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  1. Thanks to those with the brains to sort this stuff out! Much appreciated!
  2. vzex

    Gift Card module translation not saving

    @x97wehner No, didn't get it to work so I deleted the module.
  3. vzex

    How should I have handled this?

    Yes! I tried that and it gave me a not found page. I believe there was another free version by the mod vekia or similar name but could not find it.
  4. vzex

    How should I have handled this?

    So now that I know how to do a manual order the proper way, is there any way I can convert the order I made by leaving the "m" off of their .com email address to push it through as a new customer? I'd like to add my manual order to their other orders. All other customer info is correct except for leaving off the last letter in their email. Thanks!
  5. vzex

    How should I have handled this?

    @the-rampage-rado said in [How should I have handled this?](/post/22911): > If you need online payment by the customer and you need to send him/her a link to process it the above mentioned method is the right way. > > If you have cash on delivery payment option and it's convenient for the user I would leave it as you did it and ship the items. They purchased by phone which is also fine. Asking for passwords is never good, doesn't sound professional with me. It was a long time elderly customer a bit confused this time for some reason just wanted a little TLC help with placing order. I'd never ask for a customers password but do recall seeing a module to login as customer and thought I needed to do it with a module to create their order. Now I know I can create an order thanks to @dosbiner pointing out a built in feature to TB Thanks!
  6. vzex

    How should I have handled this?

    @dosbiner said in [How should I have handled this?](/post/22909): > You can manually create order for existing customer from back office > orders > orders > add new order (there is plus + button) OH WOW! Thanks so much for pointing this out! Very much appreciated! Those TB code writers know what they are doing even if I don't :)
  7. Long time customer abandoned cart but didn't sign in. They called me to place the order by phone I write it all down to place the order myself for them after we hang up. I see the abandoned cart but can't convert it to an order. Or could I? So I enter all their info as a shopper but couldn't because that customer already exists! Couldn't call them for password and needed to get this order out. My workaround was to leave a letter off email creating a "new" customer. Order finally processed, but of course they don't get email confirmation. In hindsight I should have done that to their name since now I can't edit the email to correct it! Is there any way I can merge these two customers that are actually one? I just disabled guest checkout as well! :) I remembered there being a free module for prestashop to shop as customer but it didn't work on TB Thanks for any thoughts on preventing this from happening again!
  8. Update to online visitors not working.... Just installed Statistics Module v2.0.1 - by thirty bees again with intent to "reset" to see if that would make a difference since it didn't work last time I installed it, it brought me to a blank page. And just like that dashboard online visitors is now working again....without using reset. Hm.... Not sure why it didn't work last time and if there were any changes in the background but now it does show visitors after using updater from 1.0.3 to 1.0.6 with Panda theme @30knees maybe try again!
  9. @lesley forgot to mention I tried the stats module too Brings me to a blank page showing my old ico so I guess out of TB
  10. Since updating to 1.0.6 from 1.0.3 using updater with Panda I've lost dashboard online visitors When I click online visitors I get "no module installed" Which module? I have google analytics and Data Mining for Statistics installed with save page views for each customer enabled same as before update. It worked before update. All others stats are working except visitors. Thanks! ![0_1536951855746_Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 2.47.50 PM.png](/assets/uploads/files/136/1536951855950screen-shot-2018-09-14-at-2.47.50-pm.png)
  11. Had same issue last week with 1.0.3 on Panda customer placing order, could not get beyond recaptcha error. Now on 1.0.6 with Panda same problem. Deleted recaptcha module reinstalled cleared cache even set up new domain which apparently you can't delete from google??? Side question --->> Any hints on how to delete duplicate recaptcha domain from google? Get this error before saving module with keys had same before adding domain again: ![0_1536590048268_Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.27.19 AM.png](/assets/uploads/files/136/1536590048546screen-shot-2018-09-10-at-10.27.19-am.png)
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH! @datakick @Traumflug @lesley @mdekker @wakabayashi and to all the other code wizards! Just completed successfully with Panda theme 1.5.8
  13. vzex

    disappointed / frustrated

    :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: 26 backers! ![0_1527116423969_Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 6.59.53 PM.png](/assets/uploads/files/136/1527116422369screen-shot-2018-05-23-at-6.59.53-pm.png)
  14. vzex

    disappointed / frustrated

    Is it ready yet? :winking_face: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Come on, we are almost there!!! :thumbs_up: :wine_glass: :face_blowing_a_kiss: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/thirty-bees-updater-module-software#/ ![0_1527111061179_Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.27.17 PM.png](/assets/uploads/files/136/1527111059064screen-shot-2018-05-23-at-5.27.17-pm.png)
  15. vzex

    Prestashop IP daily visit

    Was just curious why prestashop needed to visit multiple times daily not suggesting we need a rewrite of TB :slight_smile: After blocking IP now they can't.