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  1. Hiya. Yes I downloaded Chex One Page Checkout module (trial before I buy) this morning and have installed it but no more time for that right now, got to fix a girlfriend's leaking toilet cistern this PM! I will have a play with the module over the weekend. I'm using the Paylike module for payment but will test a few others to see if it is the payment module that is causing the problem, it is either a cart, a payment or checkout code problem somewhere.
  2. I've been able to recreate the 500 Server error. 1) Preferences/Orders has to be saved as: Order process type = One-page checkout 2) Fill the shopping cart with at least one item and then go to checkout. Don't complete the purchase and go back to the home page. Play around viewing items and then go back to the cart and voila, instant 500 server error. 3) Delete all cookies for the TB site, hit the back button to bring up the site and log back in again. 4) Shop away again and the checkout works again unless you come out of checkout without completing. Which will lead to the 500 server problem. I suspect that the cookie data causes the problem with the code throwing up the 500 server error. Perhaps the code needs to recognize that the cart has been abandoned and reset the cookie? This only happens on one page checkout. And sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, on one page checkout,the payment method does not link on clicking after you have checked the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, the only way I have found it clickable in terms of proceeding is to uncheck the terms and conditions box and recheck it and mystically the payment method (in my case Paylike) decides to become active and work! Suspect something up with ajax? My advice for now, stick to the 5 page checkout process.
  3. Solution for now is the five page check out process, no errors and works. Changing themes and regenerating does not get rid of the error. Error happens when single page checkout is selected but at one point this worked okay.
  4. That sounds a very handy way of doing things. This is my second new install in two days, 100% everything replaced with new. Only I get the 500 server issue back as well when I fiddle with TBs. I don't won't to load real data and go live and then find I need to do a complete new install, so much work will be wasted, your method sounds good advice. Determined not to give up on TB, I really like a lot of it especially the built for speed, still not fully understanding all this is cache stuff and wonder if the TB software and server conflict as both are doing the same job? I'm an empiricist, what works works even if I don't understand why at all! So I fiddle away until I like the result.
  5. It is a brand new install today with the test data. I haven't touched the product data, neither deleted it or added to it. All files are 644, directories 755. I had it working then fiddled! I wonder if being logged in twice in two different browsers at the same time caused an issue? Even after I undone everything I thought I had done the error still persisted. Some of the things mentioned are above my pay grade but I'll see if I can get an increase in pay, I'm just a sales and marketing guy! Just noticed this when fiddling with Preferences/Orders , 5 step check out causes no problems, only when set to single page check out does the server 500 error appear.
  6. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for that. I will work through that list and let you know which one works! My I share a little php file I have to set all file and directory permissions? Edit the file to the permissions you want, currently set 644 file, 755 for folder. I upload to root run it from the browser and then delete, obviously a dangerous tool if left in root! fix.php
  7. You have to agree to the terms and conditions, is that set? With the Niara theme the check box sometimes fails to display (even though you can plainly see it in the source code!) and without checking the check box you cannot continue. You can "fool" the browser by clicking just in front of the "I" at the start of the sentence and then magically the payment options appear but again clicking on that doesn't always result in activating the payment option unless you uncheck and check again the terms and conditions acceptance box when it will magically work the payment hyperlink again! Not sure if it is a browser issue or website issue but don't get these problems using the community theme.
  8. Onsite factors within TB that are important: meta tags cross linking rich snippets (that's built in already, right?) speed mobile ready Offsite factors is reviews and reputation. This is becoming perhaps the single most important factor in SEO at the moment for commercial websites. I believe someone has created a review module for TB that chases down reviews from customers. If you see a company with 200 reviews (mostly 5 star) it will typically beat in the SERPs a company with 100 reviews even if the latter has far more back linking and better "traditional" on and off page seo. Back linking is slowly dying for commercial sites and reviews are becoming far more important. Expect to see the birth of spam review sites! SEO is a big area, is the plan to incorporate best in class seo techniques built in?
  9. The plot thickens on the above. Cannot create new user (in case it was a particular user issue) without getting 500 server error although user does get created when getting back in after the error. And still cant check out with 500 server error. The new error log again highlights the same problem as above.
  10. Hi, I'm getting a Server 500 error when attempting to check out. Decrypting the error message file I get Source file: classes/Link.php Line 161 (161: throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid product vars') is highlighted in red so I am assuming the rest of the code is okay. (!$idLang) { 150: $idLang = Context::getContext()->language->id; 151: } 152: 153: $url = $this->getBaseLink($idShop, null, $relativeProtocol).$this->getLangLink($idLang, null, $idShop); 154: 155: if (!is_object($product)) { 156: if (is_array($product) && isset($product['id_product'])) { 157: $product = new Product($product['id_product'], false, $idLang, $idShop); 158: } elseif ((int) $product) { 159: $product = new Product((int) $product, false, $idLang, $idShop); 160: } else { 161: throw new PrestaShopException('Invalid product vars'); 162: } 163: } 164: 165: // Set available keywords 166: $params = []; 167: $params['id'] = $product->id; 168: $params['rewrite'] = (!$alias) ? $product->getFieldByLang('link_rewrite') : $alias; 169: 170: $params['ean13'] = (!$ean13) ? $product->ean13 : $ean13; 171: $params['meta_keywords'] = Tools::str2url($product->getFieldByLang('meta_keywords')); I am not sure how this got generated but I may have been logged in as the same "customer" in two different browsers on my laptop at the same time. I was also fiddling with performance settings and messing with the cache settings, but I put them all back to the settings before I started fiddling and ensured I was only logged in by one browser. So went back to the starting position essentially but still it would not let me proceed so suspect something nasty got written to the database perhaps? that prevents moving on? Any ideas on this one? I had it before and I did a complete new install to get rid of it and rebuilt the whole site again. Now I have crasdhed it again and cant recover from clicking checkout and getting server 500 error even with just one login and rebuilding cache etc.
  11. Hi. I'm getting this error message after editing and saving the Advanced EU Compliance module. "Warning on line 1253 in file public_html/modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php [2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" Is this fixable? Thank you.
  12. Not sure if this is relevant here but sometimes I have had customers who have obtained free "nulled" copies of modules/templates/etc and this stuff is packed with all sorts of nefarious code including stealing credit card details and back doors to a website, a good reason never to deal with "free" or nulled products leaving aside the ethical and legal reasons! One of the reasons I arrived at TB is because I trust there is no shenanigans going on with the code!
  13. Problem now solved! The problem was the app key in the Paylike module settings. In the customer dashboard at Paylike you have to generate that app key, I had actually copied and pasted the the ID as I could only see the public key (so that gets pasted into the public key in TB Paylike module) and an ID which looked like a key as it was a long number. This is incorrect, you have to click on Apps Create generate an app key, this was not obvious to me and first blush and I had copied and pasted an ID. There is no guide tips in the dashboard so you have to find your feet yourself. So, if you use the Paylike payment module make sure you copy and paste: 1) The Public key in Customer Dashboard at Paylike to Public key in TB Paylike module 2) Generate an App Key in Paylike Customer Dashboard and paste to app key in TB Paylike module I might add the Paylike payment module works really well and at 1.4% transaction charge and no set up or monthly recurring charges seems a good deal.
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