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  1. Is lastest code. I have cloned the repo from Github a couple hours ago. Chrome. Latest version.
  2. Hello. When you see a demo product in the 1.0.4 RC version, after page loading is finished, the main product picture disappears, the following error is shown in the console: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined at initProductImages (product.js:180) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (product.js:123) at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) I have tested it in a clean installation. Regards!!
  3. Custom CMS information Module may help you. As far as I remember, It allows you to create personalized block with the information you want in the home page, for example you can create a block with pictures, links to your CMS or categories and so on. Go to modules -> Custom CMS information block module -> Install -> Configuration, and take a look at the module options. It this solutions doesn't fit with what you want, just come back again and we will try to find other solution. :) Regards!!
  4. What do you mean with "show the categories"? Do you want to show a link to certain categories? Do you want to show a picture + category name in the same way as a product is shown? Please, explain us better what you need in order to help you better. Nevertheless, remember that you can use the Menu to link your categories from the homepage. (Modules -> Top Menu)
  5. Hello. When is exactly happening that? When you save the order? When you add the product to the order? In order to help you, some screen shoots would be appreciated. I tried to reproduce the issue, and everything went fine. So, please, give us more details to find out what is happening. Regards!
  6. Module Home Featured can help you. It allows you to show the products you want only putting them in the root category. Go to your back office -> Modules -> Home Featured > Install and after that, go to every product you want to show, and put the category they belongs to as root category. Regards.
  7. Hello. Could you give us a better explanation about what you want to do? Thanks!!
  8. The problem was that some files were missing in the server due to .gitignore configuration. After copying it. Everything worked fine. Thank you!
  9. As @bzndk suggests, maybe is a problem with permissions. I'm going to check it.
  10. Hello, I have installed the lastest Ubuntu Server 17.10 with PHP 7.1 to test the store. Testing the Theme section, when I want to upload the logo of the store, the following error appears: An error happens during the logotype copy. In the error.log of nginx you can see the following lines: PHP message: PHP Notice: tempnam(): file created in the system's temporary directory in /var/www/html/store/controllers/admin/AdminThemesController.php on line 2855" while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: www.store.com, request: "POST /admin1234/index.php?controller=AdminThemes&token=e2190e35953c445da7147b17e0ed7629 HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/run/php/php7.1-fpm.sock:", host: "www.store.com", referrer: "https://www.store.com/admin1234/index.php?controller=AdminThemes&token=e2190e35953c445da7147b17e0ed7629" 2017/11/04 12:42:33 [error] 1039#1039: *1512 open() "/var/www/html/store/img/store-logo-1509795337.jpg" failed (2: No such file or directory) I have seen there is and old bug created with similar content, and the idea to fix it was to find other function instead of tempnam(). Is a problem of PHP 7.1? Is interesting to keep that TB is compatible with PHP 7.1? Should TB provide a php.ini config file sample to fix it? Do you recommend to work with PHP 7.0 instead of 7.1? Thanks!!!!!
  11. Today I thought I was having the same problem. Because at this point, the installation process stopped. But after a while, I realized that the problem is that this point takes more that 2 o 3 minutes to get completed!!! So, many times, I stopped the page, because I thought there was a problem... Yes, definitely this point needs to be improved.
  12. Fantastic. Is a big quality jump from Prestashop way of thinking to the new way of acting and thinking with TB. Congrats for the decision.
  13. Maybe @mdekker can give us a clue. I think there must be a simple way to do it in the code without any development process, following the idea of the build script they have improved this week on github.
  14. Could you explain how to make a custom installer? I really would appreciate it!!
  15. Yes, but, Don't you think is easier instead of removing one to one, to choose wich modules you want and which ones you don't want? Moreover, what about the core modules like Stripe or similars? You can't uninstall those modules even if you are not going to use them. I think that to be able to select the modules you want is easier, quicker and in terms of efficiency, more interesting.
  16. Hello. One of the things I consider more interesting keeping a long time proyect is to have just the modules that you need in your store. To get rid of the modules that you don't use benefits you in a lot of scenarios: It reduces the amount of files, and therefore, the space you have to keep in your backups. It makes smaller your database, removing dependences sometimes and allowing you better performance in general terms. As a consecuence of that, your database backups will be smaller to. By default a lot of hooks are created with the default modules, so, removing them, you make the hook table quicker. It keeps the KISS philosofy. Because in most cases, you don't need all the features offered by tb. I would love to be able to select the modules that I want to install during the installation process. Including of course the modules integrated in the core. For example, I won't never use the Paypal module, or the Stripe Module, so Why I have to keep them in my store permanently? I don't find any reason for that. I wonder if in a first step, any developer can go to the installer files, and remove the folders of the modules that you don't want, but I don't have enought knowlegde of the core, to know if it will affect the store. I have never understood why prestashop never allowed that. I think thirtybees must offer this possibility. I think this must be easy to acomplish. NOTE: If you like this proposal you can vote it here: https://thirtybees.com/suggestions/customization-of-modules-on-installation/ Regards.
