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  1. Hi, maybe this will help you: https://help.baselinker.com/knowledgebase/royal-mail-integration/
  2. Try to rebuild the layered filter (edit it, and save).
  3. I would consider posting this as an issue on github, sql query needs to be profiled, and optimizations applied to either code or db indexes.
  4. How many combinations are we talking about? Thousands? Maybe it's an indexing issue in the db, or general db/server performance issue.
  5. Online markets - there's a reason there are paid modules. Markets integration rules and methods change and improve constantly, and require support. Support = money. Wholesalers - if a wholesaler has a way to export stocks, it's simple to integrate it with a module. If you need such tool, let me know. Advanced stock management and multistore - all of those functions are already there AFAIK. Disappearing categories might be a bug, I haven't used multistore for a while.
  6. Hi guys, I'm a merchant from Poland, running TB from the first versions. I'm also an IT pro with an additional developer on board. I'm planning to use our experience into a small e-commerce business this year, and I'm thinking about supporting TB in some way, as it's been good for us :) We can help with some dev, infrastructure, maybe some marketing. Shoot me with a PM if there's any way I can be of an assistance. All the best! Daniel
  7. Hi, When filtering using blocklayered, the URL changes responding to changes made in the filter, e.g. https://front.thirtybees.com/tea#/exclusive_buy-no But when I'm trying to enter the page through this URL, the filtering is not applied. Any clues?
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