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  1. I use different themes for each shop as I also need different e-mail templates for each store. But I actually just found the solution. In HTMLTemplateInvoice.php I can insert extra variables in the data array at line 268 like these: $data = [ 'firstname_value' => $customer->firstname, 'company_value' => $customer->company, ]; and then I can call these from my invoice templates. Succes!
  2. Yes, I know and I've already made custom templates for each theme. But from what I can tell I cannot achieve what I want without overriding an address controller as it will hold the info I need to print in my template. The question is which override and where?
  3. How can I have different invoice adresses for two different stores in a multistore setup? Specifically I want the one shop to include first and last name and the second one to include a company name and no first / last name in the address section. It seems that the fields you setup under each country's setting changes for both stores, so that's not an option.
  4. I've new cleaned up the database with above-mentioned module. Seems to work great so far. The tb_connections and tb_guest tables both had about 150 mb of data which is now deleted. Also, my dashboard now loads quickly!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give Mypresta Database Optimization a go.
  6. Ok, so my server just went completely out of order. I had the guys at Cloudways look at it, and apperently it's because of this sql query: 54 | ufpcfxkrgh | localhost | ufpcfxkrgh | Query | 15 | Sending data | SELECT c.`id_guest`, c.`ip_address`, c.`date_add`, c.`http_referer`, "-" AS `page` FROM `tb_connections` c INNER JOIN `tb_guest` g ON c.`id_guest` = g.`id_guest` WHERE (g.`id_customer` IS NULL OR g.`id_customer` = 0 AND c.id_shop IN (1, 2) ) AND (TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF('2020-04-27 09:12:00', c.`date_add`)) < 1800) AND (c.`ip_address` NOT IN (1043105662)) ORDER BY c.`date_add` DESC | 0 | 0 | I figure it might have something to do with me trying to add the following not too long ago: http://nemops.com/eidt-product-creation-date-thirtybees-prestashop/#.XqaNMGgzaUk I couldn't make it work however, so I deleted the override. Could this be it? And could there still be something in the database that is causing the query? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm getting a 500 error when trying to create/edit products. It seems different tabs are having trouble loading. An error message could be like the following: Tab : Prices (500 error) A server error occurred while loading the tabs: some tabs could not be loaded. Please try again by refreshing the page. If you are still encountering this problem, please check your server logs or contact your hosting provider for assistance. How many and which tabs are loaded vary, but it always gives a 500 error. It works again if I enable debug mode, however. I also just created a staging version of my site via Cloudways, and this version works! I cannot see any difference in configuration between the two. I'm not sure if it's related, but I also got an 500 error on the frontend, which gave me this result when decrypted: Source file: vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_method_clearcompiledtemplate.php $_resource_part_2_length = strlen($_resource_part_2); 59: } 60: $_dir = $_compile_dir; 61: if ($smarty->use_sub_dirs && isset($_compile_id)) { 62: $_dir .= $_compile_id . $_dir_sep; 63: } 64: if (isset($_compile_id)) { 65: $_compile_id_part = $_compile_dir . $_compile_id . $_dir_sep; 66: $_compile_id_part_length = strlen($_compile_id_part); 67: } 68: $_count = 0; 69: try { 70: $_compileDirs = new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($_dir); 71: // NOTE: UnexpectedValueException thrown for PHP >= 5.3 72: } 73: catch (Exception $e) { 74: return 0; 75: } 76: $_compile = new RecursiveIteratorIterator($_compileDirs, RecursiveIteratorIterator::CHILD_FIRST); 77: foreach ($_compile as $_file) { 78: if (substr(basename($_file->getPathname()), 0, 1) == '.') { 79: continue; 80: } 81: $_filepath = (string) $_file; 82: if ($_file->isDir()) { 83: if (!$_compile->isDot()) { 84: // delete folder if empty 85: @rmdir($_file->getPathname()); 86: } 87: } else { I'm hoping this might make sense to someone, cause it makes no sense to me, and it's very frustrating not being able to edit or create products.
  8. Nevermind. I messed a bit with the chance settings and now it works.
  9. I'm having the same problem. My settings.inc.php already looks as described, but the updater still says "thirty bees' caching features are disabled"
  10. Ahh, now I know. I made an override to the Address.php at some point. If I delete the file it works fine.
  11. @datakick said in Updating to 1.06 - Error with "Address::isDeleted": @b_otho said in Updating to 1.06 - Error with "Address::isDeleted": Dyou mean Advanced Parameters > Configuration Information? I cannot see that anything should be wrong. If there are no changed files listed than it should definitely work -- the only other explanation is that the php APC cache wasn't flushed, so it's still uses the original php file. I just tried clearing APC cache through the module. Didn't help.
  12. @Peter: I don't believe I would be able to update to 1.0.6 without updating the updater. @datakick: Dyou mean Advanced Parameters > Configuration Information? I cannot see that anything should be wrong.
  13. I've just updated from 1.03 to 1.06 and whenever I try to checkout as a logged in user the following happens in debug mode: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Address::isDeleted() in /public_html/controllers/front/ParentOrderController.php on line 509 It also happens on line 517. When I out comment the two lines, it works.
  14. @datakick. Yeah that's probably it. I've updated the staging version, but haven't gotten around to try on the live-site yet. Wi'll try tonight.
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