due to your change in settings. Only new ones will.
  10. Can you use downloaded versions for upgrade? How?
  11. On the Modules page click on Check for updates. After that you will see the modules that can be upgraded and a button to do so.
  12. If you need to do that kind of things you can better use my tool Copy_shopdata. It handles such problems for you. But in this case it is very likely not needed.
  13. The issue I run most often into is the inability to attach files with the customer service messages. Probably I am biased because I sell software. But I can imagine that other people will find it handy too for sending manuals, product previews, etc.
  14. What is the work queue? And to what extent will it be something programmers need to take into account when they develop something for TB?
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