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  1. Well, it's weird, because it doesn't show any errors.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your help. If I have the transporters already created. I have downloaded it from here https://github.com/thirtybees/carriercompare In the shopping cart do not appear shipping costs as shown in the image
  3. Hello, thank you for contacting, this only happens in Instant Checkout, when you enter all the data and you reach the final button "proceed to checkout" and you give the button does nothing, does not advance to the next step of the order you can see it in the following link: https://luzmayor.com/en/autenticacion?back=https%3A%2F%2Fluzmayor.com%2Fcarrito%3Fstep%3D1&display_guest_checkout=1 In the standard order 5 steps and one page chekout works correctly only fails in instant order Thank you very much for your help
  4. Installed the carriercompare module and is always looking for information does not show results Any help, please? https://luzmayor.com/carrito
  5. After many tests on the server I think the problem was that I had SSI support enabled, because since I disabled it has not reproduced the problem. I hope it continues like this, thank you very much for your collaboration.
  6. Hello I have problems with the template because in opc or instant checkout the Procced Chekout button does not work. I fill in the data and it doesn't go on, any idea? please I have tb 1.1.0 and Spanish and English language and neither works well https://expomueble.es
  7. The problem was some overrides of an uninstalled module that had not been deleted. Thank you very much for your help and collaboration.
  8. I only have opcache activated I will deactivate it and see if the problem is solved
  9. I'm using plesk and apache no ningx i don't think i have engitron cache
  10. I believe that I have deleted almost all the unnesary modules for my store and continues to leave the address of other customers when I register as a customer, I send you an image
  11. I have already disabled also the full page cache and cleared by ftp I use plesk server no cpanel and I'm using multishop in case it's of any help. I am also deleting all non-original modules to see if the problem is caused by any module. I will give you more information when I finish all the work. I bet very strongly on Thirty Bees because I don't like PS 1.7 at all. I hope it don't disappoint me.
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