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  1. Yes perfect! Simple things are sometimes the hardest to comprehend!
  2. Well don't I feel stupid! That took a whole 30 seconds to install to solve my problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLARIFYING! Must need more coffee because I was lost after downloading not realizing it's a simple module install! See this is the problem, thirtybees just works for me been a long while since I had to mess with anything and it was as simple as that. You are much appreciated @wakabayashi Like magic, there is the state!
  3. Yes I thought it was and already downloaded, just need to figure out what to do with it now. I'm sorry if you feel people aren't treating you with appreciation. I'm sure you have helped me somewhere in the past as well. My best advice is do what you feel comfortable doing, be like a duck and treat the negative like water, let it roll off. Have a good rest of your day! PS (post script not prestashop) 😉 Scanner? Ooo that sounds interesting, like scan product bar codes to enter into TB? On a product quantity side note I've noticed my product quantities don't always jive especially if I manually change them. The quantity number will not save unless I change it three or more times, then it finally sticks. Figured it was a caching internet issue so never posted about it.
  4. Yes I see that now I'm trying to avoid modules since having bad experiences with them going back to prestashop. Like no clean uninstall when deleted which is why I would prefer it be included. I've downloaded @wakabayashi suggestion and will try to sort it myself unless there are other options I've not found yet. https://github.com/thirtybees/addressliststates Again sorry if I offended 🤗 Been using thirtybees for several years only now did I want to sort by state and was surprised state was not listed but city was. When something works you try not to mess with it! :) State seems more important (to me) than city since it's easier to recognize. I guess in the perfect coding world store having all those check boxes in the BO for those specific needs would be the ideal but since I don't code knowing the amount of work that it would entail voids my needs and the decision to not include states was the best choice for whatever reason. Thanks so much for the perspective. I did it the old fashioned way and looked at every order to find the state for the time period I needed, bit tedious but job done. If anyone else has dealt with adding states to customers/addresses list and found a solution please let me know! In the old days @Nemo had a video ;) If I figure something out I will post the solution Thanks all for the input.
  5. Really? So sorry to offend! For wanting a complete address? Thanks for the github address just came back to thank you for the link attitude was not my intention at all! And yes those other fields as well as an option if someone wanted them to be included. Guess I'll move on but while searching for a fix and how to implement it there were the same questions being asked for prestashop.
  6. Just can't believe a module is needed to show a complete address Included to be part of customers/addresses list out of the box is my thinking but I guess no one else has a problem with it missing
  7. Hey hey :) That's the part my skills are missing though the "know how to write it part" :) Well write it correctly! I "can" write it but will I break it is the part I fear! ;) But I will try! On to PHPmyadmin...
  8. Hi Andy Can you please confirm if the states are listed for the customers/addresses list in these updates? I tried updating both when they first came out and it didn't go smoothly I had to roll back Thanks! Wow, having states listed for the customers/addresses list seems to be a given! Why would this not be included? Thought I just needed to change a quick setting I could not locate. I can't believe something as significant as the state being missing when the town is included! Just happened to notice this the other day when I wanted to sort customers by state for a specific tax to pay. How is everyone else dealing with states not being included? Thanks for your reply!
  9. Hi Is it possible to add the customers state to the customers/addresses list? Or sort orders by a specific state? I'm using Panda v 1.4.6 on thirtybees 1.0.8 Thanks!
  10. Updated to 1.1 thinking it might show the Panda update but unfortunately I get a 500 page for checking out. Had to roll back to 1.0.8
  11. Yeah I did try that first. Is Panda update showing up for anyone else?
  12. That's how I upgraded last time, I'll wait until the back office update works since I prefer everything in my dashboard. Thanks!
  13. @andyc the last time I updated Panda last year some time I did it manually since back office update for panda wasn't an option. Hope this gets updated since I'd rather not hunt for the download then manually update. Here is the email link I received this morning: Panda theme v1.5.0 for thirtybees is released, check changelog on this page https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme Had to log in with envato first then under "my account" is the link for downloads from sunnytoo. I've not updated yet, waiting for the back office update link to work
  14. Hi @Jonny received email today for Panda theme v1.5.0 for thirtybees release but back office shows me up to date. Will it be pushed to back office? Thanks!
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