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  1. Why such a 'material battle' for only one shop? Greta can't safe the world with this 🧐
  2. Internet is going crazy sometimes / in these days... this is a private thing, so... !?!
  3. Hi, we had such strange behaviour with PS 1.6.x, i tried to use it and saved date, then the complete system crashed and PS does not a thing anymore, BO was dead.... Only the reset of database part was helpful, so maybe be careful -- but not sure if tb uses this in the same way. We have to handle the mails in an other system, so never tried this in tb.
  4. Not sure if this works for Newsletter, but maybe you can contact the dev for a solution:
  5. Sorry to write here in bug section, but since a few days i cant see the new / actual topics at the first page of forum. Is this new or any kind of bug ? Before this, i have seen all last topics/answers when i click on the logo at the left top, site refreshes and tadaaa 🙂 but now this doesnt work anymore. Only with a click at 'recent posts' on the left i can see them. thank you
  6. In our testshop this works the same like @colorful-ant and there are both links in the text and clickable. I tried to add a 3rd link (for GDPR) but without success.... anyone with an hint for this?
  7. OT: just a short question to @led24ee : it seems you have a lot of problems, i think this is caused by a Theme, not by thirtybees, is it ?
  8. I absolutely understand that point, but it's exactly this..... small team, small budget, maybe a lot of things to do or a lot of ideas. But.... there are a lot of updates and a superb quality of work - even for such a small team and such a small budget! I think they do a better job and more useful updates than a PS -Team with maybe 5 times more people.... btw. thank you for this to all developers 😍
  9. I honestly have to say that i can not understand why some people/users are in such hurry? The best way to develop a project / a business / an idea, is to work smooth and to be deliberate. This would have the best success, and not any updates a week with doubtful changes or things that we do not need. tb 1.0.8 is a good and stable system, which you can use for a productive shop and business, maybe it is a little bit more stable than 1.1.0 (in some things), but this you have try for your own. Sometimes i think about the future of the project (i already did not use tb productive, as we are not finished with some things), but even if there were disruptions or the termination of the project, we would still have a stable system that we could use for many more months until you switch to a different shop system.
  10. Hello, looks like the 'old' problem... there are a lot of solutions for PS and tb in the web, maybe you will do a search. There can be 2 possible problems coming from theme or translations: 1. Try also in back office: -> localization -> translations -> your theme -> emails templates -> modify -> mailalerts -> new_order -> change subject to "New order" -> then save (some themes has got this subject and sometimes it does not work). 2. There must be folders and ALL files in it, for each language in the email templates. Try to copy the standard folder and rename it, then you can try to use it with your theme.
  11. I started an idea/question here, but there was no ongoing about it.... i think this would be a good method, but need some help with:
  12. Did they send from contact form or ?! Maybe this helps:
  13. OK thank you. Does anyone have an idea how to display the 'confirm order' button can be placed below the row with articles? In Germany we have the regulation, that this button has to be below a summary with the articles, and it is not allowed to have something between the articles and the 'confirm order' button. (There are some other regulations, too, but this is one of the important thing when we will use the Chex module). Maybe the developer @datakick can help with an 'German version' 🙄 Thank you.
  14. Hi, is there any DEMO of the Chex Module working in a tb store? I really would like to see it. thank you
  15. DRMasterChief


    You are kidding 🙂 ...in Russia, really - up to the court ?? 🙂 Will hope the best for the person and project !
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