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  1. Any news update? I check in everyday because I have bugs EDIT: Not Bugs... Settings that are too complicated for me to understand - I need to fix. Before spending any more money I need to know TB will still be going strong. Any idea how much longer?
  2. Solved it by: Turning off Debugger Advanced Parameters/Performance/Debug Mode Turning on SSL in Preferences/General/Enable SSL Also turned off and on Preferences/SEO's Friendly URL
  3. So PayPal is working fine and I have TLS v1.2 support on my server. I updated TB to 1.1.0 I'm presuming it's OK to ignore the configuration warning in Advanced Parameters: Install TLS v1.2 support on your server.Test result: fail
  4. Hi, Should I be worried about this error? Notice on line 187 in file .../controllers/admin/AdminInformationController.php [8] Undefined index: Tlsv12 Line 187: $testsErrors[$key] .= '<br/>'.sprintf($this->l('Test result: %s'), $result);
  5. Hi Amanda, glad to see you here. Shopify has a spam problem too without any solutions to solve it that I could find. I've never heard of 3B. I decided to stick with ThirtyBees (Prestashop 1.6) because although PS 1.7 has lots of bells and whistles the core code was having way too many issues. I kept looking at Shopify but honestly, it has problems too, and they seem spendy to resolve. I have a working site and all-in-all I am really happy with ThirtyBees. A month or two ago I had a lot of email spammers so I added the 'No Captcha reCaptcha Module' (Free) and it solved the email spammers problem instantly. In the last few days I was getting fake registrations, so today I came on here and followed the directions and now the problem has gone (This is how I found your post). Other than that I rarely need to come to the forums for help. If you are thinking of coming over to TB you may want to look at the Panda theme. Best of luck in your endeavor.
  6. OK, I think I got it. The two GitHub validate.php files looked different because one was an update of the other. Once I found the one that matched my own validate.php file and saw the 'updated' link to the other GitHub validate.php file it made sense. I also changed the validate.js files in my shop. Thanks for all your time and input, it is sincerely appreciated.
  7. I have the same unwanted Customer Registrations from the same spammer. I'm not a coder, just a copy and paster! Can you please tell me which is the correct code to alter as I am confused? 1: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/7ad147d991861e498e586f4dfc8ad1ff 2: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/c733d5360d5292c12bb6a899748d9094bc608e05 3: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/f04f1ded917b702465b2da6adfb7d573fdb974ad Thank you
  8. Edit: The "Update Thirty Bees" button is missing because of the disable cache error!
  9. I am trying to update TB from v.103 to v.1.0.7 using TB Updater but I cannot disable thirty bees' caching features! I have tried disabling all caching but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
  10. @wakabayashi Thanks... will fix now. Easily fixed with Warehouse Theme Editor!
  11. Hi, We have been open for a year or more on TB. If there is anything we have done that you like we will gladly share our knowledge with you. We still need to fix a few issues but we have not had time (not TB fault). All in all, we are really happy with TB and highly recommend it! Thanks for looking.
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