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  1. Have done a new picture, please have a look at this (from old / current hosting), woff would be 'enough' for the symbols, but there is also a woff2 which is loaded and seems to be correct on the old hosting. On the 'new' hosting, the Open Sans font is not be loaded at all, wtf ?
  2. Hello @datakick thank you for your idea and reply, glad about this. But... please see my posting from Tuesday at 10:38 PM and the picture. The 'old' hosting shows the same in Chrome and this works without these problems. Please give me some minutes, at the moment i will do a fresh installation of tb in the same hosting in a separate folder and database, lets see how this is then. Maybe i have to contact the hoster then again, with informaiton about your link for mime type.
  3. Hi, still no success here. I do a backup with MySQLDumper, which usually is flawless, then import this into the new hosting. Still the same. Also checked the collations and tried different. Think i have to install tb from ground, then install Theme too. But i have a lot of customized files (Frontend and translations), how to find and copy them?
  4. Hello @toplakd , i have checked this in CPanel and it is correct (same as your picture). Could this error caused by anything in DB and utf-8 (or wrong settings for utf-8 when DB was transfered)? edit: now i have rechecked all DB tables, some of them are utf8_generel_ci , most are utf8mb4_unicode_ci . I have set all tables in the new hosting to the same as old hosting, but no success 😩
  5. Hello, now i have checked with 'old' hosting (there are no such problems there). The Chrome dev tools give the same content type and this tb site works fine. So now ?!?
  6. Server is Litespeed . I can set Apache Handle in CPanel control panel, is this correct or useful for this?
  7. and this is from startpage, there is no content-type showing !!
  8. uff, this is all i get from my Chrome. The fonts should be loaded from local hosting source, not via online / webservice !
  9. it seems to be font: (but preview is weired, not sure if this is normal for this type of file)
  10. When i type in the direct path into the browser, then the files are been downloaded. Could there be something in the .htaccess which goes wrong (AddFile e.g.)?
  11. Hello, i have a strange thing with FontAwesome - this is not loading since we have moved to an other faster hosting plan. It only shows weired signs in the Frontoffice, e.g. at button cart, contact and so on. Pls. refer to the picture. The 'old' hosting plan was with Apache and MySQL, the new is with nginx and MariaDB on SSD drives. Not sure if this can be a reason? The move was directly with copying all files and import DB via phpMyAdmin. We are not using the standard theme, but when i change the frontend theme to default, the FontAwesome will NOT be loaded either. I have checked path and files again and again and the files are stored correctly, i also have tried various permissions, without any effect. In global.css there is the following call: src: url ("../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome-webfont.eot? v = 4.6.3"); src: url ("../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome-webfont.eot? # iefix & v = 4.6.3") format ("embedded-opentype"), url ("../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome -webfont.woff2? v = 4.6.3 ") format (" woff2 "), url (" ../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome-webfont.woff? v = 4.6.3 ") format (" woff ") , url ("../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome-webfont.ttf? v = 4.6.3") format ("truetype"), url ("../ fonts / font-awesome / fontawesome-webfont.svg ? v = 4.6.3 # fontawesomeregular ") format (" svg "); and the direct path on server is: /public_html/shop/themes/community-theme-default/fonts/font-awesome So this file is also offered for download when called up in the browser and is therefore found (the other file extensions too): mydomain.xyz/themes/community-theme-default/fonts/font-awesome/fontawesome-webfont.eot mydomain.xyz/themes/community-theme-default/fonts/font-awesome/fontawesome-webfont.woff2 etc. We have deleted or emptied the .htaccess too, but with no success or other result. Do you have any idea or solution?! thank you
  12. Hello, do you have set the carrier by 'weight'? This problem is shown when weight is out of range or something like that. Also, check your zones for shipping/pick up and also the states of countries!
  13. I think some more variable shipping options are a good thing. We are also looking for a combination for 'small lightweight items' with additional 'very heavy items' and shipping costs will increase when such a heavy item is in cart and/or there should be no free shipping then.
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