  17. Hello @mdekker I've been checking the 1.0.1.beta.2 and the error is still present on the template. I have seen you closed the issue on github and labeled as part of 1.0.1 release. Just for your information. ;) Regards!!
  18. Hello to everybody! One of the things I consider less secure of Prestashop is when it sends the password to the customer via email. I think this should change. Moreover, the MD5 encryption is less secure than SHA1, so, Why don't change it? I think security must be one of the maximum priorities for the project. Currently, there is a paid module that offers this functionality: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/11169-password-recovery-high-security-password-storage.html What do you think? Regards!
  19. [Comes from here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/87/supply-orders-pending-receipt-bug-associated-to-the-front-office] @mdekker As you can see in the following picture, after changing the status from 2-Order validated to 3-Pending receipt the product automatically changes to this: If the quantities are ok, I guess it must be a problem of the template, that is not taking the right variable. BTW: Sorry for the delay in my answer. I couldn't reply until now. Shit!!! I didn't want to create a new post!! I just wanted to add the picture XDXD. Sorry
  20. Hello. I want to share with you a bug that I have detected. [Conditions] - Advanced Stock Management: Activated. To reproduce the bug just follow the steps: Create a supply order. Add a product with quantity equal 0 and choose for example order 2 new products. Current instant state: Physical quantity = 0 | Usable quantity = 0 | Real quantity = 0 Change the status to Order Validated. Current instant state: Physical quantity = 0 | Usable quantity = 0 | Real quantity = 0 Change the status to Pending Receipt. Current instant state: Physical quantity = 0 | Usable quantity = 0 | Real quantity = 2 Go to the front office. You can see that there are 2 items to be ordered when you haven't received the products: I guess is a heritated bug from Prestashop. But I think can produce severe problems in many stores. If the supplier needs 5 days to deliver your order, you can be in serious troubles with your customers :) I have been taking a look in the code, and I think the problem must be in the AdminSupplyOrdersController.php line 1223: ``` // create stock entry if not exist when order is in pendingreceipt if ($newstate->pendingreceipt) { $supplyorderdetails = $supplyorder->getEntries(); foreach ($supplyorderdetails as $supplyorderdetail) { $ispresent = Stock::productIsPresentInStock($supplyorderdetail['idproduct'], $supplyorderdetail['idproductattribute'], $supplyorder->idwarehouse); if (!$is_present) { $stock = new Stock(); $stock_params = array( 'id_product_attribute' => $supply_order_detail['id_product_attribute'], 'id_product' => $supply_order_detail['id_product'], 'physical_quantity' => 0, 'price_te' => $supply_order_detail['price_te'], 'usable_quantity' => 0, 'id_warehouse' => $supply_order->id_warehouse ); // saves stock in warehouse $stock->hydrate($stock_params); $stock->add(); } } ``` I hope this can help to fix the bug. Thank you very much and regards.
  21. Hi, I guess the 1.0.0 version of tb that is available to be downloaded doesn't include the latest fixes and improvements. So, when do you plan to release the 1.0.1 version? Regards!!!
  22. @lesley thinking in your question, I have thought that can be a good idea if you create a list of the major necessities that you have. So, people that want to help can go there and see how to help :) It would help to accomplish the goals better.
  23. @lesley I'm not complaining about your work that I consider is fantastic. The effort that @mdekker and you are doing is brilliant. The thing is that I want to help! And I feel really frustrated reading the Prestashop core. As me, there must be many others willing to help that feel frustrated.
  24. The book from Fabien Serny only covers Modules development. It doesn't cover the core development. I understand that @mdekker and @lesley have a lot of work to do. But, I think that if they want that Thirtybees will become in a very competitive project, they are going to need much more help and people able to develop new improvements and functionality. One of the biggest issues that Prestashop has always had is the lack of speed fixing bugs and problems. Due to the Prestashop team is small. I just want to put on the table, that with only a couple of fantastic developers is not enought to have a software that is able to fight against Magento, Sylius or even, Prestashop. I would like to help much more to this project, but the learning curve is insane compared with other projects.
  25. Hello. One of the things that are a big barrier for those who want to start with Prestashop, is the lack of documentación about the Core. If you read the core classes you can't find comments to explain the code. There isn't any place in where you can go a read how Prestashop works internally. Even, If you want to buy a book in the market, there isn't any available. There are several Open Source Projects such as Sylius that are completely opposite to this situation. They are gaining a lot of supporters and developers, and they put a lot of effort trying to offer the best experience for programmers with very good documentation. I think @mdekker and @lesley must consider seriously to document properly the core in order to allow new developers to help in the project and make this project solid for the future. I'm afraid that this project could reach a dead road if it continues being so difficult to know how the core works. To have a very well documented code is one of the biggest advantages that an Open Source Project can offer. And there are many projects that can be used as an example of this policy, Android is a good example of that. Since the beginning, Google offered very good information about how to programming anything in Android. Thank you very much, I would like to help programming in this project, but I'm starting with prestashop, and I really think is stupid to loose a lot of time studying the code because nobody has written a good documentation. Best regards!
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