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  1. PLEASE tell all of us how you solved it, this is how an forum should work 😉
  2. this is one of the questions about this... where can i find these logs?
  3. I use the module on tb 1.5.1 and it has hits every day. I get the message from the module about it by email. But I also get two emails for each hit with the information that there are new warnings in the log files. This is at the same time as the message from the module. Why is that?
  4. Hi, in any case of error 500 you have to turn on Debug Mode for the shop. Usually this is turned off. Copy the file you get with the error in BO then and you can read the problems then in plaintext. Some good descriptions to do so you can find for tb and also for PS via Google. I know there is a tb module for Stripe (use search function here in forum) which will work. A 3rd party thing should be always the last option and then the module developer is also responsible.
  5. ok, maybe i have to set up a new test ecosphere with tb 1.6 🙂 - i thought a short screenshot of this will help us all.
  6. Do you have an picture about this, please? I really want to see this details, as it is interesting for us since a long time and we did not get managed an solution.
  7. the weight has to be seemless, e.g. 0.001 - 0.23 / 0.23 - 0.55 / 0.55 - 0.87 and so on (just an example) and not sure if you can use -amount there (i did not ever tried it)
  8. Is there an option for that? > i don't think so.
  9. found also this useful hint, it is from user @Mediacom87 : How to apply a different discount to multiple copies of a product on PrestaShop - Mediacom87.fr/en/
  10. a simple overview if found here: https://i.sstatic.net/NvdtU.png and the qty. discount you can find (and set) for each item in the catalogue/items/price > discount price / add discount (and choose from qty. 2 e.g.)
  11. Yes, you have to choose a weight-based shipping pricing model OR a money-based pricing model, a combination of both is not possible by default. There are modules for this, but as I've noticed, they usually don't work reliably. Be careful about spending money on it right away. The weight-based shipping pricing model is a powerful tool. Of course, you have to keep your items (weights) up to date and maintain them. But this makes it possible to present a wide range of shipping solutions. You don't have to use the real item weight for this. We have e.g. 0.0001kg for most items plus then the correct weight of 1kg for other (heavy or bulky) items.
  12. I have the same behaviour with bankwire module, most of the text is translated but since my last changes by hand the upper text appears in English again.... ?! Maybe it is a combination of frontend and modules in your case and you have to check both?
  13. This error occurred yesterday when a customer tried to renew his password. I only became aware of this today, which is of course very annoying. I don't use any special modules that could cause something like this, there are only the modules that come with the system. What I did now: I called up this customer (from Poland), gave him a new password, checked the customer group, and simply saved it again. I saw that this customer had left an open shopping cart. He probably didn't know his password anymore... The error has now disappeared with the things mentioned. The shop is accessible again without error 500. But what was going on? I'm very worried that this could happen again at any time.
  14. i am sorry, i can also see this NOT in any SQL table... I have now checked with phpMyAdmin and searched all files for this content.
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