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  1. @datakick Sorry for the late response, I tried the latest 1.0.21 and it fixed the layered navigation filter issue. Thank you very much for your fix.
  2. Layered navigation module does not work when average ratings shows on product listing page. Filter by color or size does not load or takes to long to load. Happens only on listing pages where average rating is shown, other pages work as normal. When you toggler off the "Show average ratings on product listing page" in settings. Filter works as normal.
  3. Bug: When you create review criterion based on category or product and not for all catalog, can not create review from back end for catalog with global criterion. “Create review” button at the bottom does not activate to save. After filling all the details 1.0.20. Checked your demo store, has the same issue. I have created a size criterion for the product winter and when you try to create review for summer the create review button does not activate.
  4. Sorry, but I did not forget to do that. Every part of the module is working great except this. On the product page working well.
  5. After filling all the details to create review at the backend "Create review" button at the bottom does not activate to save. facing from Version 1.0.18 updated to 1.0.19 same issue.
  6. Thanks @datakick for fixing the bug. Look forward to the new version.
  7. Hi Google Structure data test error: @ aggregrateRating: 1) Failed to normalize the rating value. 2) Your rating value was out of the default range, you must provide best and worst values. Below is the excerpt from structure data test: aggregateRating @type AggregateRating ratingValue 10.00 reviewCount 1 cancel Failed to normalize the rating value. cancel Your rating value was out of the default range, you must provide best and worst values. review @type Review datePublished 2018-07-04 name Lovely Rated 10.00/5 based on 1 customer reviews
  8. Multi lang is definitely a excellent feature. Thank you very much for the improvement. One more thing, is it possible to have a feature where you can send store reviews to google through Google My Business API. This will help merchants store become more trustworthy with google reviews and not have to bother customers to do same thing twice. While checking out competitor websites found that some of them had same reviews on both places on website and google review, which made me wonder how that happened. And ultimately on research found that they were using Yotpo to send review to both places. Which made me think if this can be integrated in this module.
  9. @luv said in [Free Module] Simple Vip Card: Hi Great module. Is it possible to translate module and mail template to other languages. How to avoid showing VIP card in cart if customer is already a member. Guest needs to register before purchasing VIP card. ( How to show this message in cart) @okom3pom said in [Free Module] Simple Vip Card: I actually work on a new version. I think t release it this week Hi If you can suggest, as eagerly waiting. Thanks in advance.
  10. My bad sorry, after deleting the older css file from the theme folder worked prefectly. Sorry again.
  11. Same issue as reported @wakabayashi.
  12. How to get unique referral link by customers to share in native referral module. Thanks in advance for help.
  13. Oh, Thank you very much for the new features to include, excellent. Will test and update.
  14. @datakick checked the demo site, exactly what it should look, perfect. Happy you took into consideration.
  15. Hi Thanks for the excellent module. Wondering if you can add Verified Buyer feature. It would make reviews from buyer more trustworthy. Suggestion. Thanks
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