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  1. And this is the only correct way to handle this, thank you ! ! ! It gives the freedom to choose to each merchant and everybody can do what he like and what is his opinion about that. Great ! Will try some things with the module (we have not a Standard Theme and i hope it works) and then we will buy it in the next time.
  2. That was my idea with plain txt thing, movieseals was more detailed about this.
  3. Hmm yes, simply export these files via phpmyadmin or just safe them as plain txt, then import it. I think CMS sites are not that numerous and big than items ?!? Good luck! Maybe you will let us know when you are finished and 'how to' do this.
  4. I agree with haylau , it is not necessary to collect any "agreement" of customers in a webshop. The right and the possibility to do so, arise automatically from other things which gives the gdpr to merchants. For merchants, it is super necessary to read the full GDPR. This is only a few sites, but will brighten your life in online-business and then a lot of things are much easier 🙂 Pls. believe ! So, it is only necessary to explain the customer that the privacy policy of the onlineshop is vaild. A short text and link to them is sufficient. Btw. it is much easier for the merchant and absolutely conform 'not to obtain the consent' with a tickbox, the customer only have to had the possibility to read your privacy policy. If the customer GIVES a separate consent, he has the possibility to withdraw them, and then you have a lot of problems to fulfill that completely.... read the GDPR, really. But now we should go on with this super nice module and on-topic !
  5. THANK YOU, great to hear it is growing and growing I really hope that we can start asap with tb... cant wait for it! (but a lot of work to do before) btw. i dont think that it took too long, if updates/releases are with a lot of great things, benefits and are stable, it is absolutely ok when a stable version needs this time!
  6. Hallo, cool daß du dich dazu auch wieder meldest. Ich habe das auch noch nicht 'vergessen', die deutschen bzw. EU-Shops bräuchten da echt eine Lösung und es wäre ein weiterer Mehrwert den tb bieten würde im Vergleich zu anderen Plattformen ! klopf klopf an die Entwickler ?! @Traumflug Ich habe von lesley diesen Post hier gelesen und musste sofort daran denken, ob das vielleicht eine Lösung dazu sein kann? Bin mir aber nicht sicher, da ich mit den Hooks nicht so recht den Plan habe bzw. noch nicht damit rumspielen musste:
  7. Seems that i have to setup an 1.1.0 installation, even the 1.0.7 is not live A big thank you from here, too. Looks like it is growing good and into the right direction !!!
  8. Hello, just google for # at the end of url (or something like that), this finds a lot of answers, i bet this will not come from tb....
  9. Maybe yes, but we need a 100% working email solution for an onlineshop, not an calendar :) but as said before, depends strongly on your personal needs and preferences.
  10. My thought was about the normal Email Pro for 1.99/month (i will not use an MS product for this case), but depends surely on your needs....
  11. Hi, email hosting with all its problems and chances is a big thing, i believe. There are really a lot of fckng providers which mark every email as Spam and customers wont receive it (yahoo and Hotmail are horrible, i think). We have these problems every day.... Thank you for your ideas about that, i agree with them. The link to OpenSRS is interesting, the price too (!!!) , but the start / implementation seems to be very hard?! Maybe i can also do something for this topic, OVH is a bigger company with about 1.300.000 customers and a hundreds of thousands of servers and they offer also some special services like loadbalancing and also a Hosted email service. Here you can find the link to the international address, but customers can choose their nation and so you can make sure to be good with some regulations (e.g. servers in Europe and so on...): https://www.ovh.ie/emails/ I have only a few Domains at OVH and service is ok, but not needed much service until know (just Domains....). Customer Panel is a little bit strange something, there are German and French parts in it, but it seems to be that they are working on the translation. I dont know if this is for Email Hosting too..... so you have to make your own experiences.
  12. Hello, maybe we should try to implement another hurdle for the spammers and use their own ideas.... e.g. the name (and maybe other fields too)? Not sure, but could it be possible in thirtybees to check the fields by a simple code like this if they contain 'forbidden words' like http? (preg_match("/http/",$justanexample) What does devs say to this? @Traumflug
  13. Hallo, das ist schon länger Thema bei versch. Shopsystemen bzw. scheint immer mehr zum Thema zu werden bzw. nimmt man es immer mehr wahr und/oder Google dreht da ständig an den Daumenschrauben :) Ich meine dazu daß Google halt eine weitere Lösung herausgefunden hat, solche Seiten zu finden und automatisch zu bewerten, und zwar schlechter, da sie wohl wie verwaiste Seiten behandelt werden (nicht mehr direkt erreichbar / sichtbar etc.). Ich vermute daß das 'nicht sichtbar' relevanter ist als 'nicht bestellbar'. Müsstest du mal testen wenn das möglich ist. Wir lassen nicht bestellbare Produkte insofern aktiv daß sie der Kunde sehen kann, aber eben nicht bestellen kann, wir stellen daß aber über die Mengen ein und nicht wie bei deinem Bild oben 'bestellbar' . Wir nutzen aber noch nicht tb - aber bald.
  14. Hi @schmuck-checker , um in/nach Deutschland bzw. EU zu verkaufen kommt man um das AEUC-Modul nicht herum, das passt schon, sofern du als Shopbetreiber auch alles korrekt konfigurierst. Es greift ja in gewisse Preisangaben, in den Checkout und in Hinweise ein. tb nimmt uns auch schon eine Menge Probleme ab (z.B. die Grundpreisangabe/Berechnung, die bei PS ohne extra Modul nicht gut funktioniert hat), einfach weil in tb viele Bugs behoben wurden > Daumen hoch. Ein GDPR-Modul (also Datenschutz) das auch wirklich gut ist und alle Notwendigkeiten abdeckt fehlt meiner Meinung nach noch (aber auch bei externen Kaufmodulen finde ich nicht das 100%ige). Man kann den Shop aber auch mit eigenen Mitteln schon recht gut GDPR-sicher machen, notfalls indem man in einige Template-Dateien einfachen html-Code einbindet. Für genauere Hinweise muss man immer die Probleme oder Fragen kennen :)
  15. This should fix the c/o problem? It does not for me, i have used this php file and can not register with a c/o in the name.
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