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  1. vzex

    New Panda Update

    Thanks for the tips @colorful-ant! Rolled back to 1.1.0 Get the same result no update for Panda 1.5.4 Bleeding edge as well as 1.1.0 ALSO gives me a 500 server error when viewing cart with Panda 1.4.6 Checked directory permission all good also have nothing cached. Had to roll back to 1.0.8 for Panda 1.4.6 to work for me 😞
  2. vzex

    New Panda Update

    Thanks Elund Just updated TB from 1.0.8 to 1.1.x No luck on Panda update 1.5.4 It still says I'm up to date with 1.4.6 Hopefully @Jonny can explain
  3. vzex

    New Panda Update

    Hi @elund Can you please tell me what version thirty bees you are on to see the Panda update? I'm going to try updating to bleeding edge from 1.0.8 then hopefully it will show up for me too. Did you upgrade to Panda 1.5.4 without any issues? Thanks!
  4. vzex

    New Panda Update

    @AndyC Exactly, just a wee bit of guidance helps tremendously for what is so obvious to those with experience. Hopefully @Jonny can point us in the right direction to find out why we don't get the updates in BO!
  5. Same thing happened again...anyone? running thirty bees 1.0.8 with panda 1.46 stripe 1.7.0 Caching issue? Thankfully the duplicate is not charged as shown by the lock
  6. vzex

    New Panda Update

    Hi @AndyC Your download link looks to be specific to your account: This is not your download link. Go to shop I have the SAME question since I was never able to do the last update and would really like to get both TB and Panda current I'm still on Panda 1.3 TB showed that it was current for 1.5.3 as well as this new one but I'm still on 1.4.6 Here is the post link from @Jonny from last year about this problem it was never resolved for me
  7. Hm, this same exact scenario just happened again. I will delete as I did last time but can anyone explain why the duplicate order happens? The duplicate does not charge STRIPE twice but customer history shows as spent and inventory is deducted as shown in my screen caps in first post. Is the customer reloading the page by accident by going back a page? Is this a bug? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  8. vzex

    Free UPS module

    @x97wehner Thanks! Was it shippo? https://goshippo.com/integrations/ Really wish there was an option to pay/print postage inside thirty bees but it's beyond my skills. We used to have something in the early days where we could crowd fund similar to this thread:
  9. Another option is Panda theme https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme You can turn off social title as well as date of birth
  10. vzex

    Free UPS module

    Arrived via prestashop email this am just adding it here if anyone is interested in seeing if it's compatible with thirtybees Thought it was for USPS sadly still can't print USPS labels within thirtybees unless I've missed something. UPS shipping and access point official module Overview Easily Integrate for free the UPS Shipping and UPS Access Point™: Official Module into your store. Obtain guaranteed and reliable delivery services to thousands of convenient UPS Access Point locations or to home/office/commercial addresses. What this module does for you insert_chart Encourage visitors to complete purchases Available for free. Allows merchants to offer a wide range of delivery options in terms of speed (Standard, Express etc.) and multiple delivery location options (pick up at a convenient UPS Access Point location or delivery to your customers' home/office address). Easy to configure: With a single module, merchants can offer their customers a large network of UPS Access Point locations in Europe and North America. What your customers will like Your customers can choose delivery options based on speed (standard, express) and delivery locations (pick up at a conveniently located Access Point or get it delivered to their home or office address). Choice + Convenience. U.S. users who create a UPS account using the module will also enjoy ecommerce discounts on domestic and international shipping. Rates are limited to shipping within or from the continental U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. Installation IMPORTANT NOTE: This extension is currently available for merchants in POLAND, FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM and UNITED STATES only. It will be available for merchants in other countries soon. At this time, please only install this extension if you are in you are in the above mentioned countries. UPS Account is required. If you have a valid UPS Account number, you can directly configure it for this module by entering your account details (such as account number, invoice amount, number and currency) in module configuration. No need to involve any UPS Account Manager or Technical Helpline. UPS APIs will do the account verification in the background and, if successful, you can start shipping right away. If you do not have a UPS account, then you can directly and easily create one in the module configuration without calling or waiting for any UPS representative. You can manage your invoices directly on the UPS Billing Center on ups.com after the account has been opened in the module. See less Other UPS Access Point and Shipping Module Versions v2.0.6 :- PrestaShop,,, 1.7.2,,,,,,,, Back office compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  11. Ah yes, vekia was always helpful for prestashop! Thank you for the reminder for mypresta.eu he also shows module compatibility with thirtybees now! https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/delete-orders-free.html I'd still like to know what caused the duplicate order, 30bees, stripe, browser? Does anyone know what would have caused it to happen?
  12. running thirty bees 1.0.8 with panda 1.46 stripe 1.7.0 Received a duplicate order but only only actually processed with stripe They both have two different order numbers, ID numbers, are listed TWICE in order history. They are counted TWICE for sales in the BO even though only ONE was processed through stripe. It looks like the orders were seconds apart. Both reference the SAME stripe transaction ID but the order amount was only processed ONCE through stripe BO shows stripe: Credit Card one with a lock the other without as show in this image. The one with the lock is the one that actually processed even though both are counted for sales. I would like to delete the duplicate but can't without refunding the ONE correct order. Is the only way to delete the duplicate order in the data base? Do I need to delete more than one data base entry to clear this duplicate? Will this correct the sales total? I recall Vechia had a module for PrestaShop that would delete orders do we have something similar for Thirty Bees? Would this happen from the customer reloading the page or is there another problem with the STRIPE module? Thanks!
  13. Yes perfect! Simple things are sometimes the hardest to comprehend!
  14. Well don't I feel stupid! That took a whole 30 seconds to install to solve my problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLARIFYING! Must need more coffee because I was lost after downloading not realizing it's a simple module install! See this is the problem, thirtybees just works for me been a long while since I had to mess with anything and it was as simple as that. You are much appreciated @wakabayashi Like magic, there is the state!
  15. Yes I thought it was and already downloaded, just need to figure out what to do with it now. I'm sorry if you feel people aren't treating you with appreciation. I'm sure you have helped me somewhere in the past as well. My best advice is do what you feel comfortable doing, be like a duck and treat the negative like water, let it roll off. Have a good rest of your day! PS (post script not prestashop) 😉 Scanner? Ooo that sounds interesting, like scan product bar codes to enter into TB? On a product quantity side note I've noticed my product quantities don't always jive especially if I manually change them. The quantity number will not save unless I change it three or more times, then it finally sticks. Figured it was a caching internet issue so never posted about it.
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