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  1. Hello, Datakick that is the problem I removed and it is working fine. Thank you very much. Ron
  2. This is in the dashboard where the visitor link are. I have been getting since I made my move from A2 to hostgator for the last 30 days. Yes the cart is up to date 1.1.0 version.
  3. Can you tell me how to fix this in the stats: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'in,SUM(IF(o.id_lang = 3, total_paid_tax_excl / o.conversion_rate, 0)) as hi,SUM(' at line 1 in file modules/statsmodule/stats/statsforecast.php at line 632
  4. Hello Rhapsody, That fixed it, thank you, and very glad you are a neighbor. Ron :)
  5. Hi, This might be dumb but I can not find out how to take out a pop up for a form that I put into my website. It is from a code I received from sendinblue a sign up form which I am not using now. I show as and error tell the viewer to go to send in blue. I looked at the view source and the this is the code [ <div class="tingle-modal-box"><div class="tingle-modal-box__content"><p><iframe width="540" height="305" style="margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;max-width:50%;" src="https://8aee67b3.sibforms.com/serve/MUIEAERPl8lVzWDBseyt4ObcSZAjk8V5Iw5tS2gTmaaPyYXSobAaW-K-xyYTJAQH103L1uALAf_L2ZxnxXcBe9qGsd-ytie-kRdZG-l8B1UpWQC2vr_kZ1Kk6IZZoWJpG00Q1RtpuN_ZPI3HGFoDWW1GsUJIv-k_uuYaVqonVQB7yrnt4UQs-vPumGM-ZptGpAIk61BXTcEVE_hD" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe></p></div><div class="tingle-modal-box__footer"><button class="prestacraft-close">x</button></div></div> ] My page where ist is showing is www.providencesilverco.com But I don't have this in the custom code - Add extra metas to the header. I think I have to go to the page to delete it but which page? Thank you, Ron
  6. Thank you Signut this will definitely be a useful source, much appreciated.
  7. I have a product in providencesilverco.com/en/jewelry/handcrafted-pearl-jewelry/handmade-sterling-and-gold-overlay-pearl-bracelet I made a video on U tube and got this code <iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ObFFMDjP8Rk" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> I tried a custom block on new elements on the product page left columns but I don't see it. I would like it to show like a picture under the main product picture so someone can view if they want? Ron
  8. HI , I just tried to get into the products in the admin section and received these errors? How would I go about to fix this?? However I refreshed just now and it went to the product and then when I tried to add it was also good. Sorry guys and gals it seemed to have corrected itself as I just logged out and then logged into the admin, all was fine. Weird throw new SmartyException("unable to write file {$_tmp_file}"); 50: } 51: 52: /* 53: * Windows' rename() fails if the destination exists, 54: * Linux' rename() properly handles the overwrite. 55: * Simply unlink()ing a file might cause other processes 56: * currently reading that file to fail, but linux' rename() 57: * seems to be smart enough to handle that for us. 58: */ 59: if (Smarty::$_IS_WINDOWS) { 60: // remove original file 61: if (is_file($_filepath)) { 62: @unlink($_filepath); 63: } 64: // rename tmp file 65: $success = @rename($_tmp_file, $_filepath); 66: } else { 67: // rename tmp file 68: $success = @rename($_tmp_file, $_filepath); 69: if (!$success) { 70: // remove original file 71: if (is_file($_filepath)) { 72: @unlink($_filepath); 73: } 74: // rename tmp file 75: $success = @rename($_tmp_file, $_filepath); 76: } 77: } 78: if (!$success) { Stack trace 1. vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_runtime_writefile.php:68 source Fatal error()
  9. HI, I have changed hosting form A2 to HostGator and now when I check out i get error on checkout and sometimes on sign in. I contacted stripe and they told me that it is a problem with the module but I don't see how? Any suggestion? Thanks Ron Expired API Key provided: sk_live_Yw****************************EUmn in file modules/stripe/classes/GuzzleClient.php at line 237 Source file: modules/stripe/classes/GuzzleClient.php 218: $rheaders[$name] = $values; 219: } 220: } 221: } catch (BadResponseException $e) { 222: $headers = []; 223: foreach ($e->getResponse()->getHeaders() as $name => $values) { 224: if (is_array($values)) { 225: $headers[$name] = implode(', ', $values); 226: } elseif (is_string($values)) { 227: $headers[$name] = $values; 228: } 229: } 230: $message = 'Could not connect with Stripe'; 231: try { 232: $json = json_decode((string)$e->getResponse()->getBody(), true); 233: if (isset($json['error']['message'])) { 234: $message = $json['error']['message']; 235: } 236: } catch (\Exception $ignored) {} 237: throw new Error\ApiConnection( 238: $message, 239: $e->getResponse()->getStatusCode(), 240: (string) $e->getResponse()->getBody(), 241: json_encode((string) $e->getResponse()->getBody()), 242: $headers 243: ); 244: } catch (\Exception $e) { 245: throw new Error\ApiConnection('Could not connect with Stripe: ' . $e);
