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  1. Hello all, I am curently working on a Bootstrap 5 theme for Thirtybees and would like to share it with the community at least for the basic version. I need your help in order to finish it, while completing this task I'd like that you can report here the good and the bad things about the theme, so i can fix it or improve it and ask for new testing before I put it on github and manage it on that platform, as it's way more easy for me to do it here for start. And here is the admin back office that can let you use the ThemeMaster module, that will help you to customize your own design, it's very first version and don't hesitate to ask for things to manage from this module : https://cisero.zengraph.com/admin007/ user: demo@demo.com pass: demodemo So let's start it, I hope to finish it before january 2022, it also depends on your returns. PS: I am sure many pages still need to be done, you can list it on your post and I'll update it here and this first message. =================== Known bugs to be fixed ================== ... ... ...
  2. Revws - Reviews module This topic is here to offer support for revws module. Continuation of this topic Links Download: you can download this module here Demo: you can test revws module on my demo account Front Office / Back Office Bugs and feature requests: if you find any problem, or if you would like to see some new functionality, please add it to issue tracker on github. Additional resources revwsrecent - very simple module to display recent reviews in tab on your homepage
  3. I don't know if anyone wants something like this, or if it will fit the bill or not. I added a module to the thirty bees store called Send Review Request. It will send an email to the customer, who bought an item on your store, asking for a review. You can set what order state you want this to happen at, and also now many product links it will send. So if you bought 12 items, but you have the module set to only show 6, it will only show them the first 6 items they bought. You can get it on github also, if you dont feel like getting it from the store for some reason.
  4. I dunno if anyone needs anything like this, but I just release another module, this one is called Birthday Gift. You can find it on the thirtybees store here, or on github directly here. It will send an email out to a customer who has a birthday today. You can also choose to make a discount voucher as well. You can run it as a cron job everyday, so it will be automatic, or you can run the link manually.
  5. Hi everyone, I needed a way to log into my frontend as one of customers. Because I couldn't find any module that would work correctly on thirtybees, I've build my own. I have decided to release it as an open source / free module. So, if anyone need this functionality, you can download it on my store. url: https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/login-as-customer github: https://github.com/getdatakick/loginas
  6. When visitors first come to your store, thirtybees tries to detect country and currency. It uses browser's language to do so, but this method is not very precise. Alternatively, you can enable build-in geoip functionality and use maxmind geoip database to detect country based on IP address. Unfortunately, thirtybees uses legacy (no longer supported) version of this database, so it has become outdated. If you are using Cloudflare in front of your server (as I do), you might know that cloudflare do GeoIP translation and sends this information to your thirtybees server in custom HTTP header. I don't know what database they are using, but I would it's some very expensive and up to date solution. It would be insane not to utilize this information. So I've developed a very simple module that uses this http header to set up customer's country and currency. It does so only on first pageview, when cookie does not exists yet If you are using cloudflare as well, you can download and use this module for free: Cloudflare GeoIP
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