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  1. HI, I have changed hosting form A2 to HostGator and now when I check out i get error on checkout and sometimes on sign in. I contacted stripe and they told me that it is a problem with the module but I don't see how? Any suggestion? Thanks Ron Expired API Key provided: sk_live_Yw****************************EUmn in file modules/stripe/classes/GuzzleClient.php at line 237 Source file: modules/stripe/classes/GuzzleClient.php 218: $rheaders[$name] = $values; 219: } 220: } 221: } catch (BadResponseException $e) { 222: $headers = []; 223: foreach ($e->getResponse()->getHeaders() as $name => $values) { 224: if (is_array($values)) { 225: $headers[$name] = implode(', ', $values); 226: } elseif (is_string($values)) { 227: $headers[$name] = $values; 228: } 229: } 230: $message = 'Could not connect with Stripe'; 231: try { 232: $json = json_decode((string)$e->getResponse()->getBody(), true); 233: if (isset($json['error']['message'])) { 234: $message = $json['error']['message']; 235: } 236: } catch (\Exception $ignored) {} 237: throw new Error\ApiConnection( 238: $message, 239: $e->getResponse()->getStatusCode(), 240: (string) $e->getResponse()->getBody(), 241: json_encode((string) $e->getResponse()->getBody()), 242: $headers 243: ); 244: } catch (\Exception $e) { 245: throw new Error\ApiConnection('Could not connect with Stripe: ' . $e);
  2. HI, I had stripe showing and I was check today it does not show anymore? Pay pal does and both did about a month ago. I check the stripe module seem ok Any ideas where I should go to check. Ron
  3. Hi I want to ask a question since your are using thirty bees and sendinblue. I have been franticly trying to connect but I get this error in thirty bees. [Your server configuration does not allow to send emails. Please contact you system administrator to allow outgoing connections on port 587 for following IP ranges:, and] I don't know where to start to fix try sendinblue they just give the web hooks I don't understand them either. I try A2 hosting they just give what I should be using for them. NO solutions!! Thanks, Ron
  4. Hi I have tried changing the names with john doe , buyer, I still get the message that the name field is empty. Is there a way to clear the cache in thirty bees, might be pickup up residue tries.
  5. Thank you everyone, with your help I found this path in cpanel /themes/niara/modules/blockcontactinfos/blockcontactinfos.tpl which I then found the contact block info and fixed the phone # hope i can remember for later changes. again thanks.
  6. Thanks but that does not show after correcting it?
  7. I have changed that and last name error still appears I have attached a new copy of excel
  8. I just tried again this is the errors its seems that the program is looking for some sort of sequence in the first and last name. I don't use them how can I over-ride this to import what I put into the blocks?
  9. The picture you are referring to is what I downloaded as an example from thirty bees. However I took out the birthday column I don't use it. Maybe you can't take column out?
  10. I thank you for fast response I turned off the footer but the store address is still there. I want it there but need to change the phone #?
  11. Hi, I am trying to add in 1968 names into my wholesale category. When I upload it goes and then when I look there is no customers. I am add my header I have in the cvs upload sheet below labels my edit. then I am adding the one I received from thirty bees. My customer list has no names so for the last name I put company store and took off the * for required in first name. Other than that I changed nothing. I would like to upload this asap so please try and respond with help very soon.
  12. I am unable to find the footer editing for the niara template. Been looking for over a week now.l I thought it was in the cpanel and I had to go themes or something but no good. Help Please! Thank you, Ron
  13. I am using sendgrid to do my mailings. I tried the mailchimp but two expensive, they had a nice form to enable a customer to receive email from me. Send grid has a form for this but how would I make it a pop up my website? Thanks Ron
  14. RonGin

    cart stats

    I have no stats in the thirty bees admin now. Can you tell me what these errors mean and how to fix ?
  15. Well Good News My site is running? why well that is interesting, I deleted the new cache folder and reinstated the old cache and wow, the site is working. Anyway I want to give everybody a great thank you and add a boy for all the help. Its been stress full. Have a good night.
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