  10. HI, I had stripe showing and I was check today it does not show anymore? Pay pal does and both did about a month ago. I check the stripe module seem ok Any ideas where I should go to check. Ron
  11. Hi I want to ask a question since your are using thirty bees and sendinblue. I have been franticly trying to connect but I get this error in thirty bees. [Your server configuration does not allow to send emails. Please contact you system administrator to allow outgoing connections on port 587 for following IP ranges:, and] I don't know where to start to fix try sendinblue they just give the web hooks I don't understand them either. I try A2 hosting they just give what I should be using for them. NO solutions!! Thanks, Ron
  12. Hi I have tried changing the names with john doe , buyer, I still get the message that the name field is empty. Is there a way to clear the cache in thirty bees, might be pickup up residue tries.
  13. Thank you everyone, with your help I found this path in cpanel /themes/niara/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl which I then found the contact block info and fixed the phone # hope i can remember for later changes. again thanks.
  14. Thanks but that does not show after correcting it?
  15. I have changed that and last name error still appears I have attached a new copy of excel
  16. I just tried again this is the errors its seems that the program is looking for some sort of sequence in the first and last name. I don't use them how can I over-ride this to import what I put into the blocks?
  17. The picture you are referring to is what I downloaded as an example from thirty bees. However I took out the birthday column I don't use it. Maybe you can't take column out?
  18. I thank you for fast response I turned off the footer but the store address is still there. I want it there but need to change the phone #?
  19. Hi, I am trying to add in 1968 names into my wholesale category. When I upload it goes and then when I look there is no customers. I am add my header I have in the cvs upload sheet below labels my edit. then I am adding the one I received from thirty bees. My customer list has no names so for the last name I put company store and took off the * for required in first name. Other than that I changed nothing. I would like to upload this asap so please try and respond with help very soon.
  20. I am unable to find the footer editing for the niara template. Been looking for over a week now.l I thought it was in the cpanel and I had to go themes or something but no good. Help Please! Thank you, Ron
  21. I am using sendgrid to do my mailings. I tried the mailchimp but two expensive, they had a nice form to enable a customer to receive email from me. Send grid has a form for this but how would I make it a pop up my website? Thanks Ron
  22. RonGin

    cart stats

    I have no stats in the thirty bees admin now. Can you tell me what these errors mean and how to fix ?
  23. Well Good News My site is running? why well that is interesting, I deleted the new cache folder and reinstated the old cache and wow, the site is working. Anyway I want to give everybody a great thank you and add a boy for all the help. Its been stress full. Have a good night.
  24. Hello, I am sorry to say that this did not work. One question, you are saying to replace the index.php in the cache folder which I did. If you come up with anything else please let me know I don't want to start over again. By the way to all you have been helpful and I appreciated it.
  25. I have check the error and none for the providencesilverco.com directory. I installed another program in the directory https://providencesilverco.com/dir/s/login to see if it would work and it has so I don't know what to do now?
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