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  1. When using attachments to products in prestashop 1.6x there is a limitation for max 32 characters for filename and characters. This is very annoying and will have to be manually changed in the database an template to be updated to an acceptable length. I just tried the Thirtybees admin demo and the same problem exist in Thirty bees(admin demo) This value should by default be changed to something like 128 characters or more. If you just have a few attachments stored you can maybe do with the default 32 characters, but if you have hundred of attachments or more it is impossible to give them meaningful names so you can chose correct attachment to a product form existing attachments.attachment to a pr
  2. Petter

    Product Attachments

    Prestools seems possible to use but not optimal. It would be great to have a proper handling of attachments in Thirtybees.
  3. When adding attachments to a product it seems simple for the first attachments. But after a while when you maybe have added 100's of attachments and either wants for re use them for other products, or want to delete them for obsolete products, it is difficult to know witch products they originally was intended for and / or belonging to. The product Attachments page need a major update so it will be possible to organize them easily and find out witch products they are linked to/witch products that are linked to them a structured way, date of creation, free text search, tags and preview and possible other features making it easy to organize the attachments.
  4. Petter

    WebP image format

    If using modpagespeed on either Apache or Nginx, depending on what's your webserver, all you have to do to support webp is to enable support for webp in modpagesped configuration. Modpagespeed will convert suitable image formats to webp if requested from a webp compatible web browser. https://www.modpagespeed.com/doc/build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source
  5. Fine tuned ngnix/pagespeed helps a lot. compile latest nginx with pagespeed bash <(curl -f -L -sS https://ngxpagespeed.com/install) \ --nginx-version latest https://www.modpagespeed.com/doc/build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source Make a ramdisk for caching pagespeed files. - This makes even old prestashop 1.6.x fly,,,
  6. I'm just cheeking out Thiry Bees. Today I'm running a shop using Prestashop 1.6x and looking for a future since 1.6x series of Prestashop seems to soon be end of life. after looking at Prestashop 1.7 - changing to 1.7 series in the future will not be an option. Today, I'm satisfied with the performance of my shop, getting 95-98 % results in google pagespeed and also good ratings in other page tests. I'm try to keep the website feel responsive without delays for my customers. When reading about Thirty bees, is seems to be the future for Prestashop 1.6x users. Also reading about the optimizations for caching and pagespeed is seems promising. I also tried to test several of the sites listed running Thirty bees, using google pagespeed, I was generally not very impressed (except for one site archiving 100%) So it seems even if Thirty bees sited still need someone to really fine tune the installation and apply possible fine tuning of the installation to get good performance ? What about indexing of tables in the database, have the database for thirty bees added additional indexes for tha tables compared to the normal Prestashop 1.6x series ? My current Prestashop 1.6X instalation is Ubuntu 16.04x64, Nginx compiled with google pagspeed module, Percona database, php 7.0 - running on an old HP Proliant G6 that I bought used for about USD $ 200,-
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