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  1. Thats the point! (interesting discussion here, btw.) The world gets more and more visual, clickable and maybe 'stupidal'. Not one young merchant who looks for a shop system is interested in such things, he see a 'nice' theme and will install it with a one-click-solution - if it doesnt work, it doesnt fit... and hop to the next shop system.
  2. Hi Occam, i have updated my test shop to 1.1.0 and i am using NOT Niara or standard theme, i am using a 3rd party theme and this was flawless from 1.0.8 to 1.1.0 , also all the modules shows in BO. Can you please give more details about your problem? What do you mean with 'custom modules' and maybe this only happens to Transformer theme?
  3. Hi! Naja von unnötigen Fällen steht im Gesetz nix.... von daher ist es immer notwendig. Was genau dann die richtigen Merkmale wären ist aber nicht so einfach zu sagen, das ist bei der Vielzahl von Dingen die man so kaufen kann sehr unterschiedlich... Wie hast du das mit dem Kaufen-Button gelöst? Da hatte ich ja was dazu geschrieben und das kann ein echtes Problem sein!!
  4. Ich schaue mir grade datakick Modul für den Checkout an, https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/chex-one-page-checkout ( ) wobei das leider auch keine Produktmerkmale im Checkout hat und dazu noch ein Problem mit der Button-Lösung macht, denn die scrollende Übersicht der Artikel führt dazu, daß der "Kaufen" Button eventuell höher angesiedelt ist als der Gesamtbetrag inkl. aller Kosten, wenn man mehrere Artikel im Warenkorb hat. Das wäre nach der Buttonlösung nicht erlaubt. Hat jemand Chex (das ist das o.g. Modul) im Einsatz in einem deutschen Shop und habt ihr es ggf. so umgebastelt daß man es verwenden kann, oder wäre das umbasteln überhaupt möglich?
  5. Hello, not sure, but was it by Paypal through Stripe? We expect a lot of delays here from Paypal in the last days, confirmation from Paypal was delayed for hours and payments was also not visible directly in Paypal. So maybe this causes in a weird database / account / number chaos in your shop?
  6. Hello and thank you! I have found the following and i think it points to my idea: in the file \chex\views\css find the following (in 0.6.3 version it is line 448) .chex-input { flex-grow: 1; width: 100%; min-height: 92px; } -- so you are right 🙂 and with changing the min-height to e.g. 63px the space between the rows is much smaller, nice !
  7. Hi, at the moment i am trying Chex for my 1.0.8, which is still in progress, but we will go live in this year. Thank you for the great module, it is really a nice thing. After some tests on different computers, tablets and smartphones, i will change the following: the rows are too wide in space when you enter 'personal details', it would be much better for customers to have all (or as much as possible) data on one screen. This can be done easily when we can make the space between the rows smaller. I am not an CSS specialist, so maybe you can tell me where and how to do? Maybe this would be a general thing which you can think about? Picture is also added:
  8. So, do you think with the solution given at Github this problem is solved ? (i can confirm this issue in 1.1.0 , but it is not in 1.0.8)
  9. I absolutely agree to this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1086#issuecomment-547341365 Dotless domains are useless in such surroundings like an onlineshop 😉 We can not control or do anything if an customer does not check his mails, but we should be correct to raise a technical correct email address, just to make sure the customer did not forget to type it correct (and they will forget a lot when typing their address or similar......)
  10. Yes, i know about that and i also do agree with you. What i meant is, that you can easily alter the order number to an matching level when you start with the shop. Then you can use the numeric order module to change the order no. as you like. And then, i meant, you should use an software at a computer station in your office to create delivery notes, invoices and so on. With this, you dont have the problem with such numbers to have them in an online store and competitors do not have access to this. We run 'JTL Wawi' for this, but i think it is not available in English. Maybe you can also run a cronjob or change the numeric order module in a way, that e.g. every few hours a random value is added? This works for us.
  11. No idea about all these numbers, sorry i cant help - but maybe a shop system should be a shop system and you have to use an separate software at your office computer for such things? I mean, tb should be a perfect front-end for customers, but all the other things should be done separately in a safe structure and at a software, which is made for 🙂
  12. OHHH ! Holy moly ! DorkV89 is right, it is possible also at tb 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 ( i have tried with several email addresses like myname@dropdown and no '.' (dot) or TLD at the end, and i can sign up with such an no-workin email-address ) !! Please tb team, have a look at this ! 😟
  13. @dynambee i think you can easily contact the author of the module ( @Daresh ) and he will have a solution, maybe he will modifiy the module for you for some bucks :) All experiences with Daresh seems to be very good...
  14. And this is the only correct way to handle this, thank you ! ! ! It gives the freedom to choose to each merchant and everybody can do what he like and what is his opinion about that. Great ! Will try some things with the module (we have not a Standard Theme and i hope it works) and then we will buy it in the next time.
  15. That was my idea with plain txt thing, movieseals was more detailed about this.
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