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  1. Ok. I found the problem. It's not a bug. The problem appears if you don't configure the email settings in the back office. In this case, when you cancel the order, a error message appear at the top: "Something went wrong or an email coudn't be sent to the customer". I guess it happens because in the code there must be a die or break point if the script of the state change detects that the customer email coudn't be sent. Regards.
  2. [Pre-conditions: Advanced Stock Management System activated] Hi. If you make an order using bank wire payment method, and you cancel it. You will see how the stock gets broken. Let's use an example: Product: iphone black Your warehouse contains: 5 x iphone black The order contains: 1 x iphone black. After the customer make the order, the current stock is 4 iphone black in your warehouse. Now, If in the back office, you cancel the order, the stock remains with 4 units, it doesn't reinject the iphone to the stock, and the order is cancelled. In prestashop (It doesn't appear in ThirtyBees) you have a button called "Delete products" that at least (is a horrible solution) allows you to remove the products of the order and reinject the products to the stock. But, if you don't remove the product and you just cancel the order, the stock gets corrupted. The unit keeps blocked forever but the unit is completely available for others new orders. For me, the solution of removing the product from the order is the worst possible solution, because the customer can't see what he ordered. Moreover, it forces you to be aware of the orders that you cancel and to delete product by product, what is very unproductive. So, Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be really appreciated. Regards!!!
  3. Hello. I have readed that TB has repaired more than 2.000 bugs of Prestashop. Is possible to know them? For example: For the advanced stock management system, ps has a lot of bugs: - Activate the advanced stock management system. (ASMS) - Create an order of a product that is controlled by the ASMS and select pay with bank transfer method. - Cancel it in the backoffice. RESULT: The quantities reserved by the ASMS when the order is created are not turned back to the warehouse when you cancel the order. For example if finally the customer doesn't want the products. This is a simple example. For this reason, I would appreciate a lot if we can know wich bugs have been repaired. Thank you very much!!
  4. Hi again If you enter in the Localizacion section you just can select English as lenguage, and the following message appears in the top: ! Cannot connect In Prestashop you can import a location package if you want to change the language of your store. :) Regards!!!
  5. Hi again. In the Performance section, when you activate the cache system, there isn't any button to clean the cache. I just realized that after activating CCC compression, I coudn't see the changes in the store until I have deleted directly the cache files in my server. When I did it, the page loaded with ccc compression. Regards!!
  6. Thank you. I just have created the empty .htaccess file that the page tells me, and everything worked fine. It would be great if a better description will appear just to clarify that is necessary to create the file even if you are using nginx. By the way. The nginx configuration is the same as Prestashop uses, so, for those who want to use Nginx, you just have to use the same configuration. Thank you and regards!! :dancers:
  7. According to the software specifications, you can use Nginx as server. But, if you want to activate the URL friendly option in the SEO & URLs tab, you see the following message: 1. Create a blank .htaccess file 2. Give it write permissions. I have tried to activate it, but it shows the written message. I don't want to use Apache as a server, since I consider Nginx a better server. So, What is the action to perform to fix this problem? Thank you!!
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