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  1. Did you try a upload using PS store manager with to ThirtyBees
  2. I have had a problem like twice in prestashop - the first time it took me ages to sort out - working with Paypal and developers - no solution. For me on the first occasion it was the braintree paypal module that went wrong and it couldnt be fixed. To solve it i bought the 'Paypal standards module' and the issue was fixed. Then, (just a few months ago) the issue came back ...not saving order details to my PS site. I contacted the 'Paypal standards module' dev and he gave me the updated module. Problem gone again. I think (and im prob wrong) that paypal is tinkering with their rules (for instance my shops are in the philippines and they hate all the money scams that go on here - to try and stop it they dont let some my buyers ship to address here in PH). Maybe they are moding something their end and the modules go out of sync. Just my 2p's worth - good luck i know how desperate it feels after you spend so long building a site to have it go tits up when its out of ur control
  3. I have 2 stores and have just come across thirtybees. Has anyone made the jump across and would they recommend. My problems with PS: Would never do an update - so scared that my store would break i have to pay for modules to do simple things ie delivery date picker No support on the forum Thanks
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