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  1. Hello, all this was activated before the update and worked correctly.
  2. Hello again, I have found the problem in the advanced stock management that I had it activated and multishop. I have deactivated the advanced stock management and everything is back to normal. You will have to check this point if you have it activated because it may be giving you error.
  3. For example this is an article that I have added recently https://expomueble.es/cuadros/flores-y-plantas/pack-2-cuadros-espiral-hojas and this is an item that was in the catalog prior to the upgrade https://expomueble.es/dormitorio/sinfonier-4-cajones-sintra-roble-blanco I don't know if the error can also be caused by an unsupported module.
  4. I have a problem that I think corresponds since I upgraded to 1.2. The problem is that the items I have added after the upgrade appear not to have a carrier available and yet the ones I added earlier do recognize the carriers. I have not created any new carrier and I have not modified it either so I can not find any other explanation than that, because previously the stores were working perfectly. I don't see anything in the logs that could give me a clue and in debugging I don't get any error. I don't know if you can help me and find the error in another way?, please.
  5. There are some changes, for the moment everything seems to be going well except for the mobile phone which doesn't seem to be working.
  6. Hi, please do you know if this modification is valid for version 1.2? Since the page has changed, I have tried to make the same modifications but they do not apply, they are still the same.
  7. I have finally succeeded, I attach an image. In case anyone is interested, the position is line 234 of product.tpl of version 1.2 thirtybees.
  8. Thank you very much for anwser, i want to add new hook in this place for publicity or images in htmlbox module by Vekia or html code
  9. Yes, this is my problem because i try in to put some code for a new hook in some places but i don't get the rigt place
  10. Hello, I would like to add images or text after the product images, but I've been going around for a while and I can't do it, someone can help me, please Thank you very much for your time
  11. jmeca

    Export reviews feed

    Hello, is there any way to export the comment/reviews feed? For a google program Thank you very much for your help
  12. Thank you very much it help my :)
  13. Thank you very much for your help, I deactivated what you told me and I managed to discover right away that it was a module that was giving problems, I deactivated the module and it works perfectly and without errors.
  14. VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:6 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined at e.fn.init.e.attr (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:6) at n.access (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:3) at e.fn.init.attr (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:4) at Object.validateInput (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2008) at e.fn.init.$.fn.validateInputOnBlur (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1269) at HTMLFormElement.<anonymous> (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1211) at Function.each (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2) at e.fn.init.each (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:2) at e.fn.init.$.fn.validate (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:1201) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (VM254 v_175_684957338e11b0ce44f6c54fdc13ff9a.js:362) I have these errors on the page that I really don't know what they mean and I have problems with some modules that don't look good or don't work well. Does anyone have these problems or have you fixed them? Thanks for your help
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