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  1. @Jonny Have you ever meet this error? I wasn't able to find a solution because I'm not sure where is failing. Aparently is all ok on BO configuration, the other categories work fine.
  2. Maybe is so simple, but happened to me sometimes: have you checked if your theme modules are disabled? Have you checked if the modules are disabled from Customers->Groups configuration?
  3. It's weird, or maybe I don't know very much about how it works. Some days ago it was working fine. After installing another failed payment method, it stopped. Created a new API connection, it worked in Sandbox mode, I think, because it did authorization, not capture of the money. But on May 21st we had a normal sale, captured. In PayPal dev site it seems like still in Sandbox, but works like live. I'll leave it like this while receiving payments, but I feel it inconsistent. Maybe it's me, hahaha...
  4. danwarrior

    Paypal setup????

    Any news about this? Paypal was working on my store and not anymore (I've upgraded to 1.2 too)...
  5. Any news about this? Paypal was working on my store and not anymore (I've upgraded to 1.2 too)...
  6. Thanks so much, guys! Yobo from Sunnytoo was my salvation, he saw what I couldn't, I was blocked: https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/white-page-when-login-we-cant-close-sales#post-110224 Analytics had 2 actives modules, and customer group had disabled almost all modules (I don't know when, it was working a few days ago...). Solved!
  7. Qué bueno que lo encontraste, gracias por compartirlo 🙂 De hecho puedes modificar el nombre del hilo y ponerle delante algo tipo [RESUELTO], así ayuda a siguientes usuari@s. Un saludo!
  8. Well, I can't help you exactly with the question because I'm no coder. If you want to create a new one theme, no idea. But if it is for your own store, you want to simplify work and have flexiblity on layout, design and functionallity options (almost infinite), I highly recommend you Panda from Snnytoo, is TB compatible and they give good support. I've developed some stores for customers with that template. Good luck!
  9. Hi, guys! I'm becoming little crazy because I can't find what is the cause of this. I prepared this short video http://somup.com/crhYngqnr7 for Sunnytoo guys (because we're using Panda, but I'm not sure if the theme is the problem. We started having these problems after upgrading to 1.2.0 (from 1.1.0), but I don't see anyone here with the same issue. I'm not coder, so maybe I'm missing something. Hope you can light me a little. Thanks so much! The site is http://cajaregistradoraytpv.com/ PHP version is 7.2. It seems to bee another issue with the EU Compliance when active: http://somup.com/crhYe5qnOz, any of you guys is having the same issue? Thanks so much, have a nice day!
  10. Wow, it was that. I've changed and fixed it, thanks so much! I supose it maybe happened when I fixed incoherences on database from the core upddater module, after updating from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi, people! I have an issue I can't understand. Our store in cajaregistradoraytpv.com was already and selling, and now, when someone makes an order choosing Bank Transfer, inmediately the order state active is "Product Out of Stock". I though it was a configuration error, but no. The products have stock enough and is not the behaviour configurated on Mail Alerts. For now it only happens with bank transfer, not PayPal. I've updated from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0 recently, could it affect in someway, @datakick? The only related thread I've found is this one https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/804020-mensaje-fuera-de-stock-en-cada-pedido/?tab=comments#comment-3071294 but is about PS 1.7, not TB, so the file is not the same, in fact. I probed that in database, the "awaiting payment with bank transfer" has ID=10, while the Product Out of Stock has ID=9. Maybe is an error on code or miscalculation? Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks, Wartin! I'm trying, had to ask for my hosting because I don't see the option on cPanel. I also found this and much more "apply fix" pending on the Core Updater. In fact I thought maybe the kind of unicode could be the reason bu I didn't know where to change it. Let's see!
  13. An advanced integration with FB Ada, similar to Shopify. It would make TB unstoppable 😉
  14. I record my error here, is only 1 minute: http://somup.com/crfibybsL9 I tried to change options on Preferences -> SEO but I get a 403 error. I updated TB last week, but I supose that is not the cause... Thanks so much!
  15. Igual aquí (Same here). Actualizado de 1.1.0 a 1.2, usando Panda, y todo sigue funcionando perfecto. (Upgraded to 1.2 using Panda theme, all working fine). @datakickI have to talk with you, I want to help in some things and give some vision to monetize TB project, but these weeks are being "a bit" bussy. I'll send an email soon. Thanks, Petr!
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