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  1. Hi, @datakick, hope you're fine. I wrote you on your support forum about an issue in the cart details of Chex, is about COD fee. Can you please help us to solve it? The thread is here https://store.getdatakick.com/en/support/module/13-chex-one-page-checkout/130-about-some-details-on-cart-left-column-we-need-to-show-a-cod-fee and I gave you all the access and license too via email. Thanks so much, Pietr!
  2. I understand. But I feel maybe I didn't explain: there's a fee for the Cash on delivery payment method, and it needs to be shown with the rest of taxes on the cart resume, at left column of the checkout page from Chex module. Maybe you've already done it and it doesn't work on my site. @datakick I was looking on your support forum but didn't found it, sorry if this is not the place. Thanks again!
  3. hi @piet What I need is that when a customer chooses the "cash on delivery" payment method, a breakdown of the total price appears, that is, what he pays for the VAT, what he pays for choosing that method and what he would pay for the product itself. best regards
  4. Hi @piet Sorry for my insistence. I still haven't figured out the breakdown of cash on delivery. Could you help us? Thank you
  5. Hi @piet, How are they? I have a question. I can add in the final result table the complete price breakdown with the fixes. Thank you very much for the help
  6. @PepeMuy buenas! Disculpa, Pepe, no os leí, ha sido una vorágine esto desde que empezó el C19 y no había casi entrado por aquí. ¿Qué tal lo llevas? ¿Al final te decidiste a empezar con TB? Si te puedo ir resolviendo algo, por aquí estoy, y en despegamos@elplandedan.com El tema de la gestión de datos yo lo estoy recomendando mucho vía Store Manager, es volar y creo que eso es lo que buscabas. Ya me dices, para poder orientarte lo que necesites. un saludo! Gracias, @rubben1985
  7. @datakickI traslated a big part of the front module to Spanish: here you are, the php file, so you can include it on your /Translations folder 🙂 es.php
  8. You were right! Thanks so so much! It must be one of these, because I've deactivated and it worked fine again. You're so good, man! 😄
  9. <script async="" src="//cdn-vk.com/js/vk.js?v=2"></script> I found it on a 1.0.8 website I have and in a 1.1.0 I just installed. Used Panda theme in both cases, differents versions. It doesn't let me save the products correctly:
  10. I'm using it on motorparts.es, you can try it :)
  11. You said the right words: it could be enough, but in terms of Conversion Rate Optimization, is in the checkout process when people are more ready to increase the average amount of the cart. This are marketing and optimization questions, directly connected with the development of the website. Think that the Checkout is the last step off the funnel in sales, so is the moment we (as sellers) can play with promos, related products, limited offers... I think they are talking about this.
  12. I didn't though yet about what you're telling but I think you're right. The module per se is fine, but maybe in the future Petr wants to prepare more sections for that "upsellings" and make it a very strong module hard to compete with. The option of an extra page like in Amazon can works, I don't like specially but it could work for many people. I don't like it because it "enlarge" the sales funnel/process and it means more clicks (less sales) for many lazy people. The option I visualized as I read you is to add an extra box under the resume box, like Thrivecart and others cart system for digital products show (they are very good on CRO). Maybe this ideas/schemes help (I know is not the same structure, but maybe @datakick can think on any good option for the future). This kind of boxes usually . increase the amount average more than in simple ecommerces (marketers have studied deeply the behaviour of buyers). And maybe choosing between an extra previous page or an extra box would be perfect for all kind of sellers (of course this would increase the price of the module, is a lot of extra work, but a lot of optimization too).
  13. Hahaha, you're right, and guess what... I didn't saw that HUGE button! 😅 I was looking inside the orders, in Customers... xD Now I can create orders but I couldn't modify one, but I get a console error (I'm using 1.0.7), or maybe for modifying is on another site. Thanks for your usefull help!
  14. Hi, guys! Today one of my customer had an issue, and I remembered that a few years ago we had this option (I think, maybe I'm dreaming): It was possible to modify or create manually orders from the backoffice. Have you thought about including this funcionallity on the next TB releases? This case was, for example, they have COD payment and the majority of their customers choose this payment option. So they don't generate invoices untill the order is shipped. But in the previous states, if someone make a mistake or simply want some help in their orders, right now is no tpossible make changes, directly on the order. Just saying, let me know if you add this to the "To Do" list, please. Thank you so much!
  15. A mí me suena a error de SEO o a que falte por crear alguna miniatura. Te dejo pantallazo de lo que me aparece a mí. Por un lado he agregado una imagen adjunta, no la veo pero tampoco veo el espacio para ello (y desconozco si debe salir). Por otro lado, esta imagen "rota": seguramente falte regenerar el archivo .htaccess, o limpiar caché de TB, o la miniatura no existe en TB 1.1 y tendrías que crearla a mano. Cualquiera de esas 3 opciones son las que tienen más papeletas de ser las "culpables". Como no me sale espacio para la imagen personalizada que yo he subido, no puedo inspeccionar código, pero me da que deben estar ligados estos 2 fallos.
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