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  1. Hi, We have installed stripe module and testing it in in the test mode. During checkout it redirect to stripe website to enter the credit card information and stripe is successfully complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed and returns back to TB, it shows "Failed to validate order" we checked in stripe module> Stripe Transaction tab it shows "Charge Failed" Any ideas, how to fix this issue?
  2. To fix the issue, we restore the DB and cleaned it manually. Thanks KD
  3. Hi, We ran the TB cleaner to clean-up all the test data and start fresh. When we add the new product and try to add the combinations for any products it gives " duplicate entry for key 'primary' " and it does not update the combinations on the product page. If we go back and edit the same Combination, remove Null value and re-add the value it save and update successfully. Has anyone experience the above issue and if there is any solution to fix the issue? Thanks KD
  4. Has any one used this connector with TB? https://discuss.erpnext.com/t/erpnext-connector-in-myddleware-magento-prestashop-salesforce/41932
  5. If the server is miss configured I want to make sure it is properly configured. In general when any modules are upload from BO it should be same permission as other TB files and folders? Has anyone had similar issues?
  6. I am working with Kinro, he mentioned this is a permission issue. "The file/folder permissions to be the same as that those TB default files after upload modules via back office without manually change permissions. It is related to the user account of the server that running for TB." When the module is uploaded it sets this permission "drwxrwxrwx 11 www-data www-data 4096 Oct 3 17:26 agilekernel" Rest of all other folders permission are "drwxr-xr-x" I am uploading the module with superadmin account, created during installation. What do I need to do, so that permission does not get changed, when the module is uploaded from BO?
  7. I see the file in /classes/module/PaymentModule.php. Tried copying this file into /classes/. but still module does not recognized it!
  8. yes, I recently purchased the module, I have opened the ticket with them. Will let you know.
  9. I did checked in this director as well, I don't see this file in any sub directories of override/. How to check if, store class override is disabled or enabled?
  10. Below are the permissions for overrides/classes directory. drwxr-xr-x 17 www-data www-data 4096 Sep 28 17:21 . drwxr-xr-x 5 www-data www-data 4096 Aug 15 12:00 ..
  11. I don't see PaymentModule.php in overrides/classes directory, that's what surprises me, since there is no such file.
  12. Hi, I am getting below error while installing Agile module. "override Class installation was not successfull:classes/PaymentModule.php" I am not able find this file in /classes. Not sure what is the issue! Thanks KD
  13. KD

    thirty bees scalability

    @michael VMware cluster is another solution, but it is not free. I don't think TB or Prestashop has any solution for auto increment. We are too waiting if there is way to separate auto increment only on server level, so that it dose not affect database tables or to any software in use. Some how magento has manage to fix this issue by installing a hot-fix patch.
  14. KD

    thirty bees scalability

    @michael We had configured Galera cluster in combination with GlusterFS for shared /html folder, it run well if you have it on SSD's. We did not setup on VSP, it was on our local servers. We end up removing this setup, due to auto increment. Galera controls the auto increment for each server in cluster. Issue is all your ID's ( Customer, login or product ) will be generated randomly based on which server is actively writing to database. If you do not care for the random ID numbers, then Galera works well.
  15. Tried both, adding {id}-{rewrite} and {rewrite}. tuned off & on friendly URL, It work properly if we access directly with IP address on port 80, once we point to HAPROXY with SSL cert it stops all redirect, except the main page.
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