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  1. In the video I remove the association of all products(demo) with the Home category(2) and they continue to appear on the Homepage. Note: In the Homefeatured module, if I set the "Category from which to pick products to be displayed" option to any category other than 2 (home), it works perfectly. Homefeatured, oddly enough, is just home! Has anyone had this problem or have any solution? šŸ˜„
  2. No image needed to simulate dear @haylau! Take prestashop 1.7 as an example: It no longer has the "Order process type - Standard (Five Steps)". When you insert a product into the cart you are taken to a cart page "/ cart? Action = show" and then to the checkout page (OPC). Prestashop 1.7, Magento 1.9 (some templates), Magento 2.0, Shopify and many other private or Opensource platforms already have an isolated Checkout and Cart page. In Prestashop 1.6 we have the luxury of being able to select between OPC and Standard (Five Steps). As Prestashop will no longer maintain PS1.6, it would be interesting for Thirtybees or its enthusiasts to think of something dozens of platforms already use. It would be nice to have a third choice in "Order process type"; 1- One Page checkout 2- Standard (Five Steps) 3- Cart + One Page checkout (similar to PS17) I just think it would be interesting an option that accompanies the market. PS: Exactly that @x97wehner <3 BINGO!
  3. Hi! PS1.7 has sleek navigation, generating a cart page that precedes the checkout page. This solution is also used in stores like Magento, Opencart ... but in Prestashop only came up in the new version (1.7) I've looked for customizations or modules to generate something similar in prestashop 1.6 or Thirtybees. Has anyone found a similar solution for this version of the platform? Thirtybees as well as Prestashop 1.6 has the choice of Step by Step or OPC Checkout. It would be interesting and elegant to have this option more. It would be beautiful as it would walk side by side with the most current stores šŸ˜‰
  4. israelans

    Unwanted accesses

    Hello @lesley,How are you my friend! I'm using the Thirtybees module. Let me try to detail the case ... As I am from Brazil, all the stores I use sell in Brazil and have access from Brazil. I had 6 stores in Prestashop 1.6, but at 1 year, I moved 3 of these stores to Thirtybees. I noticed considerable differences in Google Analytics review. Stores when they were Prestashop had majority access to Brazil. When I started using Thirtybees, access from other countries began to emerge massively. I'm sending 2 Prints from 2 stores. CASE 1 (store 1), I have massive access to Clifton and Chicago. When I analyze the pages accessed by these cities, 90% is directed to "admin". I got to change the admin path, but the access attempts remain. CASE 2 (store 2), I have massive access coming from Kaunas, a city in Lithuania. These access products, so I do not worry so much. 1- All data are reports of 1 day of access; 2- As I mentioned above, I am not criticizing, I am passionate about Thirtybees, but I would like to understand why when I used Prestshop 1.6 I did not have these accesses, even though I did not use blocking by GeoLocalization. When I started using Thirtybees these accesses appeared and in CASE 1 the access attempt is to the administrative panel, even though I changed the name of the folder. This is my doubt!
  5. israelans

    Unwanted accesses

    @Factor Thanks a lot for the interaction. A big hug my friend!
  6. israelans

    Unwanted accesses

    @Factor If you enable Geolocation, you inhibit the analysis of some tools like GTmetrix, Google Structured Data Testing Tools. All this country setting and geolocation I understand and know how to do. I have been working with Prestashop since it was created. I would like to understand why, after I migrated a Prestashop store to Thirtybees these hits started to emerge. In one of them, I undo the migration, returning to Prestashop just to confirm my opinion. And in Prestashop these accesses have stopped and exist. That's where I came to doubt: Is there something in Thirtybees that allows for greater access, higher indexing, greater store exposure? And why access is just Admin? I fell in love with Thirtybees. I am not putting fault, it is only a doubt and learning character. Without wanting to punish the prestashop 1.6, but I think the Thirtybees much higher than the PS16 the point of sending a question (in the past) to the administrator as to whether in the future we would not see one of PS1.7 Fork made by Thirtybees šŸ™‚
  7. israelans

    Unwanted accesses

    Good afternoon everyone! I migrated a few Prestashop stores to Thirtybees over time and I've noticed something interesting. All stores serve 1 country and when they were Prestashop, in Google analytics 99.9% of hits to this store came from their country of origin. When migrated, the volume of accesses by other countries increased enormously. Example: Shop A Platform: Prestashop 1.6 / Source: Brazil / Analytics: 99.9% Brazil A After The Migration: Pataforma: Thirtybees 1.0.8 / Origin: Brazil / Analytics: 60% Brazil (40% USA) Shop B Platform: Prestashop 1.6 / Source: Brazil / Analytics: 99.9% Brazil Store B after migration: Pataforma: Thirtybees 1.0.8 / Source: Brazil / Analytics: 58% Brazil (42% Lithuania) ---- Is there anything in Thirtybees that favors these hits? One of the stores I returned to Prestashop and incredibly the external accesses ceased. It is too much coincidence. >> In case of store A, the accesses come from Clifton and all are directed to the administrative page << I am creating this article as a knowledge. I would like to understand more and if anyone has already gone through this.
  8. Step by step: 1- Access the "Price Rules / Catalog Price Rules" tab; 2- Create discount by manufacturer; 3- Access Tab "Catalog / Products" 4- Select a product that belongs to the Manufacturer; 5- Duplicate the product. Error: Duplicate entry '1506664-0-0-0-2019-03-29 00: 00-20: 00-20: 03-29 00: 00: 00-1-0-0-0-0-' for key 'id_product_2' Error2: Even when displaying the error message the product is duplicated, but without image; Video: https://youtu.be/HoqFRrPvBC8
  9. Good afternoon! I created a webservice key ThirtyBees/Bling (Brazil ERP) and when testing, the error message appears: Problem in configuration. HTTP XML response is not parsable: array ( 0 => LibXMLError::__set_state(array( 'level' => 3, 'code' => 4, 'column' => 1, 'message' => 'Start tag expected, \'<\' not found ', 'file' => '', 'line' => 1, )), ) I tested it with other integration services and the error is the same. Has anyone gone through this or is it the way to correct themselves?
  10. Hello @30knees ! Does your store have multi languages? If yes: - Make sure the default language of your store is the same as the language you use in the BackEnd. - If they are different just change the language of the BackEnd in "My preferences" to the same language as the BrontEnd and see if it solved! In my case it solved :D
  11. Hello @lesley ! I'm using normal store. I've seen where the error is. My SuperUserAdmin is as ptbr and the store was with default language enus. I set the default language to pt_br, the same as my user's language and returned to normal :/
  12. I just installed a ThirtyBees for direct test of the Cloudways / DigitalOcean auto installer. In the page "AdminProducts - in list" or "AdminProducts - Edit product" when clicking the "Preview" button the url leads to an Error page. Comparing the url of the preview button to the "friendly URL", I find it to be totally different. I already configured the "Preferences / SEO & URL" ... I already deleted the .htaccess and continue this way. Is it a BUG or something that can be solved with configuration or change to something in the database? I hope this question can help others who are going through this problem in the future. Hugs!!
  13. @wakabayashi I've already tried putting ā€˜\nā€™. I have this doubt since I used Prestashop: /
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