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  1. Hello, I would like to know how to remove all google fonts from my site. Any tips? TB 1.1.0 Theme Niara version 1.1.0 Thanks
  2. TB 1.1.0 Theme Niara version 1.1.0 Hello, The cart and price and 'add to cart' on hover button are light red colour. Please tell me how to change this. Thank you
  3. TB 1.1.0 Theme Niara version 1.1.0 Hello, Please tell me how to remove the 'print' button from the single product page? I see id usefull_link_block class list-unstyled hidden-print is there a module or best to just use CSS? Thank you
  4. Hello, I would like to hide the heading of one of my categories, only when viewing this category page. How do I find / target just this page? guessing the custom code would be ????? .cat-name {display:none;} Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to know. Is there a way to made the size of the box / field on the custom code page bigger? Preferences > Custom Code Or what is a 'best practise' ? copy it into a text editor, change it, paste it back? Thanks a lot
  6. Hi, I have a new site that I am making. Trying to remove the -Latest Blog posts- from the home page I go to modules and disable it, its still showing on the homepage. But it's still showing then I go to modules > positions, find hook, displayHome, unhook it and get the The module was successfully removed from the hook. But it's still showing then uninstall it, get the, Module(s) uninstalled successfully. But this seems to enable it, becaseu now it's showing 'disable' as the button But it's still showing then I delete it, and get Module deleted successfully. That worked, the now shows 'install' for the module. and it's gone from the homepage. Should have the first three ways have also removed it from the home page? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am having trouble putting different html blocks on different multistore shops. Is there a way to show only the html block on certin shops? At the moment if I create a html block and put it on the home page. It goes on all my shops / domains homepages. This is bad. I pick different shops from the BO dropdown in the top left but the html blocks all stay there. Thanks for any help.
  8. Hello I would please like some help with multistore url aliases. Cpanel hosting with domain1.com and domain2.com to the same Nameserver domain2 is setup as an alias and shows http://domain1.com/%%7BENV:REWRITEBASE%7Dindex.php I have setup TB on domain1.com and multistore turned on for domain2.com When I visit domain2.com in firefox and opera it works. Meaning the url stays / shows domain2.com and it shows the domain2 shop with logo / home page BUT when i visit domain2.com with my phone or in chrome or on another pc it goes to domain1.com and shows domain1.com shop homepage How can I fix this? Thank you
  9. Hello, I would like to make my invoice numbers, to go up by two number each purchase. Meaning 000001 then 000003 then 000005 then 000007 Is this simple? Thank you for you help.
  10. @ipeary Thank you. Fixed it for me. I wanted free shipping, so I put in $0 as the add on price in the range for all zone.
  11. Fixed it, wrong language :)
  12. Hello, building a new site. From the home page, I click the category page and the list of products show. On the left is a 'tag' box, but it only shows two of the four tags I have created. Go the Backend, Catalog > tags and I see four tags, all linked to a lease one product. If I type in the URL /en/search?tag=testingexaompe. the tags work and show. Tried another browser and showing the same on the FE. Please help, what do i need to check? Thank you
  13. Hello, How do I put an image at the bottom of everypage? should I use the html block? Thank you.
  14. Thanks, I got it working. Hope this cheat sheet / guide helps others. In the BO, In Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome' 'transplant a module' button Module > select 'HTML block' Transplant to > select 'displayHome' Now if you go back to Modules and Services > Positions > find the hook 'displayHome'. You will see the HTML block is there. To edit the contact, go to HTML block > add new block > fill in and select the hook 'dispalyHome' It now should be on the home page.
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