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  1. DRMasterChief

    Converted from HTML store to thirty bees

    I did not tests on technical things (if checkout works....), shop seems to be fast, but maybe you can find an other (nicer) Theme, this is not very attractive to me (a male :) ) Do you use the Niara theme? Then the nice and clean look is lost, sorry to say this. Also the black line around each pic, why is this? Maybe you should reduce this to a small line, not that bold, and without your URL, so it would be more professional. There is the same description on each item, a super no-go for google.... and it is not very meaningful. Also text like ....What Others Love Most.... this does not appeal the customer, you are talking about 'others' and not THE customer. Think about it and maybe check some bigger shops with e.g. fashion, i think you can get a lot of ideas from there also for your business.
  2. DRMasterChief

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    WinSCP seems to be a good and safe FTP client, FileZilla got also a lot of security leaks afaik.
  3. DRMasterChief

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    My experiences in life :) : 1. FileZilla sucks 2. download the file and change it on your PC, rename the original file on FTP (so you have a backup), then upload the new file with the unchanged name
  4. DRMasterChief

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    @jfnewell1965 Why not just change the .tpl and upload it via FTP? Even if this is just for an try (in case of shopupdate you have to change then again, but this is easily if only one file is changed). This is the normal and easiest way and should work 100% , (cant understand the problem for myself, sorry)
  5. DRMasterChief

    I can't put anything in the left column....

    Yes, toplakd said it all. tb works great - also out of the box, but if you have (and most merchants have too) special demands to the theme/grafix the best way is to look for a nice and functional theme and then buy it. There are good themes for less than $100, so what :) Concentrate your energy to the selling, not to the coding or sketching. PS and tb are free and some skills in php and css are needed, but i think this is also with other shopsystems.
  6. DRMasterChief

    Shop spam

    Yes of course, and you can do this easily for your own, just change the confirmation message as you like and switch off not used messages :) A good editor the change the email html's is https://html5-editor.net/
  7. DRMasterChief

    Remove mandatory fields, help

    and others like here:
  8. Yes this is because of the new forum, unfortunately not all URLs are transformed correctly to the new forum (see the double numbers in the new links, maybe this works everytime for the old forum?) , but you can also use the big G to find the old content.... OK here we go: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2460-2460/database-setting-inside-phpmyadmin-when-making-a-copy/ https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/357-357/tutorial-how-to-migrate-from-ps-1-6-to-thirty-bees/
  9. DRMasterChief

    What file should i change to update a module version number?

    I did not know that it is possible to change the version no. by myself, not to updating it by the shop. This is cool and easy. I was in the situation that i needed this, so maybe i can give an older (better working) Paypal module a try :)
  10. DRMasterChief

    Config File

    Should be like this: Log in to your shop as the administrator. On the top menu bar, click Preferences, and then click SEO & URLs. Scroll down to the Set shop URL section. In the Shop domain text box, type the new domain name that you want PrestaShop to use. but you can run the shop also in a subfolder. And there should be attention if you are in the same domain, but in a separate or new folder. Here are all informations that fit for thirtybees too: https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/prestashop/how-to-change-prestashop-domain read carefully and do it right ;) and in case that this does not work, have a look into the database (as written) and change it there. Sometimes you should also have a look into /config/settings.inc.php and connection to database can also be checked: define('_DB_SERVER_', 'your.sqlhost.name.com'); define('_DB_NAME_', 'database_name'); define('_DB_USER_', 'database_user'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'database_pswd'); and i have deleted all files !! except index.php !! in /cache/smarty/compile und /cache/smarty/cache Then everything should be fine!
  11. DRMasterChief

    Show supplier reference on product page

    Hi, is there a screenshot to see the look of this? Would be great, thank you.
  12. DRMasterChief

    Modules and services shows a blank page

    Yes, absolutely the better thing than PS, especially regarding to the future plans of PS and we have a good community here :)
  13. DRMasterChief

    Modules and services shows a blank page

    Hello, welcome to tb ! This is not an error, this category is blank at the moment. It was introduced with one of the last updates and is needed for the future, but not yet. You should fiind all modules in the module categorie. Themes have to be uploaded manually (after you have purchased and downloaded them), there is no catalogue for Themes.
  14. I think this is an super old bug from PS, which is already present in tb. It is a well-known thing that the /mails/xx has to be copied (and sometimes the lang.php in it too). Now we have another topic for this, but great that it worked for you now. tb should fix this in anyway or take this into the handbook or readme section.
  15. DRMasterChief

    VAT Module issues

    good old vi - tell this our generation smartphone sorry for ot