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  1. Hi, Please tell me how to remove this checkbox from the Authentication page of the check out. Receive special offers from our partners! Thank you.
  2. Opps. tried another broswer and its working.....
  3. Hello, I have multistore working. Current setup for domain2.com is full name server pointing to cpanel account. Problem with this is that I can't setup emails when only cpanel 'aliase domain' are setup, To get email working I need 'addon domain' but that stops the multistore from working. So I changed my registrar details for domain2.com from full name servers to just point the A records to the cpanel account. Now domain2.com is not working. So my question is who uses multistore and cpanel and email, and has it working ? Thanks a lot.
  4. That sounds fun. Please tell me how to rebuild the htaccess file
  5. I'll just wipe it and start again. @Brent Dacus
  6. Yes, thats the wired thing, https was working before I turned enable ssl on
  7. With enable ssl set to off, the site was working. So I continued to play and test. put an item in the cart then went to the check out the url changed to http://www.kookaburracoast.com/order?step=1 and I got the error again Any ideas ? Thanks
  8. Hi, Newbie question. I installed TB via 1 click install in cpanel. Site was working, playing around etc. The front office just stopped working getting error 'page isn't working properly' https://www.kookaburracoast.com/ thirty bees version 1.0.8 Server software version LiteSpeed PHP version 7.2.19 Memory limit 128M Max execution time 300 The back office still works. Played around more and go the site up again. My question is, Why when I go to General >Preferences and turn on enable SSL, my site breaks and can't be reached? Thanks
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